Moby Releases New Music Video

artist: Moby date: 07/19/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Moby Releases New Music Video
Legendary American musician Moby is back with a new single "A Case for Shame," Gigwise reports. Watch the video below.

The track is first cut from his upcoming eleventh studio album "Innocents," due out 1 October, 2013. The single features his fellow Mute artist Cold Specks (the pseudonym of Al Spx, a Canadian singer-songwriter based in London), who provides the haunting voice.

Speaking of the clip, Moby said: "'A Case for Shame' is the first video I've shot and directed for one of my songs, as in addition to directing I was also the camera person. The video narrative is as follows: I've drowned, and I've gone to an after-life inhabited by people who are concealing themselves because of shame.

"The masks are not meant to be conventionally frightening, the masks and sheets are being worn because the after-life people are hiding, because they're ashamed."

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