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The motto of the new Molly Hatchet release, "Justice", was coined by guitarist Bobby Ingram years ago.

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The motto of the new Molly Hatchet release, "Justice" (due on May 31 via SPV/Steamhammer), was coined by guitarist Bobby Ingram years ago. "Southern rock ain't no fake or hype!" was his comment on the basic philosophy of the band from Jacksonville, Florida. This basic honesty, which runs like a thread through the band's career, remains one of Molly Hatchet's outstanding features to this day. In 2010, the group's six musicians play every single note with lifeblood and conviction, giving their countless fans hand-made rock music that operates totally without computers or digital samples.

Recorded in December 2009 and January 2010 by engineer Tommy Newton and produced by Bobby Ingram in Germany, "Justice" consists of 12 songs in total and is a representative cross-section of over thirty years of band experience. Cornerstones on this album are the title track, which according to Ingram is a successor to epic songs like "Fall Of The Peacemakers" and "The Journey", and the song "Fly On Wings Of Angels", which the band wrote for young murdered victim Somer Thompson. For Ingram, "Justice" is a very special album as it reflects the most important aspect of a rock act: "We do what we have to do: we play music and take it on the road."

The current Hatchet lineup consists of Bobby Ingram (guitar), Phil McCormack (vocals), John Galvin (keyboards), Dave Hlubek (guitars), Tim Lindsey (bass) and Shawn Beamer (drums). Simultaneously with the release of "Justice" Molly Hatchet will announce its upcoming extensive world tour. Ingram states, "When we're on tour we meet the most passionate Southern rock fans everywhere. We feel that we've succeeded in catching this passion on 'Justice', showing the world that Southern rock and Molly Hatchet still operate on full throttle."

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