Mumford And Sons: 'We've Started Working On New Songs'

artist: Mumford and Sons date: 11/16/2012 category: new releases
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Mumford And Sons: 'We've Started Working On New Songs'
Mumford And Sons have already started work on the follow-up to their phenomenally successful second album, 'Babel'. Winston Marshall, the band's banjo player told NME: "We've started working on new songs, got a rehearsal studio we're going to do that more often got a few new tunes out of it. It was great, sounds really cool. They're bones [of songs] but really exciting bones. Sturdy bones." Speaking to The Guardian, the band's bassist Ted Dwane said the new material sounds like "glory-days Elton John" whilst Marshall added that "it sounds a bit like the National, and a bit like the Band, without doing either of them justice". Marshall also added that the band are keen to play next year's Glastonbury Festival. "We really want to," he said. "We've done every Glastonbury that we could have and I've been every year since I can remember." Mumford and Sons start their Tour Of Two Halves in the UK later this month, kicking off at Torquay Princess Theatre on November 21 and finishing up with the second of two shows at London's O2 Arena on December 18.
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