Metallica: 'We've Been Detoured From Making a New Record'

"We get sidetracked by great things - it's a blessing and a curse," says bassist Rob Trujillo.

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As various music-related projects kept metal titans Metallica well occupied throughout the year, it became blatantly obvious that 2013 wasn't going to mark the release of band's new record.

Bassist Rob Trujillo recently went on to admit that the four-piece was clearly distracted from the new studio material by such projects, calling it somewhat of a double-edged sword.

"Before all the film stuff, we were jamming these ideas and having a lot of fun," Rob told the Pulse of Radio. "But we got sidetracked. In 2014 it'll be all about getting new music - without any interruptions, hopefully."

He continued, "Obviously for next year, our priority has to be making a new record. We've been detoured from that through the course of the year. We had about six weeks or so where we were really focusing on a new album and writing and then, you know, somehow we ended up hitting the road. And then at the same time we've got to promote this film. We get sidetracked by great things - it's a blessing and a curse."

Trujillo also discussed the new record's direction with Classic Rock, saying that the thrash factor is once again back in the formula.

"It feels like 'Death Magnetic' was the launch pad it's the introduction to what we have now," he said (via Blabbermouth). "That's one thing I'm excited about - there's the thrash element back in the mix. It's kind of been missing in the past."

Metallica recently posted two making-of clips of their "Through the Never" 3D film. Check them out below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    Rob seems like the only one in Metallica, who doesn't bullshit us all the time and understands whats actually probably gonna happen.
    Kirk does, but no one ever listens. Just listen to him talking about the lack of solos on St Anger during the Some Kinda Monster doc. He was really so right, but he never really get credit.
    There was part during SKOM that Kirk could be heard playing a solo on the song Some Kind of Monster. It wasn't bad, and it kind of fit with what was going on. I think they made a mistake with no solos, and if there had been St. Anger would have been a great album.
    link no1
    I don't think solos alone would have saved St.Anger. It would still suffer from it's ultimate flaw, all the songs are way too repetitive. Sure, it would be more tolerable with a few solos to break it up a bit more but, it would still be far to repetitive. But yea, Kirk does speak sense a lot of the time. The only problem is that for the most part, he is always the quieter and more mellow of the members. I can't really see him fighting his argument too much before he just sits back and let's them do what they want.
    St. Anger was necessary for the band members to feel young and rejuvenate themselves. Look at all of their peers at the time, Metallica are much older. Bare in mind they're a metal band on the multinational level. Godsmack, System Of A Down, Deftones, Mudvayne, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, etc. All on the tours of those days and thats the vibe that they needed to prove to themselves. That they could make a hit record of 3-5 minute riff driven music with no solo's, sound good, sell good, hold up to current popular music and still sound somewhat like Metallica. They we're freaking out. Lars said "maybe we're the old and Jason is the new in skom." It's obvious that there would be no Death Magnetic without St.Anger (and Rob) and possibly no Metallica
    Metallica. Thanks for giving us the best possible material that you can produce. Thanks for being creative with such different projects. Thanks for making your fans happy all the time. Thanks for making this planet more awesome with your music. Thanks for everything. Metallica forever.
    Agree! Metallica take so much rubbish! One of the best and most influential bands of all time. Metallica forever indeed!
    I agree. A lot of people wont say that. Well, I hope the Through The Never film will give us snippets or trailer on how the next album will sound like.
    that being said creative work is fine, but let's NEVER go down the 'Lulu' road again please?
    Come on guys you're in your 50's now, you can't wait 5-7 years per album now, time is running out. o.o
    At least they're not rushing out horrible yearly records like a Megadeth.
    as bad as super collider was, its still better than st. anger, lulu, and death magnetic
    I prefer Megadeth over Metallica but there's no way Super Collider was better than Death Magnetic. Not saying DM was a great record but it's far superior to SC wich was even worse than Risk.
    I'd rather wait for another decent album that have them shit something worthless out every 2 years.
    I feel like Lars slows them down with the new album, nevertheless I'm waiting for it impatiently and will buy it immediately after its premiere hopefully at the end of next year.
    I'd like to hear some James' solos on the new record. Some of his improvisations behind the stage are awesome.
    It's good that Rob isn't just giving excuses. I hope they do take some time with this record so it sounds fresh instead of forcing creativity. Some parts of DM really did give me that feeling.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Is it just me or is the height of his bass totally unreasonable? Like theres really no reason for him to have it down there, he went past the range where it looks cool into the range where its totally excessive and ridiculous.
    Guys, we need good music. Please release the record already. It's been 5 years! Ever since u released DM, Megadave has released 3 records! (altho they kinda suck)
    Id much rather wait 6 years and have an awesome album than having 3 average albums
    Endgame is better than almost everything Metallica has put out in the past 20 years
    Endgame was pretty good actually. And TH1RT3EN wasn't bad either. Super Collider was the only flop, and it wasn't bad just that it wasn't new. It felt derivative of every other Megadeth album.
    Seriously? There's people who release 2-3 good albums per year, if they're taking this long it better be a masterpiece.
    2-3 good albums a year? Please...
    Hey, back in the 60's and 70's, bands used to release albums on a rapid basis. They wouldnt get out of the studio. Led Zeppelins first two albums were released in 69, I believe. Led Zeppelin 3 and 4 came out in 70 and 71 respectively.
    I completely respect LZ. They mostly opened the doors to rock and what not but it's getting harder and harder to create new songs without it sounding too much like songs that have already been done. Let alone running into a completely genre of music. Tl;dr - You can't rush song writing and expect it to be a kick ass album like LZ did.
    it's gonna suck. it's always does. they should have hung it up after cliff died. it's just not the same.
    metallica needs to stop trying to make the next metallica record and just write whatever they want to.
    Metallica needs a new album. And please hire someone to mix it that knows what the hell is going on.
    this looks like it's going to be something we've never seen before, it's sure going to be a hit everywhere...
    hmm I can see why a lot of people did not like St.Anger but it is one of my favorite albums by Metallica because of how different it is. You are right they are repetitive and lack of solos was noticeable. But bands have the right to try whatever they want not only what fans want. Bottom line I really enjoyed St.Anger and wouldn't mind another album like it because it was so..raw
    It better be good, 'cause the wait for a new 'tallica album is becoming the longest in their history.