Muse Announced Latest Bizarre Tokyo Show Release

artist: Muse date: 08/14/2013 category: new releases
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Muse Announced Latest Bizarre Tokyo Show Release
Muse played a tiny gig in Tokyo yesterday (August 13), performing the set of b-sides and rarities, completed with a few the songs from two latest albums, "The Resistance" and "The 2nd Law," as well as the band's smash hits and the classics from "Origin of Symmetry" and "Absolution." You can see the setlist below. The show was called "the most bizarre Muse gig so far" mostly because of setlist, but also because of on-stage appearance of the full cast of characters and monsters from the band's "Panic Station" music video. The band's media manager Tom Kirk later said via his Twitter that the show will be made into a film. "Myself and @qualtrough filmed the whole thing. #JapaneseRelease," he tweeted. You can watch photos and videos from the show below. The band's setlist was: 01. Agitated 02. Dead Star 03. Micro Cuts 04. Futurism 05. Fury 06. Liquid State 07. Hyper Music 08. New Born 09. Yes Please Encore: 10. Uprising 11. Time Is Running Out 12. Plug in Baby Encore 2: What's He Building? (Tom Waits soundtrack intro) 13. Panic Station 14. Supermassive Black Hole 15. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) 16. Starlight
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