Metallica Release 'Master Of Puppets' From 'Quebec Magnetic'

Metallica's latest DVD, "Quebec Magnetic", is scheduled for release on December 10th.

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Metallica's latest DVD, "Quebec Magnetic", is scheduled for release on December 10th.

In anticipation of this, the band have released a video of "Master Of Puppets" from the DVD. You can check it out below.

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"Quebec Magnetic" was recorded over two nights played by the band in Canada in Fall 2009. The DVD will be the first release on Metallica's recently announced independent label Blackened Records and is being offered at the fan friendly price of $15.98.

The full track listing is as follows:

01. That Was Just Your Life 02. The End Of The Line 03. The Four Horsemen 04. The Shortest Straw 05. One 06. Broken, Beat & Scarred 07. My Apocalypse 08. Sad But True 09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 10. The Judas Kiss 11. The Day That Never Comes 12. Master Of Puppets 13. Battery 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman 16. Killing Time 17. Whiplash 18. Seek & Destroy

Bonus tracks:

19. For Whom The Bell Tolls 20. Holier Than Thou 21. Cyanide 22. Turn The Page 23. All Nightmare Long 24. Damage, Inc. 25. Breadfan 26. Phantom Lord

The DVD is the fourth concert release from Metallica in the past three years. The band put out regional exclusive releases "Francais Pour Une Nuit" and "Orgullo, Pasion Y Gloria" in 2009 and were featured on the Big 4 compilation that came out in 2010.

The version of "Master Of Puppets" that Metallica have released is pretty rad. But do you think that it is the best performance of all time? Link us to great performances of "Master Of Puppets" below. They can be by Metallica, or any other band who you think has done the track justice. Here's one to get you started:

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    I still love Metallica, and love to see how they have progressed as musicians. but I miss the grit in James' voice.
    I miss the grit in Jasons voice lol
    Jasons backups in Creeping Death were awesome MOTHER F*CKER DIE!
    is pretty much the best live version of Master Of Puppets there is. But I also love Primus' take on the song's first riffs.
    Lars' drums sounded better back then and he didn't play so lazily. I wish he'd watch these old videos and get a 2nd wind.
    i have so much more respect for them after reading the dvd's release price. independent label was a great move imo. consumer pays less, musician makes more i cant really fault them for that
    Metallica '89 FTW. They kept time, it still sounded very heavy, and James voice still sounded like a man!
    Badass UltraMan
    I still love going to see Metallica live, they put on a fantastic show but it doesn't seem to translate well to a DVD any more. Listening to them on a recording of a live show these days sounds like they decided that distortion was no longer their thing and started using a cheap overdrive pedal set to 'mild' and month-old strings that no longer ring out for longer than a bar. It is something that has bugged me for a few years now, especially when you watch a clip back-to-back with an older video
    Seeing as there are a lot of clear shots of people in the crowd just standing around lifeless without their hands up or anything, I'm wondering if this DVD release was delayed because the crowd didn't look very dynamic (compare it to the Nimes live DVD). Odd since this is a Quebec City crowd (known to be probably the best crowd in North America). Or maybe they just wanted to space out the releases so people wouldn't feel as much DM live DVD overkill?
    And in standard UG fashion; the news about them joining spotify will come sometimes next month, when they already have billions of hits there...
    Dr. Knox666
    AAAAHHHH! Can't wait for it. Awesome setlist, insane show and awesome price. 'Tallica ****in rules.