Muse Announced Latest Bizarre Tokyo Show Release

The band played the set of b-sides and rarities supported by the full cast of characters from "Panic Station" music video on stage.

Ultimate Guitar

Muse played a tiny gig in Tokyo yesterday (August 13), performing the set of b-sides and rarities, completed with a few the songs from two latest albums, "The Resistance" and "The 2nd Law," as well as the band's smash hits and the classics from "Origin of Symmetry" and "Absolution." You can see the setlist below.

The show was called "the most bizarre Muse gig so far" mostly because of setlist, but also because of on-stage appearance of the full cast of characters and monsters from the band's "Panic Station" music video.

The band's media manager Tom Kirk later said via his Twitter that the show will be made into a film. "Myself and @qualtrough filmed the whole thing. #JapaneseRelease," he tweeted.

You can watch photos and videos from the show below.

The band's setlist was:

01. Agitated 02. Dead Star 03. Micro Cuts 04. Futurism 05. Fury 06. Liquid State 07. Hyper Music 08. New Born 09. Yes Please

Encore: 10. Uprising 11. Time Is Running Out 12. Plug in Baby

Encore 2: What's He Building? (Tom Waits soundtrack intro) 13. Panic Station 14. Supermassive Black Hole 15. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) 16. Starlight

Ridiculously good gig! Panic station onwards in original costumes and a stage invasion of monsters. #ClassicInTokyo

Tom Kirk (@Nowherethomas) August 13, 2013

Yes this will be made into a film. Myself and @qualtrough filmed the whole thing. #JapaneseRelease

Tom Kirk (@Nowherethomas) August 13, 2013

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    Well, that's great.
    UG missed an important part where Matt actually gave a fan his guitar, and later announced this gig was just a warm-up for their 20th anniversary tour.
    Did they say that last part? They've been talking a lot about 20th anniversary gigs but there has been no official announcement or confirmation yet.
    I'm working on a time machine to take me back to the Wembley 2007 performance. Anyone who wants to join me, feel free.
    Oh man sorry about double post but listening to some of this, Deadstar is such a good song, where did this Muse go? And Micro Cuts... They look like they're having a great time in the videos maybe it will inspire them to knock out a few old-school tunes again.
    I wish they'd write more b-sides. I've found those to be their most fascinating pieces.
    Well, they totally write them, they just may not release them. "B-side" just means a song they liked but didn't fit the album. They don't write them as B-sides on purpose.
    slopplyjoe24 -> notsloppyjoe24 - I find Muse's b sides to be more enjoyable than their album tracks.
    Old school Muse will always be my favourite and so it's good to see that they're bringing some of the old stuff back. Now if I just get to see Muscle Museum live I can die happy.
    I wish that would have been the setlist they played when I saw them some years ago
    well its japan, you have to be weird if you wanna fit in. anime,monsters, tentacles, huge plastic penises... its a cultural thing
    zomfg, they played Futurism live, from what i've heard they've only ever played it once before because it's apparently difficult to play live
    Would be really special if they played Falling Away With You, since they never played it live...
    They posted a recording at the beginning of the year of them doing a small Falling Away With You acoustic jam (probably warming up backstage before a show). It might end up showing up sometime this tour. They already played Futurism and brought back Agitated so anything can happen at this point.
    Its nice to see these boys still surprising their fans. They are an outstanding band!
    Maybe they finally realized that their new music is trash and Origin of Symmetry was genius? Man, I hope so. I can't handle hearing them put out Queen cover after Queen cover after Queen cover.
    Thrice Capades
    Agreed. Madness = I Want to Break Free Panic Station = Another One Bites the Dust And in general Muse = Lame
    Muse is just Muse for those of us who don't know Tom Waits music or Queen or early U2-can't help when we were born! All i hear about now are bands trying to sound like Muse
    Panic Station sounds a lot like Trampled Under Foot by Led Zeppelin! Anyone else get that vibe?
    No Knight Of Cydonia? Disappoint.
    Maybe you should have caught literally any other show in the last 7 years if you wanted that on the set list... haha
    Dead Star and Fury are my 2 favourite Muse songs, I really wish they'd do some more songs like that, especially like Fury, I love it's sort of ethereal, melancholy sound and then that kick as bridge riff later on...ooft.
    Wait, they didn't play Knights at all? I think that's a first since it was released!
    I'd def buy the concert film if they release it. On another note, hashtagging is just stupid. As a 22 year old, I'm starting to see why all you older dudes think my generation is retarded, but only a lil.
    Thrice Capades
    So what you're telling me is that Muse played a concert, decided to throw in some of their songs that don't suck, and it's the #1 news story of the day? Hell...this is either a REALLY slow news day or...this is a REALLY slow news day.
    I've been disappointed with the fact that they haven't changed up the setlist very much lately. Seeing that they did it for this show made me happy that they're at least occasionally doing it. Those deeper cuts really need some time to shine every now and then.