Morbid Saint 'Spectrum Of Death' Reissue Due Next Week

artist: Morbid Saint date: 10/13/2008 category: new releases

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Power Play Records has set an October 21 release date for the reissue of the thrash/death metal classic "Spectrum Of Death" from the long-defunct Sheboygan, Wisconsin band Morbid Saint. Commented the label: "We worked directly with former members of Morbid Saint [and their] management and consulted with them to create an incredible reissue. The release has a full-color, 12-page booklet with all-new artwork and layout, a brand new cover, some new photos, full song lyrics, and a full-color screen printed CD face. The CD has been professionally remastered and sounds significantly better than anything you can download (and the levels are an improvement on the original CD source as well)." The remastered track "Scars" from the "Spectrum Of Death" reissue is available for streaming on the Power Play Records MySpace page. Four one-minute samples clips from the remasterhave been uploaded to this location. "Spectrum Of Death" was released in 1988 on a small Mexican label, Avanzada Metallica, and was issued in 1991 through Grind Core. The band also recorded a set of demos called "Destruction System", which Keltic packaged together with "Spectrum Of Death" into one CD. Thanks for the report to
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