Motorhead Present 'Aftershock' Cover and Tracklist

Though the release date of the new album still remains unknown.

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Motorhead revealed "Aftershock" cover and tracklist via Facebook post.

Band's iconic frontman Lemmy talked on new album, saying: "We're half way through a new album right now, and we're going to Europe for some festivals, to do the usual European thing later in the year. I dunno about the summer yet. We're trying to get some American shows in the summer."

The band also revealed the tracklisting for the new record earlier, but, as you can see, the newly revealed tracklisting is a bit different than the previously revealed one.

Here's the newest tracklist:

01. Heartbreaker 02. Coup De Grace 03. Lost Woman Blues 04. End of Time 05. Do You Believe 06. Death Machine 07. Dust and Glass 08. Going to Mexico 09. Silence When You Speak to Me 10. Crying Shame 11. Queen of the Damned 12. Knife 13. Keep Your Powder Dry 14. Paralyzed

Though, the release date of "Aftershock" still remains unknown.

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    Hope Lemmy gets back on his feet soon, if that immortal man dies what does that mean for the rest of us?
    Jacques Nel
    "But that's the way I like it baby, I don't want to live forever"...
    He sing it different now) Instead of "And dont forget the joker" he sings "But apparently i am". (Its from their DVD gig)
    This man tells the truth, he even sang that when I saw them 2 years ago. Hoping to see them this year with Saxon before it's too late with all things considered!
    Jacques Nel
    I saw a very old version of them playing this live and he used 'apparently I am' there as well. Was on VH1.
    Mean as f*ck looking album cover! Just pre-ordered the Classic Rock Magazine fan-pack, which I think means I get the album before it's proper release date, can't wait to hear this one!
    Weird cover, but really good. Going to Mexico - I wonder where else will Lemmy go, besides Brazil and Mexico. Long live Lemmy.
    Hey...just wondering guys, do any of you know how good lemmy is doing? I'd love for them to go on tour, but I'd like to know how well Lemmy is feeling. Sounds by the article he is okay, but I'm still worried a bit.
    Jacques Nel
    Trashing hospital rooms instead of hotel rooms but still beating the sh!t out of rock...