MGMT Stream New Album Ahead of Official Release

'MGMT' is previewing on the Rdio service alongside a special "immersive" visual experience co-created by the band.

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MGMT are streaming their new album, "MGMT," online ahead of its official release next week, NME reports.

The duo are previewing their third LP via Rdio - sign up and listen to the record below. MGMT have also joined forces with Rdio for a new feature called the Optimizer, which is "an immersive audio and visual experience to accompany the new album for its full 44 minute run time." The experience was created by MGMT alongside a team of visual artists.

Of the Optimizer feature, Scott Bagby of Rdio commented: "Fan engagement is something that is always a major part of MGMT's immersive live shows, and the Optimizer brings this visual experience to an even more widespread audience."

Earlier this month MGMT admitted that their new album features music which they "don't even know if it's music we would want to listen to." They also said they were troubled by some of the artists they met after signing a major label record deal in 2006.

"So many musicians have this really commercial sensibility about everything," Ben Goldwasser said. "That made me really disgusted. Looking at music as a product, talking about what we were doing like a brand? We had never thought about music that way."

In August, MGMT revealed the surreal video for their new single "Your Life Is a Lie," which is taken from the album. In the video the band are joined by a number of different characters including a choir of skeletons, "Happy Days" actor Henry Winkler and a crying pebble.

MGMT will tour the UK later this year, playing four dates in October including a gig at London's Forum.

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    d.a. garabedian
    I love these guys, and think Congratulations is woefully underrated, but this one is definitely not for me. I think they went too far with the abstract this time. Hope others like it.
    Not available in my region, India. Thanks, Rdio and MGMT. I just wanted to listen to your new music. Now I'm going to pirate it and enjoy the sweets of your hard labour. Also, good luck with the regionalist discrimination.
    Stoked that I can stream the album through Rdio, I've been so impatient for this release I don't think I could've made it until the 17th!