Metallica: ''Through the Never' is Fueling the Fire for the Next Album'

Meanwhile, James Hetfield remembers Napster lawsuit, saying Lars "had a vision and no idea of the consequences."

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In a midst of "Through the Never" 3D movie promotion, Metallica are already thinking about the next step, and to the liking of many fans, that step is the new album writing. The band recently posted a Q&A session footage from Toronto International Film Festival, the event at which "Through the Never" made its global premiere. During the chat, drummer Lars Ulrich explained: "Between 'Some Kind of Monster' and this, those are two pretty cool bookends - two opposite ends of the spectrum. Every time we do this it's a hell of a ride ... But you have to understand, getting a chance to do all these challenges and adventures really fuels us to go back into the studio and make hopefully a better album." Lars continued (via Loudwire), "Metallica I think increasingly depends on these types of things to feel challenged as artists. So making films is great and it certainly gets us out of our comfort zone, so when we get back to the studio we just feel more inspired and more invigorated." Meanwhile, frontman James Hetfield remembered the legal battle Metallica had with Napster back in 2000, saying Ulrich followed his guts without knowing of potential repercussions. "[Lars] was wanting to do something," Hetfield told Crave Online. "He had a vision and had no idea what the consequences would be." The frontman also discussed old feuds, saying that with time, most tend to fade away as irrelevant. "As you get older, you’re able to get past certain roadblocks mentally and friendship-wise, like things with Megadeth, people from our past," he said. "They become a little less potent. They become less of a source of hatred or whatever. They affect you less and at the end of the day you’re just kind of realizing that everyone is looking out for the best interest, hopefully, for the world."

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    i like the fact that they're taking their time to write the best album they possibly can, instead of pushing it and delivering a piece of shit.
    Yeah, they also took their time with St. Anger and we all know what a brilliant magnum opus that turned out to be.
    St Anger itself had a lot of potential but unfortunately it didn't quite cut it. But to Metallica's credit, they wanted to fuel a very very angry album and it's up there in aggressiveness musically. Many times I have listened to it and gotten very very pumped up.
    I'd be glad if they stopped talking about making new album, and started really writing new stuff.