Ministry's Al Jourgensen Starts New Project Dubweiser, Announces Debut Album 'King of Buds'

Frontman also announces divorce, interested ladies should check inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen shared quite a few interesting announcements, confirming he had started a new project called Dubweiser.

Apart from revealing he is now divorced, Al has confirmed that the project's debut album will be titled "King of Buds" and should hit the shelves soon. Furthermore, the new record will be followed by a string of tour dates.

"Hey kiddies ... beautiful day in SoCal ... yup ... that's right. Living back in Cali, divorced and happy. All interested ladies should get in touch 'sorry guys' I only swing your way if I'm s--tfaced and you look and dress like a girl ... s--t happens," Jourgensen noted via Facebook.

"Anyways, starting new project named Dubweiser in a couple of weeks ... the CD will be called 'King of Buds' ... also, should know some tour dates by then ... so I'll keep in touch ... peace."

Al was married to Angelina Lukacin for 12 years and has co-founded the 13th Planet record label with his now ex-wife.

As far as Ministry goes, the band has released "Last Tangle in Paris" DVD yesterday (July 8), featuring footage from the band's 2012 "DeFiBriLaTour" concert trek.

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