Metallica: 'We Have to Start Working on New Album'

Band spent too much energy on other projects, Kirk Hammett admits.

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Discussing the massively anticipated new album, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted that the band has spent too much energy on other projects, stressing the importance of kicking off the writing process.

Chatting with Kerrang magazine, Kirk noted, "We cannot think of any other reasons to procrastinate; of any other things to put on the calendar to push back [the start] date [for the new album writing sessions]."

Hammett then once again pointed out the massive amount of fresh riffs the group has at disposal. "We're kind of backed up into the corner now, so yes, we have to start working on the album. And I'm excited. James [Hetfield] has, like, 800 riffs. I only have 400, but there's not going to be any shortage of ideas. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out," he said (via Blabbermouth).

Adding that writing and recording an album within a year would be a challenge he's "f--king up for," the guitarist added, "We did it with Lou Reed, but that doesn't really count, does it?

"We don't have any songs yet," he continued. "We have little bits and pieces of music earmarked to become songs, and really, that's all I can say about it. We're pretty psyched about it. We're only procrastinating because we love being at home with our families, but we really do love writing songs together and making an album."

Directly asked if Metallica has spent too much time and energy on other projects, Kirk replied, "It appears that way. We definitely have gone down a few different creative avenues that we didn't expect to do since the release of 'Death Magnetic.' That is a really, really long gap, but we've been busy pretty much the whole time throughout that.

"It remains to be seen whether or not we've taken too long. It seems like Metallica's bigger now than we've ever been. I only say that because last year we went to a lot of far-flung places that we rarely go to, and we sold a s--tload of tickets. From what we can gauge from ticket sales - and you can't really gauge this from record sales anymore, you know the whole story of declining sales for everyone - it seems like Metallica is bigger now worldwide than it ever has been. That tells me there are still fans out there who care about us."

Hammett concluded by explaining how Metallica became much more than a music band in the past decade, successfully managing and turn into a global brand. "In the past few years, Metallica has somehow morphed into not so much four guys in a band playing loud music, but more of a platform to do creative things under the Metallica banner. We've gone down so many creative avenues in the last eight, nine, 10 years," he said.

"We all like that position. We don't feel pigeonholed to be just a band. We've proven to ourselves - and that's the most important thing - that Metallica can be a way to express ourselves in a lot of non-musical ways, and for me, that's a great place to be. When we've been successful creatively, it feels like we've climbed another mountain. It really is a healthy thing for us. It shows that we're multifaceted, it keeps us stimulated and hopefully it serves the music on the backhand, consciously or subconsciously."

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    "We cannot think of any other reasons to procrastinate" dont worry you'll find one
    I like the transparency they're giving everyone in this situation. Hell, they could've just lied through their teeth and said everything's going fine.
    What if they ARE lying and everything is actually going fine?!?!?!
    Everything IS fine, and they have no reason to lie. If the long wait will be rewared with an epic album, then who are we to complain?
    It appears that Metallica has found a new way to procrastinate making an album: doing lots of press about how they need to make an album.
    "Kirk Hammett admitted that the band has spent too much energy on other projects, stressing the importance of kicking off the writing process." He didn't even have to admit that. That's like if God admitted that the sky is blue.
    The sky's supposed to be blue??? Thank god you told me that, I thought they were always supposed to be black and grey!
    Can I have the shrooms that you ingested?
    God: "Okay, guys. Yep, you caught me. I guess you could kind of in a manor of speaking say that the sky MIGHT be some particular shade of the color blue. Maybe." *whispers to self*Was really hoping they wouldn't catch on to that one...
    That's like if I admitted that I use the word "bellend" a lot.
    Never stop. Ever. I know the UG community is hugely bipolar to you but don't give in.
    You know Danny; I really appreciate your comments when you actually have something say. I like hearing people’s opinions, especially when it is intellectual and has regards to the topic like yours occasionally do. But to be honest friend, I quite don’t care for your tired and stale attempts of humor and attention seeking particularly when you use the phrase “Bellend”. Please just be yourself and write more comments that matter ok.
    When did it become fashionable to brag about how many riffs you have written? Every article i read about a band starting working on an album they are liek "We have 150 riffs written!" That just tells me that 140 of them suck.
    A lot of the time this is definitely the case, the only exception that I can think of is Rob Pollard of Guided By Voices.
    It's so weird that in almost every article, a band member makes it seem like they are making excuses NOT to make this album.It's like they feel they HAVE to make it for the fans, instead for themselfs. Makes the think this might be one of the last metallica albums to come out.
    if not the last ever... I was honestly surprised when death magnetic came out. maybe this will be like a GnR chinese democracy situation, the next metallica album will come out in 17 years, when they're in their late 60's
    I agree 100%. I think that the only thing that keeps Metallica going musically is, like Kirk said, their world wide popularity (which apparently does not apply for the United States anymore). I don't see a farewell tour coming very soon, but this is going to be their last record, or second to last record. I can almost guarantee that.
    I think they literally have just gotten caught up with touring and their other projects. If you want an example of where the band isn't really working musically now, look at Tool...It's not procrastination and new project after new project as a band, it's them doing separate things (Puscifer, Volto!, etc) and doing a tour each year with announcements that we'll get a new album soon every few months as opposed to Metallica where they're doing so much stuff as a band apart from the new album.
    Think about how many lp studio albums they released 80s they released 4 albums: KEA, RTL, MOP, AJFA 90s they released 3 albums: Black album, Load, ReLoad 00s they released 2 albums: St. Anger, DM 10s they will probably release 1 album 20s they will probably release 0 albums 30s they will probably disband since i doubt that james will be able to sing the classics and Lars will be to old to be playing classics
    It really doesn't sound as if they want to make this thing, they keep talking about making excuses. I know from myself that if i'm feeling creative, i can't stop working on something, while Metallica seems to be in a position where they have to force themselves to do it, doesn't sound like they really want to.
    I thought they will be playing a new song at that "Metallica By Request" tour that starts in like 2 months, and they don't even have one written.