Motley Crue's Farewell Song to Appear on New Greatest Hits Package

This collection will be the sixth in Motley Crue's catalog.

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The previously announced final single from Motley Crue will be released as part of a new greatest hits package from the band, which will coincide with their farewell tour, HenneMusic is reporting.

Speaking to Billboard recently, drummer Tommy Lee noted that the song will feature references to Motley Crue's past:

"We're just mixing (the song) and getting it together," he says. "It's pretty heavy, but it's really melodic. It's definitely about this time right now with the band and what the feeling is and kind of all that wrapped into a song. I hate to say it's like a goodbye, but it definitely references our time here."

The new greatest hits collection will be the sixth collection of its kind from Motley Crue. It follows 1991's "Decade of Decadence," 1998's "Greatest Hits," 2003's "The Millennium Collection: The Best of Motley Crue," 2005's "Red, White and Crue" and 2009's "Greatest Hits."

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    Love the Crue, but they've put out more Greatest hits than albums since the 90's. Stop it already.
    It seems Gene Simmons is coaching Motley Crue on marketing and sales strategies.
    But the Crue hasn't made any more albums since the last greatest hits album in 2009... Apart from maybe including Sex and the new song, this can't be very different from the last one.
    You know a new album would be cool but honestly I reckon Vince can't hack it and can only record one song. Everybody else probably could do a new album but Vince
    Perhaps this will be the third and final volume of the 'Music To Crash Your Car To' collection. Perhaps I can finally expand on "Motley Cr" that currently sits atop of my CD collection
    big muff pedal
    How many greatest hits packages does a band need? Especially one that no longer makes new albums.
    Motley Crue haven't got enough good material to fill one "Best of" album nevermind six of them.
    *Announces final WORLD tour* *Tours only north america* *Releases yet another greatest hits even though their last release was also a greatest hits pack* *Sigh* I'd hate to know how Mick feels about this, since he's the only one in the bunch that cares for his fans. I hope he gets to finish his solo record... maybe with John Corabi again, seems like it was the happiest time in his life musically speaking.
    I won't buy the album cause I already have their multiple other greatest hits cds. So I will just DOWNLOAD it!
    I love the Crue, but bloody hell... Another Greatest Hits?!?! I wonder who put THAT idea across.... *quickly glances at Sixx* ....
    Sounds like another "cashing in" endeavor. Hey Crue, Call 1-877-CASHNOW. They find money for the washed up.