Metallica: 'We Probably Have Three or Four Albums Worth of Material'

"But we want to make one really good album," Kirk Hammett adds.

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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett gave somewhat of a fresh update regarding the band's upcoming studio effort, focusing once again on the abundance of material the four-piece has piled up.

Explaining to Loudwire how the group is still in the early stages of making the record, Kirk said, "I mean, we've got a lot of riffs. We're blessed with the curse of having too many riffs. So you just have to be patient, but it's a good curse to have.

"We probably have three or four albums worth of material but we want to make one really good album," the guitarist added. "Maybe we'll just throw it all into one song, make it a nine-minute song with all those riffs!"

During a separate chat with Net Entertainment News, Hammett noted how "it's just [about] finding the time to really nail it down and focus. And that will come very soon."

Switching the subject to overall work approach, Kirk added (via Blabbermouth), "And we're old school about it, too; we like to all get in a room and bash it out. I know a lot of bands and a lot of musicians work digitally now, with just trading files, but, you know, we're still cavemen about it.

"We like to get in a room and bash it out and talk amongst ourselves and argue and fight. It's all part of the process, but it still feels real once you get to the end result," he concluded.

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    so, that means they have the next 40 years covered?
    haha, remember the days when bands would release one album per year? those days are long gone as they don't make money anymore on it.
    Yeah its kind of sad but at the same time not many bands could stay consistent on quality and pretty much anything after the first few albums became lackluster, minus a hit single here and there. Of course there are bands who did this and still have quality later albums like Rush and Iron Maiden, but I kind of prefer two to three years for each album, makes them feel more special.
    I think the chances of North Korea becoming a democratic country are actually bigger than the chances of Metallica putting out an album before 2016.
    It's a race! Place your bets! Tool, Metallica, or Guns N' Roses?
    2015 - Tool 2017 - Metallica 2025 - North Korea 2040 - Guns N' Roses... or maybe another few years...
    2015 - Tool Later in 2015 - Metallica 2018 - Guns N' Roses 2037 - North Korea 2112 - Rush Cyborg Zombie Reunion Tour
    2015 - Tool 2017 - Nirvana 2018 - Led Zeppelin 2020 - pink Floyd
    2014 - England win the World Cup/2Pac returns at Christmas 2015 - North Korea decide to write all the wrongs they've committed 2016 - Kim Jong Un dies of an aids related illness 2016 - Metallica release album named Kim Jong All2017 - WW3 2025 - T-Virus escapes, Kurt Cobain returns in Zombie form and starts Nirvana reunion 2027 - Kerry King gets fired from Slayer and Tom Araya quits, band hires new members 2030 - Dave Mustaine admitted to rehab 2035 - The sound of Axl having a heart attack becomes the last G'N'R album, it's released Posthumously...
    Scratch the first one. If England beat anyone in a penalty shootout, I'll start wearing a tin foil hat.
    Officially known as the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" so I'm just gonna go ahead and get myself excited for an album release next week.
    Then just ****ing record and release it.
    Just because you have riffs, doesn't mean you have songs to record. Putting riffs together end by end isn't going to make it good. It takes time to find the right parts, polish and perfect every element to make it enjoyable. I'd rather want them to use a year extra on the record than just release something bad.
    A year extra? It's been 6 years since they've done an album (Not counting Lulu as that's just a shitfest).
    They haven't been working on this album for six years. Would you rather a shit album now, or a good album later?
    A shit album now and a good album later.
    I remember when they said: "We're not going to need another 5 years to release the next album". I guess 7 is close though. Seriously hope they can produce something awesome this time too.
    These guys are using every excuse they got to hold back on recording. Just cause you have riffs doesn't mean you can cut and paste it into a song, like you did with Death Magnetic, which in my opinion was a PISS POOR attempt at re-living their 80s heyday. They need to write SONGS not just riffs, then cut and paste them into a track, thats why their last album sounds so ****ing stale. There is so much better metal bands out there anyways. These guys are hilarious.
    why do you *******s talk like making music is so simple. So much shit talk from a bunch of has- been fans. You ungrateful bastards are a like stupid dogs who won't stop eating. More and more and more is all you want. You don't have the love for music like James Hetfield does.
    holy ****.... i am excited for new stuff but its NOT gonna get done by saying, yeah we have all this material. STOP. RECORD. RELEASE. THEN TALK.
    What should he answer when he is beeing asked the same thing over and over... It's just how the media works... They release those stuff again and again too... But when the album comes out we are all gonna run to the first store, buy it and get goosebumbs on every riff! So just wait a little bit.
