Metallica to Kick Off New Album Work Next Spring, Says James Hetfield

"I'm itchin', we have tons of material to sift through," the frontman explains.

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Although their "Through the Never" 3D film is still very much in the public limelight, metal behemoths Metallica are already looking towards the next point on their horizon - the new album. Frontman James Hetfield addressed the "Death Magnetic" follow-up during a recent Oakland Press interview, and it would seem that the guys are quite pumped up about doing some writing. "Hopefully it happens soon," James explained. "I'm itchin'. We have tons of material to sift through. That takes a lot of time, because there's a lot of great stuff. I know we only need a few songs, but there's 800 riffs we're going through." He continued, "It's kind of insane. We have sifted through a lot of the stuff and pulled the cream of the crop — it's just sitting there waiting for us to take it to the next level." Hetfield then decided to give more specific details and narrow down the studio entrance date. "I know we do need to decompress after this, get this film thing out of our systems. It's taken up a lot of time and a lot of effort. We go full-throttle into something and multitasking is not what we're after," he said. "So the next record will hopefully start some time in the spring," the frontman concluded. James also touched on the matter of Orion Music festival, saying that if the band has its way, the event will return to Detroit's Belle Isle in 2014. "It's kind of up to the promoters at this point," he explained. So it's 800 riffs, spring studio entrance and hopefully another chart-topper for the metal icons. Share your expectations in the comments.

