Metallica: 'We Still Feel the Need to Be Creative and Make Music'

Kirk Hammett also uncertain about the new song's announced live debut.

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Discussing the metal giants' upcoming plans, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett gave fans a strong reassurance that the new album is now the band's primary focus.

The axeman reached the subject while talking about "Kill 'Em All" anniversary, noting that the band's debut effort shows just how unpredictable life can be. "You know, when 'Kill 'Em All' came out, we were just four guys who were just barely out of our teens who knew that we wanted to play music, and knew that we wanted to make a living out of this music, and knew that we wanted to be the best band that we could possibly be," Kirk told Invisible Oranges.

"I can tell you from the depths of my heart that I am still very, very hungry, and I still feel the need to be creative and make music," he continued. "I know that James feels the same way. I know that Lars feels the same way. I know Rob feels the same way. We have no idea what the next couple of years are gonna give us.

"We know we have to make a new album [laughs]," the guitarist said. "We know we have to make it soon, but whatever's gonna come in the wake of that remains to be seen. We certainly don't know, and when we figure it out we'll make sure you guys have an opportunity to check it out."

Asked about the officially announced performance of a new song on upcoming summer concert dates, Hammett wasn't quite certain about the whole idea. "I don't know [laughs]," he said. "We know that we've gotta do something, and so whether or not that happens or not, we don't really know. If we write a song, and we feel it’s in good enough shape for us to play it live, then we definitely will play it live."

