Metallica: 'We're Recording Stuff Here and There, But It's a Pretty Slow Process'

Guitarist Kirk Hammett gives an update on the new album recording process.

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We could easily say that Metallica has been one of this year's busiest bands so far. Making a 3D movie, organizing the second Orion Music Festival, concerts around the globe, the metal icons have it all covered. Or at least all except the new album, as the new release may take even longer than expected.

In a recent interview on Gulf News, guitarist Kirk Hammett didn't seem too sure on whether the new album will arrive during 2014 as previously announced.

"That's what we're hoping would happen. Whether that's a reality, we'll see. We're recording stuff here and there, but it's a pretty slow process."

The guitarist showed great excitement regarding the upcoming "Metallica Through the Never" 3D movie, calling the genre itself the thing of the future. As for the movie itself, it's gone well into the production stage and should be ready for the August 9 premiere.

"There's going to be a point when most movies are going to be released in 3D. The genre is just beginning, and we feel that it's going to be the future. There's very little behind-the-scenes footage, and there are no interviews with the band," says Hammett. "It's a concert performance and there's a story narrative that weaves in and out with the footage. It's interconnected in a way. It's very unique in that you don't have duality in it - it's intertwined that it becomes one entity. We're very excited about it, because we feel nothing like it has been done before."

"From the footage we've seen, it looks pretty amazing. It is a trip seeing yourself in 3D, that's for sure! Actually, it's a trip seeing yourself on a 25-feet cinema screen to begin with. The 3D aspect makes it all that much intense."

Hammett also talked about Metallica's longevity, naming the chemistry within the band as the main driving force.

"With us, chemistry is everything. And there's certain chemistry in the band that allows us to function, at a certain frequency. That frequency is a lot more unique than the frequency a lot of other bands have."