    aw i'm waiting it's all good a rushed record would be bad, but they wont even begin haha, just talking and more talking about how they're going to soon. It will be great nonetheless!
    Don't take this too seriously.. They call 2 power chords a 'riff'..
    "Maybe we'll just throw it all into one song, make it a nine-minute song with all those riffs!" This is what was wrong with Death Magnetic in the first place.
    Yeah, I really don't like this writing process. I wish they'd actually sit down and work together to try to write a song in the mentality of not writing a bunch of riffs that'll be pieced together as they see fit. It just makes Death Magnetic sound like Metallica covering something trying to sound like Metallica. They're trying to write Metallica choruses, Metallica verses, and Metallica bridges, but not Metallica SONGS.
    It must be sooo hard to make an album when you're a millionaire, you can have any guitar and amp you want and you have thousands of people who will buy it when it comes out
    I am a huge fan of Metallica's music, and James in particular has greatly inspired me as a musician. Having said that, I have come to believe that 1) they aren't really excited about making a new album 2) many riffs =/= many good riffs, at least not necessarily (Lords of Summer doesn't really have any great riffs, does it?)
    I loved Metallica when I was a kid. LOVED them. With that said... Metallica hasn't recorded a good album in 26 years. Honestly, what's 6 years to record another maybe mediocre one? They're best days are far behind them but we can always listen to the good stuff.
    Since 1988? Really? You're one of those people? Metallica has put out amazing stuff every album, the Black Album is a master piece, Load/ReLoad have a lot of under rated songs, St Anger had some great songs and Death Magnetic just kicked ass.
    Yeah, I'm "one of those people". I bought the Black Album the day it came out and haven't felt the same about Metallica since. I've always thought that the Black Album was a very good hard rock album but it didn't come close to the greatness of their music up until then. I'm all for bands exploring new sounds but for me they've just never come close to their earlier work in a very long time.
    Don't be a kiss ass. St Anger was a terrible album.
    This. Also, Death Magnetic was mediocre at best. Their best days are behind them. They should leave the thrash to Testament, Exodus and Overkill. Those three bands get better with age.
    I'm rowing this boat too... I'll give the Black Album some credit, they made metal safe with it, after that album EVERYONE was a Metallica fan, but every album after I did not care for.
    urgh... troll-alert. You probably were there when bitchin' when Dylan went to electric
    This has been the problem with Metallica over the past decade. "We have enough riffs for four albums." No you don't. Just because you play something and record it doesn't mean it's worthy of being on an album.
    If they have enough for 3-4 albums they why don't the use all that stuff in later albums that they could release in a year or two? Then the fans wouldn't have to sit around for year after year waiting for a new album.
    Just because they have all of those riffs, doesn't mean they are all good. They may have like 20 million riffs, but what if only like 5 of them are good? Do you really just want them to release the other millions of riffs as the next album? that would suck.
    - Megadeth talks about upcoming album 3 months later... - New Megadeth album comes out - Metallica talks about upcoming album 3 months later... - Metallica talks about upcoming album
    It's the new trend to say you have X albums worth of material, then do nothing. The hired guys from Axl's solo band have this mastered.
    Can't hear it anymore... Deeds not words, guys! With Zappas words: "Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar!" And finally: Quantity doesn't equal quality. Nuff I shut up
    They need to stop putting riffs together for the sake of having song ideas. What they need to do is just to focus on one song at a time and not being involved in writing any other songs until they finish it and then write the next one. Today's Metallica needs pressure and a deadline. Listen to Lords of Summer, it's a good example. They were under pressure and they had a deadline and the song came out quite good. Not great, but just because it needs revision.
    I haven't been a fan of anything they have done minus a couple songs here and there since the black album. I tried to like DM but the drumming was just so horrible, and so loud in the mix I couldnt get past it. Same with the new Avenged Sevenfold. Not a horrible album, but nothing special by any means (Coming Home is great thought), and a lot of that had to do with the boring drumming.
    Give them a chance guys. I feel they have only just begun to tell us just how table they can be!
    I almost don't want them to record a new album because they will take the good songs out of their live setlists to accomodate for new matieral.
    ...AND Metallica still do not grasp the concept of quality over quantity
    I hope they take their take with this, I'd rather a band take as long as they need to make a killer album than just make as many albums as possible, look at Megadeth, endgame was awesome, 13 was ok, supercollider was just bad. Quality is far more important than quantity.
