Metallica to Hit the Studio in 2014: 'We'll Run Out of Excuses for Not Doing It by Then'

New record likely to drop in 2015, reveals drummer Lars Ulrich.

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As metal titans Metallica took the stage at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego last Friday (July 19), the band revealed an entire set of new information, also including details about what fans seem to be interested in the most - the new album.

When asked about the new record, drummer Lars Ulrich specifically stated that "Death Magnetic" follow-up is what the four-piece will be focusing on the most during 2014, even revealing somewhat of a tentative 2015 release date.

"We'll have run out of excuses for not doing it by then," Ulrich said (via Entertainment Weekly). "2014 will be all about making a new Metallica record."

According to the Billboard report, the new album could drop during 2015. In drummer's own words, the band's "had a couple of jams at HQ. [Next year] we'll be all about a new Metallica record. In about another year and a half you'll probably see one."

Apart from charging through a classic 13-song setlist at the intimate Spreckels Theatre concert, Metallica also unveiled several new details regarding their upcoming "Through the Never" 3D movie, including a film poster and an official theatrical trailer. You can check both out below.

The intense clip depicts Dane DeHaan's character getting instructions to acquire an unknown item for the group when all hell breaks loose out on the street, leaving fans so far baffled, yet impressed. The movie is set to hit the IMAX theaters on September 27 and then roll out to regular cinemas a week later, on October 4. More details at the official website.

Metallica's 2013 Comic-Con gig setlist:

01. Creeping Death 02. For Whom the Bell Tolls 03. Fuel 04. Ride the Lightning 05. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 06. Sad But True 07. One 08. Master of Puppets 09. Blackened 10. Nothing Else Matters 11. Enter Sandman


