Michael Jackson's New Single 'Love Never Felt So Good' Debuted

Usher features on King Of Pop's posthumous track.

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Michael Jackson's new single "Love Never Felt So Good" was debuted yesterday evening – click below to listen.

As NME notes, the track was premiered at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA last night. After initially being introduced by chairman and CEO of Epic records, LA Reid, Usher appeared onstage to perform with a troupe of dancers alongside the song.

"Love Never Felt So Good" was written by Paul Anka and originally recorded by Jackson in 1983. The song will feature on the singer's posthumous album "XSCAPE," which will be released on May 13 and features eight unreleased tracks worked on by producers including Timbaland.

It was previously reported that another song on "XSCAPE" tells the story of an abused 12-year-old who runs away from home and turns to prostitution. The lyrics reportedly include the lines: "She wrote that she is tired of stepdaddy using her/Saying that he'll buy her things, while sexually abusing her."

The tracklist for "XSCAPE" is as follows:

1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Loving You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave to the Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are7. Blue Gangsta8. Xscape

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    It always has bothered me that albums are released long after the artist has died. It seems the record companies, and the families are trying to make money off a tragedy. I'm pretty sure Hendrix released more albums dead than alive.
    I'm sure they have about 15-20 songs they are holding onto so they can periodically release songs from time to time and another album in 10 years
    The Spoon
    I don't think it's necessarily trying to capitalize off of his death, it's not like they released a whole bunch of stuff right as he died. It's been a good few years now, and it seems like their intent is more to keep his memory alive than to try and make money off the death.
    God the iHeartRadio awards were even worse than the Grammies. During the Alt rock section they gave this long speech about "Alternative rock is hard to define but we know what alt rock is." then went on to nominate four pop songs and only one alt rock song. Of course they gave it to Demons which was from the only one of the pop acts to even pretend to be rock. I mean seriously, who the **** nominated Lorde for a rock award?
    This just isn't right.. Michaels vocals are too far back into the mix, this is what happens when you try to capitalize in someones legacy and incorporate it into modern day technology. They need to let him rest in peace. Release them as demos instead of updated songs with featured artists. The vocals were recorded in the 80s for gods sake.
    Usher is such a tool. I was kinda looking forward to hearing until I saw his stupid name on the song. F U, Usher. You product! You plastic bag full of sh*t!!!
    Just let him rest in peace. A posthumous album works when it's released just after death (e.g Sublime, Jeff Buckley etc) but this is just trying to suck out all the money they can possibly get from his name
    The vibe of this song is actually quite good. It's so unfortunate that they got that terrible dance scene in the awards. MJ always seemed to be a guy focused on the dance itself and when Usher showed up looking all smug and trying to showoff just ruined the experience of that couldve been a good MJ dedication.
    Bit 2 mainsterm 4 me im afrade. #HailToTheKerryKing
    This dude is typical. He's trying to be different, but comes off as trying too hard to be funny.
    Ruined the song by adding those sterile 2014 beats to an early 80s track. I'd rather they just stick out everything as it was when he died. If that was good enough for John Lennon, it's good enough for this.
    7 year old boys never felt so good either, huh Mikey?
    Actually, he was never found guilty of sexual abuse, bellend.
    OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were never found guilty of Murder
    And therefore someone in a totally unrelated case is guilty too? Jesus Christ that is atrocious logic...
    No, he just means that just because someone was not found guilty, doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't do it. We know that MJ is a weirdo and there have been several accusations of sexual offenses against him. Past the point of coincidence.Glad I could help. Is that logic better, Aristotle?
    Neither was Jimmy Savile... but everyone knows its true.
    Shh. Leave him be.
    Christ, I didn't know so many people like paedophiles.
    It's not that they like pedophiles, it's that they don't like douchebags like you, who won't let it go, and probably troll every news article that even mentions MJ's name, reminding everybody that they're terrible people for enjoying the man's music. Fuck you, you pathetic piece of shit. Get a life.
    You've got to be either sick or a complete stupid cretin. There's more evidence that says Michael was a paedophile than the average paedophile. He clearly had a lot of ****ing issues, one of them - he liked children a bit too much. Just because you may like his music, doesn't mean you can ignore the fact that he was a paedo. Good riddance to the corpse, disgusting man.
    My fave track on the album will be "Do You Know Where Your Children Are"..