Motley Crue Guitarist Mick Mars Will Release 'At Least An EP' of Solo Material

The iconic band's axeman reveals having "about six songs."

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Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars plans to release at least an EP of solo material once the band has completed its "Final Tour," with the possibility of even more songs surfacing in the years to follow.

Motley Crue held a press conference on January 28 at Hotel Roosevelt in Los Angeles where they announced that the band will launch the "Final Tour" later this year, with the group planning to play 72 shows in North America in 2014 and more overseas in 2015. Making it official, the four members of the band had their lawyer draw up a formal "cessation of touring" agreement that goes into effect at the end of 2015 and prohibits the members of the group from going on the road again under the Motley Crue banner.

During an appearance on the March 3 edition of Eddie Trunk's show "Trunk Nation" on SiriusXM's Hair Nation, Mars was asked if he had any plans to pursue a solo career once Motley Crue was done touring.

"Loyalty is kind of important to me, but I mean, doing side projects and everything else, [there is] nothing wrong with it at all," Mars said. "But I have my own stuff that I have been stashing for a long time."

Regarding what shape his debut solo release will take, Mars said: "I can honestly say that I am going to release at least an EP. As far as a whole album right now, I won't release a whole album 'till I think every single one of my songs is an 'A' song. And I've got a shitload of songs, and they're all 'B' songs, 'C' songs ... I'll give them to, like, baby bands coming up, TV commercials, movies, soundtracks, whatever the heck, but I will not put them on my record until I believe in my heart that they're 'A' songs, that when you hear them, you have to have all of them. You know what I mean? No fillers. If I hear a filler in there or anything I think is a filler? No. But then, who am I to judge? Then you release singles."

He continued: "I have about six songs ... I mean, I have way, way more than that, but they're all, like ... to me, they don't matter. They're laying there. I mean, stacks. And I have a studio in my house, of course, and I go down there almost every day. And just in the past week or so, I've written six new songs which I believe are pretty much on their way to being 'A' songs. But I just need someone to come in and help me, not arrange, by any means ... I know what I'm hearing and I know what I wanna hear. It's, like, [I need] a guy to help me [lay vocals on top of it] ... 'cause I'm not a singer."

Asked what he plans on doing after Motley Crue retires from touring, Mars told Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's 100.3 the Bear radio station nack in January: "A solo record. People have been asking me for that for years and years and years. And 'Why hasn't Mick written a book?' So that, of course, is gonna be in the works. I haven't started anything or figured out who I want to write with me, or help me write it. But doing that kind of a thing. Putting together, probably, a cool band with some cool friends of mine and stuff, and going out and doing some ... you know, a few weeks here and a few weeks there, touring… but not as the Mick Mars Band; I won't do that. [Laughs] You'll see, like, a name, and you'll go, 'Hey, who's that?' 'I don't know' That's the name of the band."

In a September 2012 interview with Jacky Bam Bam of the 93.3 WMMR radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mars spoke about his long-rumored solo album of R&B, soul, and blues songs, which he had asked American R&B and soul singer-songwriter Macy Gray to guest on. "I would love to have Macy Gray sing stuff for me," he said. "What I have in mind is not like your shuffle beat kind of blues, it's more of an Etta James kind of blues. If you listen to the first Paul Butterfield album, with Sam Lay playing drums, there's not a shuffle in it. He takes the drums and he does a whole different thing with them. I want lots of movement in the rhythm, so you can't help but move. Like a Macy Gray voice on it, or Andy Garcia - people like that are, to me, they're fabulous singers. Not that I wanna do a hodgepodge of singers and stuff, but to [have them] guest on a couple of songs would be very cool."

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    I think mick is a good guitar player and would definetly like to hear hes solo work. And would read the book too because hes the most interesting character in motley to me
    I can't stand the fact that people keep bitching about bands like motley crue. They were the top of Glam Metal back in the 80's and they made bad ass music, otherwise they wouldn't be in the top 20 best selling artists worldwide. Glam Metal was huge, it's over now and if you don't like it stop reading the articles about it and post some ''wise words'' which have no clue or arguments at all. Motley Crue was big, Glam Metal was bigger and the 80's rocked the shit out of everyone. P.S. Zimwibwe this is coming from a conservatory student instead of high school kid Get your arguments straight then try again.
    Never cared much for Motley Crüe but I've always liked Mick's guitar playing. I'll definitely check out his solo stuff.
    Mick Mars is the only super talented one in Motley. Vince couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag, one of the worst singers on the planet especially live. Sixx and Lee are adequate players but nothing to write home about. And Sixx's songwriting is juvenile to say the least. What a bunch of posers. If your still listening to Motley and your not a high school kid than there's something wrong!
    Pretty sure no high school kids today listen to them.
    That's false. I listened to them as an 8 year old (2002) and still listen to them (all throughout high school as well as) to this day
    kill it
    Agreed. Last time I saw them he was great and the others were average at best. I actually started laughing when Vince began shrieking the vocals for "Kickstart my Heart". It was real bad so I went for a beer.
    Sixx wrote essentially every song they've ever done... I think that counts for something. Great lyricist. I mean, looking back, sure not all of it is going to hold up against the test of time, but it was the 80's, and they primarily played 80's hair metal... and they did it better than most of the bands out there too! Lee is a solid drummer as well. Vince is a studio singer only. Can't hold his own live at all.
    Mick is one of my most favorite guitar players. He's been a huge influence. I love the Crue, and the news of Mick not ready to give it all up yet despite the pain he must go through (I admire the hell out of him for that; he's the epitome of 'strength') is music to my ears. Bring the EP on!
    Mick is awesome, I would love to hear a solo album from him. I think he is a very underrated guitar player as well. I've never cared much for Motley Crue, but Mick is legit in my book.