Metallica Building A 'Wall' With Their 3D Movie?

One of the actors Dane DeHaan shares his impression of the upcoming Metallica full-length feature.

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The forthcoming 3D film, "Metallica Through The Never", is being described by one of its actors as "a concert movie meets 'The Wall' meets Metallica."

"It's in a way like a 3D concert movie but there's also this narrative that ties together all the footage," actor Dane DeHaan ("Chronicle", "The Amazing Spider-Man 2") tells

"It's gonna be, first of all, really rock and roll and really 'Metallica' for lack of a better word; they don't hold back at all. But during the concert, I basically go on this trip as a roadie for the band and I pretty much literally have to go through hell and back to take it back to them, and all of this is going on during the concert so it all ties together really kind of beautifully and uniquely. It's unlike anything that I've ever seen before; it's almost like a concert movie meets [Pink Floyd's] 'The Wall' meets Metallica... We filmed it last August."

DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out on an urgent mission while the band is playing a rousing live set in front of a sold-out crowd and unexpectedly finds his world turned completely upside down.

Written and directed by Nimród Antal ("Kontroll", "Predators"), the movie is scheduled to make its theatrical debut on August 9, reports Hennemusic.

The project is the first new release via Picturehouse, the full-service independent film marketing and distribution company started in 2005, which is reopening its doors with founder Bob Berney at the helm.

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    Metallica Why?
    Blah blah blah Lars sucks, blah blah blah James is a table, blah blah blah St. Anger snare drum, blah blah blah selling out in 1991...BLAH. Looking forward to the film. It sounds like fun.
    Turns out that in 1990 the original Metallica was kidnapped & kept in stasis by aliens who then took their likenesses and produced the progressively more horrible Black Album, Load, ReLoad, St. Anger and Death the movie the roadie frees the 1990 Metallica who then storm the stage, brutally kill the imposters and play Master of Puppets and Justice in their entirety... *exhales bong hit*
    It's a big treasure hunt where the roadie have to put all the pieces together: A wah-pedal, a snare drum, a goat-beard, and a "way-too-long"-strap
    Ugh...More 3D movies? how about a new album? for once? And without contributions from Lou Reed, please.
    Of course it's going to be incredibly cheesy, I mean, come on, it's Metallica! But it will be badass, nonetheless.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who misread the title and thought they were literally building a Wall...
    They all die in the end. jk
    I thought the movie was just going to be one of their shows filmed from their latest tour and put into 3d.. But this sounds much worse.
    Metallica is no where near [s]brilliant[/s] on enough drugs to even touch what the Wall accomplished.
    i dont even know whether i want to see this band live anymore. been dying to see them in toronto or something but i feel like theyve destroyed the substance they used to have.
    See them! I was there at the concert they filmed for this movie in Vancouver and they were fantastic, was a crazy ass show. I was right on the floor near the stage so I'm hoping I see myself in the movie.
    Interested in this. The only thing that worries me is that it's 5 months away and we have only a few details. Really hope this doesn't flop
    LOL are they really comparing Metallica to Pink Floyd. I think Pinks worst album is 1,000x better then Metallicas best album.
    Not sure if trolling or plain stupidity... But nevertheless, no, they aren't comparing the two.
    Don't feed the troll... having a statement such as his last sentence and having Metallica as his avatar could give you a clue.