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    Hope it's similar to Death Magnetic. What a great album. But I doubt we get a new album until the later half of 2015, at the earliest.
    I think James is sort of burned-out and that's the reason they still haven't released new music since 2008. Not to mention Lars with his poor drumming. I love and respect Metallica for all they've done during their career, but the creativity seems to be lost.
    "Good enough" pretty much sums up their mentality for the last 20 years.
    It's really stupid that every 5 years, on the 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries these old bands have to celebrate these records. It's overkill, just pick one date, say 25th anniversary, and leave it at that.
    This album's gonna have to blow our heads off to be any good, they've had 6 years so far.
    Dude, did you read? Kirk suggested that they don't even have a new song ready.
    Of course I did. I also don't see your point. Regardless of whether or not they have songs written yet, they still need to release an album that would be worth the 6 (or more) years of waiting.
    Ooo Ooo make another movie, they're so good at that, like, so much creativity and coolness rad dude, the soundtrack was so experimental, never saw it coming, blew me away
    I don't think that Metallica ever lost the hunger to be creative and make music. What I think they lost was the drive to prove themselves. Everything before and including the Black Album was because they wanted to be the biggest metal band ever and they had something to strive for. Now that they already achieved that, it's like what are we going to do now? We don't need to prove ourselves anymore so lets just let the music sit on the back burner.
    kind of like pink Floyd when they did dark side of the moon. In fact it was this very concept that inspired them to write more albums like wish you were here, animals and the wall. They even have a song called "what shall we do now"
    I love Metallica, I really do. But I wish they'd stop. The band have become a meagre shadow of the thrashing monsters they used to be.
    The band also feels the need to make fans wait years for new material, making them rage online, writing them off as bellended sellouts until they announce new material, at which point those particular people start sucking up to them again.
    Someone give this guy a pillow with the word "bellend" written on it, so that he can screw it.
    I hope Karl Marx lookalike Rick rubin isn't producing it. He almost ruined 13 and Death Magnetic with his ridiculous loudness war technique.
    I'm really fckin tired of hearing people bitch about the "loudness war". Shut up. Enjoy music.
    It's difficult to enjoy when it gives you a headache because everything is turned up to 11^ ^. People complain because it's an actual problem, i want dynamically sounding music, not brickwalls...
    2 albums in the last 17 years now. How is Metallica still relevant?
    I agree. Sure, they're one of those bands that kind of has their legacy cemented, but as an active band... they've become a nostalgia act. They haven't released new music in 6 years, and they're playing a song they recorded over 25 years ago at the Grammy's this year... Say what you will about the Grammy's, I seriously still don't get it. Two albums in 17 years... and one of them is regarded as total crap by the majority. They don't even play St. Anger songs live anymore, meaning that they have only released one album of relevant material in the last 17 years. At this point, I feel like as long as bands like Metallica are still around, newer artists nowadays that should be appreciated are going to be under-appreciated until the stock "Festival Headlining Band from 30 Years Ago" goes away. Now, that doesn't go for all of the bands from yesterday's generation. A band like Iron Maiden on the other hand? They're still killing it live and putting out solid records. I caught Anthrax and Testament live last year and they sounded at the top of their game! Motorhead is still going strong. Metallica's career is just kind of suspended in time at this point. They've been twiddling their thumbs on this new record for a few years now, while throwing (albeit awesome) festivals and making "movies" and live DVD's to seemingly buy more time. Until they actually put out a new record, I'm sick of hearing about them... and I honestly feel as if they don't even have the new record in them at this point.
    Do some math
    Badass UltraMan
    I kinda see where he is coming from, if you get really pedantic and focus only on 'original' material. People tend to dismiss Garage Inc (covers album) and S&M (live album) when talking about album releases, despite them both being solid albums that bring something fresh to the table. I guess it is because technically the songs on both aren't new material. That leaves us with St. Anger and Death Magnetic since 1998!
    Hey, S&M had some new material. It actually features one of my top favorite Metallica songs: No Leaf Clover. There was one other song that was new as well. Also, didn't St. Anger come out in 2003? That would be one album every 5.5 years or 2 in the past 11.
    Badass UltraMan
    I loved S&M and my comment even stated that S&M and Garage Inc *did* bring fresh things to the table, despite peoples general view of those albums not being 'proper' releases. The cover songs were far enough detached from the originals and adding the orchestra made Metallica's own catalogue sound exciting and completely fresh again. If I was to play devils advocate again, No Leaf Clover and Minus Human merely changes it from two albums of brand new material in 16 years to two albums and two songs in 15 years :p As far as St. Anger is concerned, yeah it came out in 2003 but when people dismiss the two aforementioned albums, the last release before that was Reload in 1997, hence the "two albums since 98" comment
    Three songs, they also did I Dissapear! I'm still bummed out that they never made an album where Minus Human and No Leaf Clover would have fit, probably would have been pretty awesome.
    Metallica will always be relevant because they released some of the best and most influential metal albums of all time in the 80's. Doesn't matter if they've lost it now. Look at The Beatles for example, they're still somewhat relevant despite the fact it's been over 40 years since they made an album.
    Also there will never be that aggressive metallica again. James lost that anger and strength in his voice which was big part of their great music.
    Psycho Pigeon
    These guys are evil capitalists
    Make a movie that they had to have known would make them a loss, but did it anyway for artistic reasons... those fat cat bastards...
    Metallica was atleast above average as per a metal listener till their fifth album but after that .... The long gaps between their albums is also one of the reasons that they are not writing as awesome music ,as they had in the master-justice era....and i crave for their80s material...
    Metallica grew up and started writing more mature music. Hail to their first 4 albums, but the rest is prety damn sweet as well. Especially Death Magnetic was a beast, the 4 b-sides are great as well. I love how much time they put into touring and side projects like the movie, even though it kinda flopped. I'm hungry to see them this summer twice and can't wait for their next album, whevener it comes out!
    I hear this argument a lot about Metallica's post-Black Album music... That they "grew up" and started writing "more mature music" but I just could never buy it, not in this case. Metallica is the perfect example of a band that started out great, hungry and innovative but got incredibly LAZY after the success of the Black Album. There's nothing more "mature" about Load, Reload, etc. than Master of Puppets musically or lyrically. It's a sad fact (I've been a huge fan of Metallica's music from KEA thru AJFA) but they just simply stopped trying as hard. Boring, corny, country-influenced hard rock songs made a lot more money in the 90's than epic, classically-influenced thrash metal did... and it's A LOT easier to write and record. I love Metallica's early music but we've gotta stop making excuses for them. They're next album most likely will NOT be good and that's just how it is. Fortunately they're earlier albums still stand up today.
    To be honest i don't really care about their new releases. I respect them more than most bands out there because how great music and albums they have created in past. I will go see them live again and again if i get chance to do that but really. Probably very generic and usual answer but most stuff after black album isnt for me. Some songs there and there are great tho. Don't take my word, it's just an opinion.
    Maybe thats why Metallica isn't Metallica since the black album....
    Kirk is building up to something, all his articles, he is probably about to go Solo, and they have to get Mustain in the band! James will pull a drunk and fall off a skate board break his arm again and Kerry King will fill in on guitar.
    get George martin as producer hhe worked well with them English boys from liverpool
    Good to hear now try upping that effort of 1 studio album in the last 10 years! Now stop wanking about this alleged riff bank with over a thousand riffs and start releasing music again!!!!
    Perhaps they should get Flemming Rasmussen in again as producer! He produced their three finest albums (RTL, MOP and AJFA), which are indeed the three greatest metal albums every created. They released an excellent album working with Rick Rubin as producer (Death Magnetic) so perhaps they'll choose him again. What do you think, UG Readers? Let us know in the comments section below. \m/
    Couldn't they atleast get Andy Sneap, his albums might sound samey, but atleast he knows how to make it sound good and heavy. And he helps the artists getting some focus in their songs, something Metallica has been sorely lacking on the last couple of releases.
    As long as Rubin doesn't get his hands on it, I will be looking forward to a new album.
    Well then be more creative and stop releasing an album every decade and start releasing one every 2-3 years like any other normal band.