Ministry Announce New Album 'From Beer to Eternity'

artist: Ministry date: 06/19/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Ministry Announce New Album 'From Beer to Eternity'
Ministry have announced their 13th album "From Beer to Eternity," which could be their last, states the band's Facebook page. It's set for release on September 6 on 13th Planet Records, and was produced and composed by Al Jourgensen at his studio in Texas. It will be the last to feature their guitarist Mike Scaccia, who collapsed and died onstage in 2012. If you can't wait until September for new Ministry material, the band will release its first single "PermaWar" in July. "We have never, in the history of Ministry, ever had a tracking session like that before," said Jourgensen (via Loudwire). "Everything went so smoothly, it was surreal. And Mikey was so on fire and inspired, and really a driving force for this record. During the tracking sessions, Mikey was smiling and going, 'You know what, Al? This is by far and away the best Ministry album weve ever done together. This is awesome.'" He continued: "I'm super proud of 'From Beer to Eternity' because it's my tribute to Mikey's incredible talent, and I feel it honors him and all of the years we spent together making music." Check out the artwork for the new Ministry album "From Beer to Eternity" here:
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