Muse Defend Album From Dubstep Critics

artist: Muse date: 06/29/2012 category: new releases

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Muse Defend Album From Dubstep Critics
Muse have defended their new album "The 2nd Law" after the reaction to its dubstep-influenced trailer, promising it will be "very diverse." It follows the streaming release of their official Olympic anthem for London 2012, "Survival", which you can hear below. Matt Bellamy talked about the album trailer to BBC Radio 1 (via NME), saying the rest of the album had a bigger emphasis on groove: "We threw that trailer out on YouTube, which has got an excerpt from one of the tracks that's on the album. We wanted to show that the album's got lots of different faces. "We've tried a bunch of new things, which the trailer gives a glimpse of. There's only one song that's [dubstep]. We've basically tried to do what Rage Against The Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments. "There's a really jazzy brass number, I even tried to get a sax solo." Matt says the release will be announced once the band check the final mixes and decide the track listing. Hear their dubstep track towards the end of this album trailer for "The 2nd Law":
Hear Muse's official anthem for the London 2012 Olympics here:
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