Moby Releases New Music Video

The musician presented his self-directed music video for "A Case for Shame."

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Legendary American musician Moby is back with a new single "A Case for Shame," Gigwise reports. Watch the video below.

The track is first cut from his upcoming eleventh studio album "Innocents," due out 1 October, 2013. The single features his fellow Mute artist Cold Specks (the pseudonym of Al Spx, a Canadian singer-songwriter based in London), who provides the haunting voice.

Speaking of the clip, Moby said: "'A Case for Shame' is the first video I've shot and directed for one of my songs, as in addition to directing I was also the camera person. The video narrative is as follows: I've drowned, and I've gone to an after-life inhabited by people who are concealing themselves because of shame.

"The masks are not meant to be conventionally frightening, the masks and sheets are being worn because the after-life people are hiding, because they're ashamed."

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    I've been looking into Moby all morning, and I'm glad I did. Reminds me of Beck and Gorillaz to an extent, which is great!
    Moby is great, you're going to have a fun day looking through his stuff. I'd always recommend to go straight for Play.
    Yeah, I started with Play. It's right up my alley, so I certainly like it a lot! Almost has a Trip-Hop vibe about it in some areas, which I love. Going to go a little deeper later on today, but I feel like I need to listen to Porcelain a few dozen times through first *_*
    "Legendary British musician Moby" Stop it, UG. Stop it right now.
    He's not that bad, some of his songs were pretty good. I wouldn't call him legendary though, I agree with you on that.
    He's not British, is the point he was trying to make
    Thanks, glad somebody picked up on it. Something being legendary has nothing to do with personal taste, it's about social/cultural impact. And in that respect, I agree that Moby is legendary. He's just not British...
    I don't know why so many people hate on Moby. I actually enjoyed how smooth and relaxing this song was. Cold Specks' vocal tone was great for this song.
    I was only aware of his house/techno material until recently. I love this down-tempo trip-hop kinda stuff
    And here I thought that Moby would be bashed by UG users. A very positive surprise that this isn't the case.
    I only know him from "Without Me" by Eminem. Awesome song and I don't really even like rap. Eminem hates Moby btw.