Metallica: 'Next Album is Going to be an Extension of 'Death Magnetic''

"I believe that we're gonna do something really special," says bassist Rob Trujillo.

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While recently discussing the upcoming Metallica record, bassist Rob Trujillo simply couldn't hide the excitement over what he described as "an extension" of the group's previous release "Death Magnetic."

During an interview with Banana 101.5, Trujillo especially praised the frontman James Hetfield and his songwriting abilities, saying that "the minute he plugs in his guitar, he comes up with the worlds greatest riff."

"The real scoop would be that, in the last few months, we've been jamming new ideas. Now, I guess, you could say it's a blessing and a curse. There is an arsenal, years of riffs that we have recorded," the bassist started. "James Hetfield, I mean, the minute he plugs in his guitar and adjusts the tone knob, he comes up with the world's greatest riff. It's a process of elimination to see what is gonna be good enough for what were trying to do and it takes a long time.

"I can also say that the ideas are awesome. Im super psyched. I feel that this next album, for me personally, is really truly going to be an extension of Death Magnetic. 'Death Magnetic' to me is a launchpad for what we are gonna do and what we can do. That was a long process and that was a heavy experience. We had five children born during the 'Death Magnetic' cycle. So here we go on this new adventure and were not gonna have five children born on [this] cycle... I hope not [laughs]."

After praising the record once again, Trujillo pointed out that there is still a long way to go until the release date, saying that "everybody's just gotta be patient."

Previous Metallica reports indicate that there is a "strong possibility" for Rick Rubin to produce the new album. As far as the group's other projects go, Orion Music festival is set to take place this weekend (June 8-9) in Detroit, while the premiere of "Through the Never" 3D movie is scheduled for August 9.

As the ninth record in Metallica opus, "Death Magnetic" came out in September 2008 via Warner/Vertigo Records. With 490,000 copies sold within the first week, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the group's fifth consecutive chart topper.