    blah blah blah no one cares about how much material they claim to have. At the end of the day its the individual songs that count. I mean at first I liked Lords of Summer but it wore off quickly just like Death Magnetic. If that is what they've shown us thus far from their supposed infinite waterfall of "great riffs" then I can't help but be abit pessimistic.
    They don't write the articles or choose what questions the media ask them
    I know the media asks them the same questions over and over but I wasn't complaining abut that. I just don't think skimming down the fat and slapping riffs together is the best way to make an album. Death magnetic had that problem: tons of good riffs but the songs themselves weren't that great. Having more material to choose from won't make a better record if their hearts aren't into it.
    Stadium Arcadium, Metallica-Style? If they have so much material, why not release a double album full of Metallica goodness. I wouldn't complain... Put the best songs on there and just let it roll.
    I love what Metallica stands for and most of the creative endeavors they've gone through in the past. It's awesome to hear that they have so much material. BUT, This annoys me. Talk is cheap. Record a demo, let fans hear it. Submit 100 riffs on a cloud that we can open and listen to. The one thing I detest about Metallica is that they hype up everything they do to the extreme. It's like they toy with the fans almost. This reminds me of people who work with you who talk about how great they can do something.. but never actually do it!
    I miss kerryking01 he was actually funny
    Tanks man im stil heer
    Unforuntately edit: sorry haha I thought it was still kingkerry, trying to be funny. Then I saw that it was KerryKing01. Glad you're back
    He's probably same person. He gets his energy from +1's. One account didn't make enough so he had to make four accounts more.
    When will they finally realise their career has reached its untimely end?
    When will music fans finally realize that bands don't owe them a damn thing?
    Other than, you know, their fame, houses, cars, nice things, and the lifestyle they live. Apart from those things...
    so if you form a band, play live, entertain me then release a CD and I buy it you now owe me??
    They have to redeem themselves after lulu. DO IT FOR LOU REED!
    They have to redeem themselves for everything after And justice for all(except for death magnetic)
    No, Metallica has some good songs, Load and Reload are really cool and... well, I might give you St. Anger but even that album has some cool stuff on it.
    Meh, i hardly care. If you ask me, Metallica haven't had passion or soul for a long time. That's what it lacks. It's just their job now. Face it <.<
    1200 riffs,if it is 3 seconds per riff average,we have at least 1 hour for one song.Without any riffs being repeated,of course.On with the records-breaking,it seems...
    I would be happy with just ONE GOOD ALBUM. Of course they haven't really done that since the 1980's, so I'm, curious, but not exactly optimistic.
    "they haven't really done that since the 1980's" The Black Album begs to differ with your statement.
    Yeah yeah I know the black album sold many millions. So did Brittany Spears and N Sync albums.
    The Black Album's sales beg to differ... the album itself agrees whole-heartedly - Metallica haven't been trying since AJFA.
    So, if they take all the riffs can make a NINE-MINUTE SONG?? WOOOOOW!!... -.- Time to get serious guys. I think they're affraid of releasing another St.Anger so that's why they're being so careful with this new album.
    900000 riffs doesnt mean 3-4 albums worth of material. it means 900000 riffs
    3-4 albums worth of riffs doesn't fill me with confidence. It means they're not applying quality control very well. It's hardly believable that every riff in the bank is a classic. That was never the case, even back to Kill 'Em All. They should be able to wipe out two thirds of them instantly, leaving only the best. If you write songs in a riff-based way, which is fine, you have to be ruthless. I often think long-lived bands need a third party just to help with the quality control. Rick Rubin didn't manage it on Death Magnetic; only three of the songs on that album are good.
    If they filtered through all the good riffs to make DM, does that mean its going to be like a half arsed death magnetic?
    If I ever enter military academy, graduate and become our country's armed forces chief of staff bet you the 3rd album isn't going to be released.
    God i hope this next one is good, DM was great... BUTLULU!!!! even james sid he wanted to do like a sequel to lulu :-S
    And this is why they suck. Compiling a 'riff library' of sorts is not good. You can't just put it together and make a song. When is the last time they sat down and wrote a song in full?
    if this is case they why did they release they Lords of Summer bullshit
    With all the hype and marketing this guys use for their next record, I really hope it s gonna be a damn good record. Until it is done, shut up because this is becoming annoying, really.
    "We Probably Have Three or Four Albums Worth of Material","But we want to make one really good album," MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD JUST WRITE BETTER SONGS