12. Last Caress 13. Seek & Destroy

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    They can take as long as they like, as long as i get an amazing record thats not over compressed to hell and doesnt sound like it was forced
    I know, Death Magnetic has really good music, but if they could somehow remaster it to get rid of the compression, then it would be a truly great album.
    Check out the guitar hero mix, it's a lot less compressed and the drums don't sound so horribly maxed out and distorted.
    Agent 00Awesome
    That sounds exactly the same to me. Maybe I'm done deaf? I've never really understood everyone's problems with the sound quality of Death Magnetic, I do agree that it sounds extremely forced though. It was just lacking something special that their older releases had. EDIT: Okay, the drums do sound a LITTLE better, but its really not that noticeable to me unless I'm purposely trying to pick it out.
    Use headphones dude. You will definitely hear the difference. It may not be too noticeable on laptop speakers but when you crank it up it is extremely noticeable. Like to the point where you think your stereo is ****ing up or something.
    There is definitely a difference between the 2 versions. The Guitar Hero sounds much better, especially at higher volume levels, no loss of sound, whereas the retail one there is a noticable loss in quality the higher up the volume range you go. Which does lead back to bad production. In good production a song should sound the same at higher volume as it does at lower volume (just louder) if produced correctly there should be no loss of sound! For the record i actually really like Death Magnetic, I think the songs and lyrics are typical Metallica that we all know and love. I just think the production of the album was bad! should have stuck with Bob Rock!
    This whole putting off the new album thing seems weird to me. Every so often we get the same update of, "Oh yeah, James and Kirk have about 26000 riffs in the bank", and it's getting really old. It might just be me but it's almost like Metallica is scared to go into the studio and just pump the album out... which is weird because no matter what the outcome, they will still be packing stadiums and having a huge turnout to the Orion fest.
    You may be right. They could just be choosing to tour and rake in dough for shows because they're afraid that if their next album is as much of a critical failure as their last... *counts*... 22 years, then people will give up on them for good and they won't show up to shows after that. So they're booking and doing as many as they can before the album is made and released "just in case..." Sounds legit to me.
    Badass UltraMan
    The fact that they still 'rake in dough' kinda counters the whole '22 years of critical failure' you also mentioned. My brain hurts
    Doesn't sound plausible to me. They have such a large devoted fan base that will never up on them. They are just a lot older now and recording an album takes a lot of effort. They aren't under any pressure at all to do one.
    yeah but its not just always about packing stadiums! for metallica now!...i mean like if they know that if they work longer in a material AND come up with something they're confident about...why not do it? trust me i am a big tallica fan...i am from nepal and went to india to watch their show and after i got in the venue the show got cancelled due to security issues, life never ****ed me in the ass like that before, so i know what i am talking about. no matter what kind of album they release, yes, the stadiums are gonna get packed..BUT that doesn't mean they just hit the studio and make an album (if they know the albums not really what they're looking for) they should work on them longer bring the confidence of older albums back (atleast the confidence) i mentioned below in my first comment..i wouldn't mind waiting for next 5 years if lars,kirk,robert and james know what they're doing with the new material and can kick in some in your face tallica thrash! i believe in them, but somehow they seem to be content with what's going on, so yeah i'm just a fan who wants a good album - oh talk about cliche! haha
    6-7 year between albums? Man some bands don't even last that long! at this rate member will start dying from old age before we can see a follow up to this new album. There should be a ****in rule - you must release at least 3 albums per decade!
    as much as Id like them to do more records, youre missing out on another point. this band gigs. alot. youd be hard pressed to find a big band that gigs as much as metallica and still manage to deliver a fresh feel to each show. Id say its more important to go around the world and have as many of your biggest fans see you at least once in their lives than to focus on albums.
    Yeah, but Metallica should stop being a nostalgic act by just playing their old stuff and start with something new, yes I know their old stuff is amazing but you can't live in the past.
    Yeah they have always been one big touring machine. But band has to also consider that their fans want new stuff. Each gig they do is first time to let's say hundreds of fans. But do you even know how many fans never get the chance to see them live? What those guys have to do? What they have to wait for? And maybe some of them just wants studio release not to hear Hetfield yell YEAHHHHH!!!!! 5 times per minute. It's a fact that you can't please everybody. But releasing new stuff would please both those who have seen them and who haven't, and might even get them new fans. Last time Metallica was in my country was 2010 I think, before that 2006. Right now I rather have new album than another show in my country or near here somewhere.
    Since the start of the 00's Megadeth has put out 5 records, Slayer has put out 3 and Anthrax have done the same amount as Metallica and were both better records despite the lineup changes. It's almost like Metallica don't even want to be a band anymore, more like a business. Like Kiss.
    Metallica doesn't wanna be a band anymore? They tour their asses off, Kiss does not.
    Megadeth have put out only one notable record within those 5 records, Slayer's been less successful (and they might as well call it quits without Hanneman or Lombardo), but you're right about Anthrax. Worship Music is a ****ing great record, and I like it more than Death Magnetic. It's pretty sad that Metallica aren't as motivated to do a new record.
    That bandana that the actor has on is very cool. The trailer is sick too. I can't wait for the Movie, but the new album should have been done already.
    should of had the four horsemen a part of the movie, saw the one person on the horse...almost got hopeful. Gonna be good I think.
    How was it that bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Doors could release a new masterpiece every year in the 60's and 70's but nowadays an album, not necessarily even a good one, takes years?
    Am I the only one who is getting the feeling that it's intentional delay to make an album? I mean... I'm not a big fan of Metallica, but it's obvious that the longer they tease us and keep us waiting the better reaction this album will get and bigger sales... Not that they would have so big problems with sales etc... But it kind of gives me that impression that this delay is in purpose... How long have they said that they have 600+ riffs etc?
