Miley Cyrus To Sing Bob Dylan

artist: Miley Cyrus date: 10/27/2011 category: upcoming releases

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Miley Cyrus To Sing Bob Dylan
Miley Cyrus has signed up to record her favourite Bob Dylan tune for a new charity album. The former "Hannah Montana" star will be among the artists featuring on "Chimes Of Freedom: Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years Of Amnesty International", which is being released to mark the 50th anniversary of human rights organisation of Amnesty International. "Chimes Of Freedom: Songs Of Bob Dylan" will also feature covers by Adele, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Patti Smith and Ke$ha. Cyrus recently covered a Dylan track on tour, but it is not known what song she will be singing on the album. Thanks for the report to
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