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    I've seen a lot of people say there's no excuse for a band at Metallica's level, or even Tool, to not release albums consistently. The irony is they have literally every excuse that could matter at their level: they own the rights to their music, they're not contractually obligated to put out an album every other year, and the fans that bitch the loudest are the ones that keep coming back. Their only excuse to write a record now is the desire to do so.
    The anger comes from the fact that when you have millions of fans all around the world who have supported you to get to that level, it could be argued you're obligated in some way to quench their thirst for new music rather than focusing on projects people are less interested in.
    It could be argued, but probably not convincingly and maybe not even coherently.
    Carl Hungus
    Thats just petulant and childish. Anything they ever owed the fans was paid long ago.
    I first read that as "Metallica to Kick out Kirk".
    How fvcking awesome would THAT be
    Um, no
    personally I wouldn't that at all, in fact, I think metallica would be a lot better as a three piece because james does a lot better rhythm and lead guitar work than Kirk has ever done so if anything I think Kirk is just holding the band down
    Only one problem, who the hell plays the lead/rhythm parts while James is playing the other part?
    I don't know, maybe alter the songs so that two guitars aren't needed
    That's dumb. The whole point of the middle section of Master of Puppets was a dual lead guitar, with James playing a solo over the cool rhythm part Kirk was laying down. Metallica is a two guitar band and always will be. It'd be like if Judas Priest did away with their second guitar player.
    Brian May laid many guitar tracks on many of his recordings with Queen and that didn't effect the quality of his live playing with only one guitar track able to be played
    What about the guitar harmonies in most of their songs? That's pretty much impossible without another guitarist considering a harmonist or delay won't always follow the exact notes.
    Kirk was not laying down a rhythm part. Kirk Hammett did not perform any rhythm guitars in studio albums until Load, I believe. In other words, James did everything except Kirk's solos. Good job Kirk.
    I'm definitely one who prefers Hetfield's solos to Kirk's. They just seem more melodic and thought out (not saying that Kirk doesn't have some great ones). Kirk just gets a little too sloppy and wah-y(?) for me. Metallica definitely needs two guitars though. It's crucial to their sound and writing. But if I were to can a member of Metallica, I'd replace Ulrich with Portnoy. It amazes me that the guys in Metallica can even follow Ulrich live. His tempos are always so inconsistent, and his fills are so out of place. Hoping he isn't a sign of what's to come for aging metal drummers... although Lombardo still kills.
    I went to see Through the Never the other day, it was good overall but the "story" parts were completely useless and I just found myself getting annoyed when it cut to the them.
    yeah i kinda agree. I thought the best part of the movie was Orion at the end. The 3-d was well done though, just gave the whole thing depth, nothing cheesy
    If Lars hadn't been so lazy, the new album would've already been out. Poor James, I bet that this delay is driving him mad.
    So it's all Lars' fault? hahaha. I will say this, how many metal bands, 30 years into their careers, are making albums that many folks are eagerly awaiting? There's a few, but not many - relevance, that's what i'm talking about. Tons of bands still playing all their old stuff from 1983, but relevant new albums? not so much
    Testament is one of those bands.They still release good quality stuff. Their last two albums have been amazing. Seems like they haven't lost a step. I'm a huge Metallica fan, have been since I was a kid, but Death Magnetic didn't do much for me. I'm looking more forward to the next Testament album.
    I always get my view flashing white sparks after reading these articles presented in white lines and black background.... lol!!
    Spring? I can understand a 2-3 month break, but what's keeping them from working on new material before then?
    Ehm Family? Friends? Just relax a couple of months, and live like a normal dude for a little bit of time? At least they have a plan for the new album so we'll just have to wait.. patiently... 'till 2015... oh god...
    Let them take their time so we can get a quality album, not so they can churn out garbage just to make a profit
    Black Hazard
    Well that would be find and dandy if that's what they were actually doing these past 5 years, but they haven't been.
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    Damn it UG. If you're gonna delete that spam comment you might as well delete my reply to it.
    A part of me wants to go back and see exactly how many times I've read this same article in different words here on UG...
    I hope this album is more natural sounding. I hope it doesn't sound like they stopped half way through an idea and decided where to go next with it, instead just followed where ever it takes them. I'd love to see a return to Hard Rock Metallica and follow on the I Disappear style. Also Kirk needs to brush up on his solos....
    Carl Hungus
    Lets face it Kirks solo were never really the highlight of Metallica. Im not saying they sucked but he has aleays been overshadowed by other better guitar players in that dept.
    "I know we do need to decompress after this" -- Not if you're still working with Rick Rubin.
    They've been talking about working on a new album for about three years now. I'll believe it when I see it...
    Just please, for the love of God, don't compress it to a total brickwall...
    Maaaan they are slow at making albums. I can still remember being obsessed and checking daily on the progress of what became Death Magnetic. That was 2008. My god, has it really been five years. Time flies.
    Meh who cares.
    about your comment? no one does mate, no one.
    Obviously you do, since you responded, mate.
    He was just being polite and enlightening the poor fellow.
    No, he responded to a comment that he claimed nobody cares about. Kind of ironic really.
    But the guy first responded to an article he said he doesn't care about. Don'tcareception right there
    Yeah but two wrongs dont make a right
    But three rights make a left
    Now it seems like you care about it more than anyone here huh? Btw, hell yeah, Orion 2014. Bring it back to Detroit.
    My view of an ideal way to record a Metallica album: Old School Metallica Songwriting (Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets) with elements from Death Magnetic; George Marino to do the mastering; Michael Wagener and Mark Wilzcak for the mixing (and keep Lars away from the mixer); Keep it all ANALOG; Flemming Rasmussen and Bob Rock to co-produce the album.
    Did you seriously just say that they need the mastering of Death Magnetic, the most notoriously poorly mastered album ever? Loudness war must die, go back to 80's on EVERYTHING. Let's just pretend the 90's never happened.
    I picked the guys who mixed and mastered the Black Album. What I liked in Death Magnetic is the songwriting.
    Carl Hungus
    Bob Rock should never be allowed in the same building as Metallica let alone the studio with them.
    Bob Rock is not to be blamed to Metallica's change of sound on the Black Album. The band wrote the songs themselves. The Black Album is the best album in terms of mixing and mastering. All instruments were heard on that album. That's why I also included the people who mixed and mastered it. Bob can focus on the engineering front while Flemming is more on the songwriting front. And did I suggested that Lars should be kept AWAY from the mixer?
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    I'm glad, but didn't we already know that they were starting in spring?