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    Death Magnetic came out in September 2012? Really, UG?
    This is it, no more UG. They keep putting up crap and are not trustworthy at al.
    With you on that one. The proof readers seem to be lacking in their duties in the news feed as they are in the guest lessons.
    The Coop
    No offense dude, but the UG article clearly reads 'came out in September 2008'.
    I actually really enjoyed Death Magnetic, so this is great news for me. Hell, I enjoyed St. Anger. It's a good album that gets too much stick for not being thrash (funny how no-one ever mentions Load/ReLoad, eh? (these are also good albums)).
    Death magnetic was more similar to their older work so was more popular than st. anger. That being said, St. Anger was Metallica's attempt at trying to move with the Nu-metal craze at the time and doing it very badly in comparison to the other Nu-bands of the time. Most people hate it for them selling out rather than the album being bad, which it kind of is. Regardless, nothing can compare to Lulu, which was awful in every way possible and cements the consensus why Lou Reed should have his hands chopped off and his mouth sewn shut.
    So a quick list of albums on which Metallica sold out: 1.) Black Album 2.) Load 3.) Reload 4.) St. Anger That list keeps amusingly growing longer. Oh well.
    link no1
    Funny how Death Magnetic never gets called a 'sell out' album despite it being written to give the fans what they want thus, them handing over cash rather than writing whatever they wanted to do. I like Death Magnetic but, just sayin'.
    Since I don't think anyone took my post the right way, I don't think any of those albums I listed (and DM) are sell-outs. "Selling Out" is one of the dumbest musical terms around, in my humble opinion. No matter what Metallica does - metal, nu-metal, thrash, hard rock, a movie, a documentary, a festival - they will be accused of selling out.
    I actually listened to St Anger today and it's terrible. Sounds like Metallica attempting to sound like LOG or something. The albums that I personally defense are actually LOAD and RELOAD. Yes it wasn't the trash version of Metallica but it was original and it wasn't forced. Put another bands name on those records and their praised like crazy. Especially Re-Load was a solid Metal Album period.
    if you listen to the sessions before they went to record, the riffs sounded awesome (particularly some kind of monster)
    They're mentioned as well as crap albums. But they're not. Metallica is SAID to begin sucking at Black Album (some even say at Justice..) I mean what the hell, Metallica doesn't suck, so maybe the snare in St. Anger sounds bad, and the production of DM was little overpowered, is that reason to hate a band? No way, Metallica are more powerful and energetic as ever!
    Yeah man. Have you seen their performance from the Orion festival last summer? It was insane! James' voice has that harsh/thrashy quality back and they were playing as tight as ever.
    Fair play man. But let's be honest, St. Anger is arguably the worst example of any genre of music in human history.
    The problem with people and St. Anger is that they don't take it for what it is. They take it as a Metallica record and don't focus on the music. I mean, there's no excuse for bad music, but I've never really understood (other than production) why St. Anger is so poorly received. I mean come on - there's MUCH worse music out there. It's just fun for people on the internet to hate on it.
    Cliff Burton died, that's what happened to them.
    Yea people should get over that because even though Cliff was great and is missed terribly, Jason Newsted brought energy to Metallica, he brought his own version of metal. Then there's Robert Trujillo who has written about 45% of Death Magnetic, so yea Cliff is not the problem. Still, may he rest in peace, because he was a true genius,
    WTF? So all Metallica's albums are good? I didn't like Load/Reload And Justice For All... But yeah St Anger was great and other too even Lulu :p
    PLEASE, let the mixing be good. I don't want to hear large amounts of clipping like in Judas Kiss.
    I really don't understand some people, apart from the clipping issues DM was awesome, pure unadulterated thrash - I mean listen to broken beat and scarred - probably some of the best riffs in Metallica's entire history right there. Granted Kirk whammet's solo's were most speedy unmelodic fret-raping crap, but its one of their most thrashy aggressive albums!
    Death Magnetic is like the following of ...And Justice : thrashy sounds like the early days, the prog-touch, and modern sound. I hope the mastering would be a little better on the next record, but if you didn't hear the "custom" version of DM, "stock-"DM is great.
    Simply imagine Death Magnetic, with (hopefully) better production and mixing etc. Doesn't actually sound too bad to me. I can't wait for it myself =D
    yes stay on the Death magnetic path but create something more awesome.....dont forget to engineer the sound properly this time
    It sounds like they're going to improve upon Death Magnetic, hopefully sonically as well as musically. If so, there's no reason this can't go toe-to-toe with their first 4 albums. Needless to say, I'm excited.
    I don't know if anyone else has thought this, but a lot of times when I'm writing a song and I come up with riff I think to myself "I wonder if James has already come up with this same riff, I mean he says he has hundreds of em in stock"....
    Death Magnetic was an awesome album imo, definitely in the vein of their first few albums. The biggest difference is in James' voice, and to be fair, thats never going to be what it used to. So hearing news that the new album is going to be an 'extension' (and hopefully an improvement) on DM, is probably the best news we could hope for at this point. It means Metallica is sticking to what it does best.
    I hope it won't sound as forced as death magnetic.
    I don't get the down-votes. It did sound forced. Like they were trying to imitate what metal is. The lyrics, too, were not very good. It was a decent album though, I still listen to a few tracks here and there.
    KingV911 I would party agree some songs on that record did sound forced to me also. The Judas Kiss was NOT one of them IMO.
    I feel that way about Broken, Beaten and Scarred. Although it was too long and the guitar solo was boring.
    I also thought it sounded a bit forced. The structures of the songs sounded really cut copy and paste. There wasn't the best of flow in the songs
    I loved the album, yet I have to agree that it did feel a bit forced. I don't know why.
    "Death Magnetic" really did sound forced. It's like they made a conscious decision to try to make a record that sounded like their first 4. The songs sounded more like a collection of early Metallica-like riffs than actual songs.
    Forced AND generic. "Look, I'm just gonna shag the E string until my arm can't take it! OK done, Kirk just STFU and wah all over it!" Seriously, they can do so much better...