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    They need to release one soon before they're reduced to a nostalgia act, because they're slowly but surely becoming one.
    How is it Megadeth can record a solid album in 2 months but 'tallica haven't released anything except beyond magnetic since 2008.
    Holy sh*t, already with Megadeth... I hope it turns out good for 'tallica boys.
    Wasn't beyond Magnetic just a few tracks that didn't make the cut at the time? Granted, they are pretty bad ass. But in my mind, the last thing Metallica did was 100% Death Magnetic. I can't wait for the next phase and hope they don't end up with death Magnetic 2. and I'm sure i'll be persecuted for this but that producer makes metal sound so digital, I hope they don't use him again, but I'm sure they will as he's probably best friends with Rick Rubin. Bah.
    Metallica isn't getting any younger. They need to start releasing more albums FAR more quickly. Since 1997's "Reload" they've released a total 2 studio albums of original material (St. Anger & Death Magnetic), so not counting Garage Inc., S&M, & the Lulu collaboration. A waste of talent...let's go boys!! You don't even have to do a full tour to support every release, just make us some music!
    Their touring schedule is clearly not just time consuming but life consuming. I disagree with you, I'd rather wait another 5 years and have an amazing record (even if it's the final chapter) than them rush 3 records out over the next few years via Rick Rubin and that digital producer, just to make music for the sake of it. They don't need the money. They have nothing to prove. Why would they rush into anything if they're constantly touring. Megadeth clearly don't work like that hence the fact they'll soon be 2 records ahead of Metallica since Endgame and DM came out at a very similar time. But as stated by about 50,000 people in a previous UG post, no matter what or when Metallica release their new cd, after a few months the new tracks will be replaced with the classics again on stage because no one seems to want to hear a "Sweet Amber" or a "Suicide & Redemption" cus they're all waiting for Battery. Fuck it anyway. NEW STUFF = YES PLEASE.
    Exactly, and then I feel like maybe the hype created when the new album IS officially coming out will just lead to disappointment.
    Cuz Megadeth focuses on getting money for really mediocre stuff. while Metallica wants to build there road to keep rockin.
    That's because Megadeth has a definitive leader Mustaine who is the main songwriter and organizer in the band, so he can get a new record done pretty quickly. Metallica on the other hand does things differenty. Hetfield end Ulrich compose the songs together and then pass them to Kirk and Rob. This approach is probably more time-consuming and less focused.
    ye lets face it, its never going to take as long Guns'n'roses (sorta) and be a massive let down after all that time!
    Because Metallica have the most stupid roundabout writing/recording process ever. In Megadeth, Dave writes a bunch of songs and shows them to band and they record them. In Metallica, James and Kirk write like 1000 riffs, record them all, go through picking what they like, then they discuss everything as band to arrange songs and just have this really long winded process that's kind of pointless...
    How exactly is that bad?
    writing a F*K-ton load of riffs makes it difficult to choose which one to use and that slows the process. If you have 1 song and like 3 riffs you can either only use 1 or you can try to mix it up into one big cake
    link no1
    That's because Metallica is a band and they still try to write songs yano, together like yano, a band. Megadeth is pretty much a Dave Mustaine solo project where he writes the songs and everybody else learns them. It's easier to get an album out quick with basically one guy making the decisions.
    First encounter with the word "yano" and I have to say, I'm not a fan. That said, you have a point there.
    Maybe that means Megadeth creates another mediocre record
    Well they released Endgame as well before that which was one of the better metal albums of the 00's and are about to release another record. Just seems like 'tallica are having trouble coming up with something.
    maybe their just too busy doing tours as much as they can ... have you watched quebec magnetic :? james still nails shouting short verses but when it comes to long ones his voice falls short
    Devin Townsend, who is constantly on tour, and a solo artist, finished an album 2 months after his last album came out and while on tour.
    even speaking as more of a metallica fan than megadeth, megadeth's recent albums have been better than death magnetic
    Well a mediocre album with a few solid songs is still better than no albums at all... Atleast you know that you only have to wait a short while until the next one, which might be better. Though i havent really been dissapointed by any Megadeth records, i think most of them are pretty solid though i didnt like a lot of the rockers on Thirteen, just didnt work as well this time around i guess, but there was still the rest of the album which was pretty amazing imo.
    Th1rt3n was a good album, when metallica trys to make a album fast it is terrible. ever hear of lulu?
    Yes and I purposely didn't mention it because 1. I'm sick of hearing about it 2. It's not a Metallica record.
    Yeah that Lou Reed project that he invited Metallica to be a part of. That record that isn't a Metallica release and was probably made in respect of Lou Reed from 4 fans of his actual vintage good music. I don't think James wakes up thinking "Jeez, Lulu didn't quite match up to Master of Puppets". Although, he is a table. So who knows :|
    Here we ****ing go again for the last time! LULU IS NOT a ****ing Metallica album! It's Lou Reed FEATURING Metallica.
    You're wrong. It's not "featuring" Metallica, where did you even get this from? Lulu is a an equal collaborative project between Lou Reed and Metallica. Go to the official website: The website clearly says "Lou Reed & Metallica" everywhere, never says "featuring". The album credits say: "All Songs by Lou Reed & Metallica. All lyrics by Lou Reed. All Songs 2011 Lou Reed Music (BMI)/Creeping Death Music".
    Th1rt3en was pretty mediocre, there's only two or three songs on there which I would actually still enjoy listening to
    I'd disagree with you, but I even liked risk, so I'd just get flamed.
    Who doesn't get flamed. 13 to me wasn't that great or memorable, but Endgame blows Death Magnetic out of the water. I look forward to it anyway, new stuff is always good.
    F*ck I get sick of this... Lulu is NOT a Metallica album in any way, shape or form!
    Josh Reubenking
    Lulu is NOT a Metallica record! It's Lou Reed's FEATURING Metallica! Do you people not ****ing get it?!?!?!?
    Where are you morons getting "featuring" Metallica? READ THE FREAKING OFFICIAL LULU WEBSITE!! It's officially a "Lou Reed & Metallica" album. THE ALBUM IS BY "LOU REED AND METALLICA". It's written right on the friggin album! Jesus you idiots!!! Next you're going to tell me it's "Simon FEATURING Garfunkel" or "Hootie FEATURING The Blowfish"?
    Josh Reubenking
    Everyone in the Metallica camp said they only wrote the music for it and FEATURED on it. They said it's NOT a Metallica record. It's not the follow up to 'Death Magnetic'. So you are one of the many idiots who think it's a Metallica record.
    Not trying to force it as a Metallica record, but after all the bashing the album received what you're saying would be something that a band would say to set themselves away from such failure.
    matteo cubano
    I mean, whether you keep wanting to debate it, the music kicked some ass even though it was repetitive, which it had to be in order not to distract people. Lou Reed and that shitty story made it suck so much.