Metallica: ''Death Magnetic' Will Be a Difficult Record to Follow'

Drummer Lars Ulrich discusses the new album writing process, reveals plans for re-releasing previous records and more.

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In a recent interview with The National, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took some time talk about the new album writing process, as well as various other current affairs. Ulrich has clearly shared views with bassist Robert Trujillo on the band being "very proud" of their latest studio effort, also calling it a "difficult record to follow."

"Obviously, 'Death Magnetic' was very positively received all over the world and I'm very thankful for that," Ulrich said. "We're now in the middle of making a new record, and so when you make a new record, you have a tendency to revisit the one you made previously, and I've heard a little bit of 'Death Magnetic' over the last couple of months and it still sounds fantastic, so it will be a difficult record to follow."

"We are just writing at the moment; we haven't started [tracking] the record. These live shows help indirectly. When we come back to write, we are inspired by the energy of playing to 20,000 people each night. The one thing with this band is that when things are the same too long, we want to break free of that. We have horrible attention spans."

The drummer has also revealed plans to re-release previous Metallica albums via their recently-founded label Blackened Recordings.

"Now that we own our own records and have our own label, we will probably take each album, remaster them and make them available with the latest technology and find interesting outtakes and additional things that will make it special. You do want to cash in, so if you can put some packages together that are special to the fans, it is worth doing."

Finally, Ulrich gave a short update on the "Metallica Through the Never" 3D movie progress. The film is supposedly about 75 percent complete and according to the drummer, we've "never seen anything quite like it."

"The show was shot in Vancouver and Edmonton, in the west of Canada, in August 2012. The production crew spent three weeks after that shooting the non-concert footage. It is a very unusual film. You've never seen anything quite like it. In theaters it will be in 3D and is coming out in America in August. We are probably 75 percent through the editing now."

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    3D tables are gonna look sick
    You sir,are a genius!
    Can't tell if sarcasm, or just easily impressed...
    if they want to remaster their records, they should start with death magnetic!
    They should also re-release And Justice for All with the bass in and completely redo St Anger while they're at it
    I think the St. Anger Rehearsals DVD sounds ten times better than the studio album. The production really was terrible.
    In that video Interviewer: Hi! Lars Ulrich: Well... I mean, anytime that blah blah blah... blah.
    Hmm... I would suggest the levels of Master Of Puppets to be the template for all Metallica albums to be re-mastered... I think, it's the perfect metal sound.
    "In a recent interview with The National, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took some time talk about the new album writing process, as well as various other current affairs". Knowing Lars, the affairs weren't music related. I bet his next wife will be a 17 year old Scandinavian.
    It's weird, I thought they were always against remastering and redoing albums because the album is like a chapter in their life or something, I could of swore they said something along those lines before when asked to remaster ...AJFA
    I think they learned their lessons from reload and st anger personally i still like that over 99 percent of the music out there but yea re record st anger and keep the music flowing like death magnetic i loved the solo on unforgiven iii and the general production of all of the album.
    I think metallica should go back to and justice for all and use the tone of the guitar and bass from that album
    Here's a taste of the bass tone that you so covet.... end song
    WD Punk
    Wait, there's bass on justice?
    You know, I was about to come up with songs from Justice where you actually could kind of hear the bass... and then I realized there actually aren't any where you can consitently hear the bass throughout the song.
    I didn't find much wrong with the recording of St. Anger. But, they should definitely remaster ...And Justice For All. I would love to hear it.
    There were some cool home made remasters of ajfa on youtube. also some interesting st anger rearrangements. the things fans will do, eh
    I Would Like To Hear Justice Fixed With Bass... And Ride With Better Sound Levels.
    The crunching sound of Ride is prolly my favorite sounding, perhaps im bias because it's got the best songs on it IMO. but that older, almost low quality sound was the sound of the time that was opening up heavy music, not to say Master or Justice arent good.
    Outtakes sound interesting, remastered albums sound like they could be a disaster.
    Good thing james writes the lyrics or 30 years of YEAH's would have been 30 years of "OHM's".
    "yeahhhhh the writingaaaa processaaaaa is goingaaah greatahhhhh. So yeaheahhhhh" -hetfield
    Death Magnetic came out 5 years ago in 2008... Plenty of other bands have released up to 2 albums in that time frame. It's time to move on and put out the new record already.
    I thought their last album was lulu or are they going to forget about that one
    Lulu was never Metallica's true follow up to Death Magnetic. It was just a little something on the side with Lou Reed, his lyrics, and mostly his musical ideas presumably. Whereas this next album will be purely Metallica again.
    Thanks for actually answering my question. I thought their last album was lulu. This community really sucks at times
    Wow 2 comments in and someone mentioned Lulu, keep it UG community this horse is going nowhere.
    That was a Lou Reed album, not a Metallica album, and to be honest I don't really think the album was as terrible as people make it out to be. I mean, of course it's going to sound terrible if you go in expecting a Metallica album and get a Lou Reed album.
    Hate comment time...Death Magnetic came out in 2008...It was a great album, yeah but ummm...Quit living in the past.
    link no1
    From interviews I read most bands looks at their last album whilst looking towards the next. Whether it's to keep the style or change things that didn't work etc. Just because their last album was 2008 doesn't mean shit.
    Erm i actually really didn like Death Magnetic. Id go so far as to say its one of thier worst albums
    DM wasn't my favorite 'tallica album, but to be positive on a Friday morning, it has some right-handed rhythmic work that was pretty awesome and they put 110% into the live performances of those songs.
    Since they still refuse to admit how badly mixed and mastered Death Magnetic is, I can't imagine anything good coming out of remastering their old albums. They'll probably just compress everything to the point of ridiculousness and call it a day.