    This can also work in the opposite effect too though. The longer the delay, the more we tend to hope for and expect out of the album, so when things get so hyped, they have to reach a higher standard to meet our expectations. In short, the longer your album takes to be made and released, the bigger the hype and the demand to meet from the fans. Also, having that many riffs is not as much of an advantage as it probably is a disadvantage, unless you're self-sufficient at memorizing and self-sorting through a thousand riffs in your brain, so you can decide what fits best with other riffs. I don't know about you, but I can maybe only keep track of about 100. Tops. That's why it's best to just jot down your top material, so you're not overwhelming yourself with so much music that you can't even stay organized and on track with it (Ahem... Metallica). Furthermore, they have their own record label to manage, a movie coming out and an album to release. 95% of other bands only have to focus on one of those things and that's typically a two-year process within itself... Also, it should go without saying, but they still tour and do shows a shit-ton. So it should start to make a lot more sense now. Busy, busy dudes...
    Indeed, a long delay and increased anticipation can definitely work the other way. Chinese Democracy anyone? Had it been released within a couple of years after the UYI records (and with the original lineup --save perhaps Adler -- and a subsequent tour), it would have done very well.
    Yeah, the bigger the expectations, totally agreed. And like Zalant said, Chinese Democracy is perfect example. Yeah, they got tours and movie and recently they got their own label. Ofcourse it all takes time. But let me give you another example. Megadeth's 13 (NOT GONNA BASH NEITHER BAND!!!! ). Yeah, for many it wasn't that great of an album, but I still enjoy half of it occasionally when I have time to listen Megadeth. And it was recorded between tours in 2 months. If Metallica wanted, they could pull it off too in similar way, though maybe put more effort in it. But here is the thing with bands like Motrhead, Megadeth, Behemoth, LoG etc: in most occasions they have 2-3 years between albums. This way they also keep their live performances fresh adding songs from new albums etc. They keep feeding fans new music, end if they put out mediocre or slightly bad release, fans forget it soon because their next release is probably in 2 years and can be killer. If Metallica would tour near my country atleast once a year I would expect to see different setlist not the one I already saw with exceptional addition of some old classics. And about being busy dudes... Don't forget that they also have families. Most adults are busy. Unless you are homeless guy... Then you have tons of time...
    I still pop in Death Magnetic every once in a while. The Day That Never Comes is still as powerful to me now as it was when they first released it as a single. I can wait for another album, I have a whole catalog of Metallica that never gets old... except St. Anger.
    While the gap has been too long for a band in such constant demand, people might be a bit less annoyed if the music press hadn't stirred things up by constantly asking them about a new album long before they'd starting working on one.
    Amen. To be honest, I'm getting more tired of seeing Metallica guys saying things about new album than seeing some Mustaine article or something like that. Atleast in Mustaine articles I can have fun reading comments
    They won't release new album in 2014, because Jethro Tull've scheduled new LP for next year.
    It just seems like they're really reluctant to get into the studio. They keep on adding more and more things to their agenda, but nothing about an album. It just gives me the impression that they're not that willing to make one.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Whenever it comes out and however good or crappy it is, it's not gonna affect my life too drastically so I'm not gonna rag on James and co as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders.
    after the 1st 4 albums this kind of delay would be reasonable, but after Death Magnetic, I don't think so...
    AND! How would've it been reasonable to delay after first 4 records? Kill, Ride, Master and Justice are classics! And there were like 1-2 years between each album. They were on the roll back then.
    Dunno... For me, first few weeks or month DM actually was something... If I listen to it now, there is nothing special for me.
    god i hope they don't worry about releasing it too soon making it an average record. i wish the four guys sit down very seriously and agree/hard work on making an old school "thrash" album..just for one last time, just give an extra couple of hours to every of their new composed material (doesn't mean they'll write bad, but we know what i am talking about)...if i knew i had to wait for 5 years, i would. but who am i kidding? they'll record-they'll release, haters hate, die hard fans will love no matter what, and i.....well lets hear.
    Agree. Tallica records are "safe" ones..rock, a little metal here and there, some unforgiven songs for the radios, a bit of attitude for being "outlaw"..Well now they are known by every soul on the planet, crazy rich. So yes, why not put an Trash album this time for "old time" sake.
    I'm glad to hear this. Metallica is always touring a lot and the current focus on the 3D-movie made me think they would never start writing and recording a new album. I'm curious to see what Rob Trujillo is adding in the songwriting process. He wrote some badass parts in "All Nightmare Long." Judas Kiss was my favorite Death Magnetic track so I hope to see more songs like that. I hope the album is on equal footing, or better than DM.
    Death Magnetic was an amazing return to grace long as they keep the stream flowing and don't draw from some weird influences Ill be a happy fan
    People lay into St. Anger saying it was shit or whatever, but it was raw and aggressive. Also the guitars sounded heavy as hell (and if you can look past the disconnected snare) it wasn't a bad MIX. DM however, the guitars didn't sound good at all, very pop and crackle, over compressed and simply put FUCKING DIGITAL. I have been a fan of Metallica for many years, and all I can say is as a fan I hope they don't use the same mixer and end up with DM2. I don't know how people dare talk about Bob Rock after Rubin's little buddy made one of the most bad ass rhythm guitar players in metal sound like a bowl of rice crispies. James + real amp + mic = dun dun dundun blackened, BLACKENED!!!!! Just think Sad but True vs My Apocalypse. I'll take a chance and buy it anyway, like I did DM. Good cover art. Some albums are worth waiting 10 years for. Other bands seem to rush the cds out (Megadeth) and they get ripped to pieces cus they're rushed and not very good at all compared to previous records. IF OZZY CAN STILL BANG A TUNE OUT, SO CAN METALLICA. Hurry up guys, Mustaine has let us all down... show us what we're missing.
    IMO Rick Rubin should not make this album. He might do good with other bands but how 13( Black Sabbath) and Death Magnetic while good sounded so over produced. I wish Bob Rock stayed, I loved his approach of recording the band live and doing little to the songs and that was why the Black album, Load and Reload sounded so good, because they weren't over produced and sounded like it should. And didn't sound like different songs when played live. Would like it next year, but Metallica lives to over hype their albums that half the time they don't meet expectations (I liked Death Magnetic and St. Anger but a 5 year wait for both albums was really not worth it!)