Motley Crue Announce 'All Bad Things Must Come to an End' as Title of Their Final Song

"It's probably about half finished," guitarist Mick Mars explains.

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Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue have unveiled "All Bad Things Must Come to an End" as the title of their upcoming new song, reportedly the band's last.

"It's probably about half finished. We have to wait for Vince [Neil] to sing it, and then I'll do my soloing and ear candy all over it and stuff like that," Mars told Guitar World (via Blabbermouth).

James Michael, known for producing and co-writing the band's latest effort "Saints of Los Angeles," is in charge of the tune's production. "As we know, the Crue is getting ready to hang it up," he recently told Artisan News.

"And we discussed for a while doing a final song," the producer continued. "And that's a tall order. There was a lot of pressure on us to make sure that we did it right and that we celebrated everything that they were known for. So I think we've done it. And it's an outstanding song. I think it's gonna be an absolutely amazing way to go out swinging."

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    Imagine realizing that the thing you love to do and make your money doing reaches a point where it should just be stopped for many reasons. It would be tough to handle. I think that's why a lot of decades old rock bands have a hard time calling it quits. It is all they've known for a long time.
    I hate hair metal, but Motley Crue was always different. Their music had a sleazy sound that made it actually metal. I'm gonna miss them, but what a great title for their last song. It pretty much sums up their entire career.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I feel like its a bit silly to just record one song and have press like this. Saying an album is half finished sounds a lot more like actual work is being done than saying a song is half finished.
    A lot of us have felt that every song we have ever done was half finished. Even after months of work!
    Wow. One whole song! These are extremely hard at work with their craft, aren't they? How are they managing it?
    To be fair, they're getting ready to retire Motley Crue, and (no matter how the song comes out) they're probably taking a lot of time and putting in a lot of effort to write and record their one final song...
    I think i've heard more about Motley Crue now than I did when they were actually an 'active' band. If retirement is like this i'm just gonna keep working, less work?
    Just one song? Talk about disappointing.. at least bash your heads together and make one last hurrah of an album, this is just a waste.
    So Mick is going to eat a Mars bar over the recording?
    Better than nothing i guess OH and, motley sucks so badz! (like all the cool kids)
    Good riddance. Cock-rock needs to die off.
    Downvote me all you'd like, just remember how much you love Motley Crue the next time you whine about how terrible and vapid pop music is.
    Motley was my favorite band as an early teen, and I'm soo happy they're going to end it. It was just getting bad and worse. Plus Mick Mars needs to release a solo album.