    I've noticed with most of the songs, theres a couple awesome riffs and then its ruined by shittier riffs and poor format. Nightmare is probably the only one that really wowed me and maybe That Was Just Your Life.
    Metallica is an extremely overrated band.... Nuff said
    Here is my honest take. If Metallica decided today to create an album from there hearts and it comes out like Load or Re-Load fine. On the other hand, if they come out and decide to create an album they feel the fans want you can clearly here it. IMO DEATH MAGNETIC was forced. I would much rather have an album that sounds fresh and from their guts than get served another forced offering.
    It's been six years now since Death Magnetic. That was also the time I got into Metallica very deeply. They can take TEN years if they want. I just hope that the next album they release is worth the wait. Kind of how Black Sabbath's 13 is so great, I have a good feeling about the next Metallica record too.
    just imagine the sounds of james hetfield giving birth to a child... :-D
    but baby? dunno from where else a guy could give a birth
    its sounds shit like magnetic is and extended magnetic will be
    I honestly had to read your comment a few times to understand it.
    honestly read the article where you writing something "an extension" of the group's previous release "Death Magnetic."
    Before you try to insult an album (that is actually good), please learn how to write a proper sentence.
    I actually love death magnetic, i think it was the best tone and mixing they have achieved its awesome imo. If they made another DM but this time turn the snare down i tiny bit and kirk uses less wahwah in the solos, more james solos/melodic solos not just tapping or unison bends. My favourite metallica riff is either that was jut your life or master. just my opinion though
    I sure hope not, ive waited a long time for this and im really hoping that it sounds very different from DM. If its another dissapointment the next 8+ year wait starts until they finally release something else. :/
    WTF? An extension of Death Magnetic?? So don't expect a great Metallica album is coming instead of a decent one!
    Am I seriously the only one that thinks James has lost the attitude in his voice and sounds like a washed up middle-aged man with too much money and time on his hands?
    I'm looking forward to it! I'm still not the biggest fan of Death Magnetic as a Metallica CD, but in essence it's a brilliant record. If an underground metal band had put this out as their debut, they would have probably received a lot more positive feedback than Metallica did. One thing I do hope is that they try to stick to the essence of the songs. In a lot of songs on DM, it feels as if they just copied and pasted riff after riff - as genius as the individual riffs may be.
    It may not be a popular thing to say, but I really didn't like Death Magnetic. There's really no song from it that I have an urge to listen to again. I'm still looking forward to hearing what they do next, but this disappoints me a little. The majority of Metallica fans enjoyed DM, so it makes sense to continue what they were doing on it, I guess, so no point in bitching about it.
    I dunno, I actually really liked Death Magnetic, I thought it was great. It sounded like exactly what it is, Metallica playing a modernized thrash. As far as Lulu goes - I hear it gets alot of slack. I don't actually have that album, but I have to wonder if any of these people talk so bad about Lou Reed have actually listened to his collaborations with other artists like Metric. Lulu was a Lou Reed album, not a Metallica album, and quite honestly most of what I heard sounds like everything else Lou Reed has ever made.
    sweet! more loud snare drum and wah-pedal wankery! Has anyone also really paid attention to the lyrics on Death Magnetic? They sound like they've been written by a 17 year old boy with severe ADHD How about something with a bit more soul this time around? These guys wrote shit like "fade to black," and "one." I wanna hear some lyrics that aren't embarrassing sentence fragments being angrily shouted by a man in his 40s.. AND I love metallica, I just think they're still capable of so much more.
    You hit the nail on the's gotta be REAL and from within. Not what they think the fans want.
    All the songs off Death Magnetic sounded like a bunch of riffs strung together. The production was awful, too. This is a bad idea. Would it kill them to really try to put out something better?
    An extension of Death Magnetic? Isn't that what Beyond Magnetic was :/
    I'm pretty sure that Beyond Magnetic was just leftover tracks from Death Magnetic. This will be songs from an entirely different writing session.
    Death Magnetic was great. I still listen to it often. Beyond Magnetic is decent too. If it's similar I'll buy it and have no complaints.
    I loved Death Magnetic. It felt like the amalgamation of their entire career.
    Death Magnetic was Good not great! so I hope they go a different route with the new album, Bring back the classic THRASH sound and style and it should be epic!!!!
    Sewage Rat
    Death Magnetic was better than 13 that's for sure....Not better than ENDGAME thou
    I can't say that I liked 13 more than death magnetic but megadeth could have done better as well. And endgame is one of my favorite albums of the last 10 years it and worship music.
    An Extension of Death Magnetic? hmm.. Isn't that what they did with Beyond Magnetic?
    Well I won't be buying it. I just don't think death magnetic was all that good of an album metallica can do a lot better.
    Guys as a die hard fan I must say this: WE FANS SHOULD NOT WAIT 5 or 6 YEARS FOR A NEW ALBUM. We need your music.
    Face R1pper
    Spend those six years buying records from other bands that actually need the support. Metallica can afford to wait six years before releasing a new record.
    Considering their age, no they can't.
    Face R1pper
    I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean. If you're talking about their lifestyles, as soon as they grow out of their bourgeois, living above their means phase, they'll need money again and will be making records more frequently. But if you think they're going to retire soon, Hawkwind and Uriah Heep are much older and still consistently making new records. So if they have anything decent to offer they will keep going like the generations before them.
    Sure, Uriah Heep are still going. But Metallica have to play music that is very demanding in terms of stamina. As much as I'd love to have them go on forever, I just don't think they'll be around for more than 5-7 years. I mean, Lars is already having trouble with tempo...
    oh ya and don't forget whatever it sounds like it will be better that LULU
    Oh and UG, Through the Never comes out in IMAX September 27, and in theaters everywhere October 4th.
    I really hope the next album flows a little better. Death Magnetic was great but definitely felt choppy at points. I want them to have a new producer besides Rubin, even though hes done a great job with Sabbath.
    They should make it an extension of Master of Puppets instead, that would be better.