Metallica Premiering New Song This Weekend

South American fans up for a special treat, details inside.

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Metal giants Metallica have officially announced they'll be premiering a brand new single during a Bogota, Columbia show this weekend.

In a brief Facebook announcement, the band noted, "Working out the kinks in the new song that we'll be debuting in South America in a couple days." The message was accompanied by a photo of the rockers during a somewhat relaxed studio jam.

In a separate Twitter post, the band is shown practicing the new track during what seems like more of a tight rehearsal session. "Jammin' on a new tune at HQ and getting it ready to go to South America in a couple days," the note reads.

As far as the new album goes, the latest update came from guitarist Kirk Hammett as he stressed the need for the band to urgently get into full writing mode. "We cannot think of any other reasons to procrastinate; of any other things to put on the calendar to push back [the start] date [for the new album writing sessions]," he told Kerrang magazine.

"We're kind of backed up into the corner now, so yes, we have to start working on the album. And I'm excited. James [Hetfield] has, like, 800 riffs. I only have 400, but there's not going to be any shortage of ideas," Kirk added. "It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out."

After wrapping up the upcoming dates in South America, Metallica will hit Europe in late May for a two-month trek. The band's only North American performance this year will take place during Heavy Montreal 2014 festival in August in Montreal, Canada.

Jammin' on a new tune at HQ and getting it ready to go to South America in a couple days.

- Metallica (@Metallica) March 13, 2014

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    Brace yourselves for a new wah pedal solo.
    hype hype hype
    it's gonna be called "another new song", sound weird and be taken apart again to use bits and pieces in songs on the next album.
    Carl LOG
    I just hope it wasn't Rick Rubin producing it and it's not compressed to ****
    seeing as between "the new song", "the other new song" and Death Magnetic, 3 years have passed, and this album is going to be ready by the end of this year, this time that won't be the case I think.
    They're trying to top Kill em All. Good luck.
    They already did that in '88 when they released Justice.
    Man, I'd say Death Magnetic was better than KEA. Never was the biggest fan of that record, save for a couple of songs. But hey, it's a classic and DM is not.
    Annnnnd here's the problem with Metallica. It hasn't been 3 years. It's been 5 and a half. Death Magnetic came out in 2008. Look at how many bands have released five or six albums in the time it's taken Metallica to release St. Anger and Death Magnetic. Metallica is no longer relevant, they've had two albums come out in the last 16 years.
    While I do agree that there are sizeable gaps between their releases, it's not as though they've been entirely idle. They been working out their own festivals, movies, touring, collaborations etc. Plus, they just aren't as young as they used to be. Honestly, I'm just glad that they're still going given all they've done so far, let alone still making new music as well.
    The point is ill get downvoted to all the fanboys, but the movies and collaborations, are all things that a band doesnt need todo as often as tour, record, and produce new tunes for their fanbase to like or dislike and decide whats good about them still. I really feel metallica os just dwelling in money for crying out loud roger waters has done more in 5 years of being back in music and hes 77. Megadeth may have just released an extremely questionable albumbut atleast theyve released 3 albums since 2008 and are expected to start recording this summer
    It doesn't matter if they ever do anything again: nothing can ever take away what they did and the influence they had on every heavy metal band that followed. Not since Sabbath released the core sound has another band been so influential on the world of hard rock/heavy metal. They worked their way up from nothing and if they never release anything ever again the legacy will remain. At this point, everything is a bonus.
    I wouldn't be surprised, but don't criticize. I've cannibalized so many of my own songs to make even better ones.
    Is it me or is James starting to look like the actor that played Peter Mcallister in Home Alone? Except that he got fatter and his voice changed in the past 20 years Odd how all of a sudden James' voice changes so rapidly.... OH. My. God...John Heard KILLED JAMES HETFIELD AND TOOK OVER METALLICA!!!"
    *E string rape, wah wah wah wah wah, hi-hat snare hi-hat snare hi-hat snare, generic bassline* Oh boy, can't ****ing wait!
    Next article Lars Ulrich: "New song will be out sometime in the next five years"
    Hyacinth House
    Is it just me or is James getting a little chubby?
    Who gives a sh#t? He still plays rhythm guitar like a metal god
    Pffft. Its still sad mustaine gets 0% respect when james dint even play guitar when it was originally mcgovney, hetfield, mustaine, and lars..... But yet mustaines name is never in the top 100 guitarists..... Everything is based on commercial success, all these album sales get metallica rich when they cant even release an album every 3-4 years and when they do theyre average albums
    Finally a reason for people to stop posting Evile songs and claiming it's a new Metallica song.
    youre searching for a new metallica song given that theres no way anything has been written and set in stone yet? you deserve to stumble upon numerous exile songs
    It's called recommended videos sidebar. Not to mention, for a long time searching up metallica, would give you a bunch of them.
    *Gets a chair on first row to have the best view of the future ranting about the new song.*
    I hope it's an actual finished song instead a bunch of riffs stapled together like they did with "The New Song" back in 2006, also, it's kind of sad to think that this will most likely be the last Metallica album, their heart doesn't seem to be in it anymore.
    Ahh you mean "Death is not the End"? the song that actually kicked Death Magnetic's ass entirely?
    God damn your avatar!! It's jiggling in time to the music in the Youtube clip and I can't concentrate...
    Looking forward to hearing this. It will be interesting to hear Robs contribution/influence now that he's a bit more established in the album end of things.
    What lol no they're not slayer. They will keep going until one of James/Lars/Kirk can't do it anymore from injury/death etc
    So there is a venue called Bogota in Columbia? Learn how to write: Colo mbia.
    Now that Bob Rock is gone things are returning to normal. Death Magnetic was a step in the right direction... just keep James and Lars away from the mixing board. Interested to here this new song.
    haha UG... you make me laugh... that could be the most tense jam ever.. never let a chance for creative writing go tho right? on topic: cant wait to hear what this song sounds like!!
    Meh, they've achieved 'brand' status now. I don't think they are really fussed about making an album. I think it will be a 7/10 album at best. It doesn't matter whether it's good or not, they will still be on the never ending tour of the world and making lots of cash from that
    The jazz Man
    Hope it's not a revamp of that Vulturous song that made a brief appearance. 'tallica is my favorite band and I stand by them.. But crikey, that song was just wierd
    Repent your sins now! this devil music has a grip on your souls!
    After like 6 years waiting, I really want to hear a record like Kill'em all, Justice, Ride ... . AND James needs to grow beard again I think !
    The beard might happen, but everything else you want isn't going to happen.
    Im more interested in the music gear in those photos vs the band itself. LOL look at lars sittin there like a little girl wearing a skirt.
    Will it feature such lyrical gems as the last time they unveiled a new song? Where the chorus was James screaming "DEATH IS NOT END, ITS THE BEGINNING!!!!!" over and over again? I'm a big metallica fan, but in my opinion their lyrical content has really dive-bombed since St. Anus, It's almost like they've realized that people only care about them making heavy music, rather than GOOD heavy music.
    The reason I question Metallica's output has nothing to do with past works I disliked, although there were plenty. They just don't have the hunger to write music anymore, and that's all I can bring myself to care about. The band as people, movies they care to make, etc, those projects are there right to to take part in, but they only alienate me as a fan of their music. IMO a relevant band writes and records music because they absolutely have to. Not 'have to' in a contractual way, an artistic drive that you don't know what to do with other than give in to completely. You'd think with all the freedom Metallica has gained in the past decade that they'd be even more prolific.
    They did say the new album suppose to follow up death magnetic