Motley Crue Album Update: 'We Have Music Written, But It's Not Put Together Yet'

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 02/05/2014 category: new releases
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Motley Crue Album Update: 'We Have Music Written, But It's Not Put Together Yet'
As Motley Crue unveiled details of their final concert tour, bassist Nikki Sixx stepped forth to share some of the plans for the upcoming studio record. Meanwhile, Steel Panther have dubbed themselves somewhat of the Crue's glam metal successors.

Chatting with 95.1 KSKY, Sixx also focused on the way new music will be released, saying, "We have music written, [but] it's not put together yet. It's hard, to be honest with you, to spend six [or] nine months to write eleven songs - all those lyrics ... everything ... the vocals, the guitars, the bass, the sonics, the mixing, the mastering, the artwork..."

Nikki then noted the band will likely opt for a song-by-song type of release. "You put it out and nothing [happens], because now people cherry-pick songs," he said (via Blabbermouth). "So we go, 'Why don't we write songs and find vehicles to get one, two or four songs to ten million people rather than eleven songs to a hundred thousand people?' That's how we're thinking. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but that's how we're thinking."

Meanwhile, fellow glam metallers Steel Panther touched on the matter of Crue retirement during a recent Team Rock radio chat, revealing plans to "carry the torch" from Sixx and co.

"We're the last band out of LA to keep rockin'," drummer Stix Zadinia said. "Really, 'cause we're the only band I know about. So it's up to us to carry the torch and Motley Crue, you know, they hung it up. And kudos to Motley Crue, 'cause they did some great stuff. They're legendary, for real. To be truthful, it just means there's more chicks to us, somebody's gotta do 'em," he added.

Apart from announcing plans to call it quits, Motley Crue have also signed a contract banning tours after the final trek.

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