Muse Discuss Plans For 'The 2nd Law' Album Follow-Up

But the trio warn fans they'll have to wait a while for album number seven.

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Muse have revealed that they've already started discussing plans for their next studio album.

The band, who released their sixth studio album "The 2nd Law" last September, have discussed what they've got planned for LP number seven, according to drummer Dominic Howard.

He told: "Me and Matt (Bellamy) have just been tentatively talking about what we're doing to do, how we're we're going to do it, what we need to think about when we are going to do it - not really discussing musical ideas so much as just how we're going to approach it and when we're going to do it."

Despite thrashing out early talks over the record, the sticksman said it's likely to be some time before a new album surfaces (via NME). He added: "We're going to be on the road for another year or 14 months or whatever it is, so we've still got loads of touring to do. We tend to feel like we need to finish touring one album before we start anything else rather than starting an album on the road. We like to finish a chapter and start afresh, so it'll be a couple of years, probably. But we're definitely thinking about it."

Muse recently revealed that they will be performing their track "Supremacy" with a full orchestra and choir at this year's Brit Awards.

They are also set to return to the UK this summer for a four-date stadium tour. They kick off the shows at Coventry's Ricoh Arena on May 22, 2013, before playing a pair of dates at London's Emirates Stadium on May 25 and 26, and wrapping up at Manchester's Etihad Stadium on June 1.

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    I hope they don't listen to all the negative criticism that The 2nd Law got. It was a splendid album with a lot of innovations, including the electronic elements which ended up great, and I wouldn't mind if they decided to do their next album in a similar style, as long as they keep it awesome and keep putting new concepts into it. I couldn't give the least of a f**k about the neggers who hate on The 2nd Law because "BAAAAAWWWWW IT'S DUBSTEP", and neither do I hope the Muse fans do.
    I seem to notice a lot of people criticizing their last 3 albums.
    To be fair (and as a huge Muse fan) the Resistance was kind of meh.
    I still say The Resistance was their worst album. It felt bland throughout and it seemed like the band wanted to go to a less heavier route more theatrical route (like BH&R showed too), but restrained themselves from actually going all out. The 2nd Law makes a lot of those same mistakes, but I feel less of the restraint. Even on tour they seemed a lot more confident with what they were doing, which I think shows promise on where future music could lead.
    They should let Chris sing more, that was legit. Their work overall up to and including Black Holes and Revelations has been good enough, spectacular at times, that they will always get the benefit of the doubt from me. They've been hit-and-miss for me since, but there are some good moments. Glad I didn't let my first impression of The 2nd Law ruin it for me.
    I really didn't like his singing. Part of the appeal of muse for me is Matt's voice. I think he should stick to awesome bass lines.
    Here's the thing. "2nd Law" was not innovative. I wouldn't mind if they mixed electronics elements with guitar, but 2L emphasized electronics OVER guitar a lot of the time. That's my issue with it. Same with Resistance. Honestly, they need to find the balance between electronic and guitar. Within that balance, they'll find a lot of room to work with, I'd say.
    I think it's too early to really see where the album is going. Bellamy says a lot of things that never end up happening.
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    Personally, their new album doesn't do anything for me. This, however, does nothing whatsoever to detract from my enjoyment of their previous albums. I hope they keep making music as I know that they are capable of amazing works.
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    So muse won't be releasing an album immediately after their last? THIS IS JUST LAZY. we kinda guessed they'd be touring for a while so its not a massive shock.
    If you listen to Muse's discography backwards, you hear a band getting better and better. *turns on flameshield*
    That does hold true with the execption of Showbiz. I'm not sure which is worse, Showbiz or 2nd Law. Both have a few good moments, but not enough to warrant spending money on them--IMHO.
    So your saying Showbiz is the best album? even the 2nd law is a lot better
    I dunno... I rate Muse's albums as Origin, Absolution, Black Holes, Showbiz then Second Law and Resistance tie for last place. I'm not saying the last two are bad though... I just don't like them anyway near as much. I think they were at their peak during the Black Holes era as a band.
    I think Origins and Absolution is too close to call, but i agree with you.
    I like Absolution, but I don't like it THAT much. I could easily cherry pick favorites from that one.
    Black Holes is my favorite; that's the one I can keep in my car on repeat and not skip anything.
    Black Holes is great car music, I'll agree with that. People who say they'd lost their touch around Black Holes are talking out of their arses.
    The Resistance was definitely the start of the end of Muse for me, the first 4 albums kicked ass, even though there are some good songs on both The Resistance and The 2nd Law, they're just flashes in a pan of boringness, whereas even the weaker tracks on the older albums were still great. *Sigh*. What happened? It was all going so well, Black Holes and Revalations was amazing, and then there was instantly a massive drop in quality of songs, I want the old Muse back!!
    I agree The Resistance was extremley poor by Muse's standards (Even though I love Unnatural Selection) I disagree however that the 2nd law was a pan of boringness. The concept for a start was, in my opinion, awesome and appropriate given the times we live in. I can understand people wanting the "old muse" back as tracks such as New born, Plug in baby, Citizen Erased, Hysteria and Stockholme Syndrome, which all had a much heavier feel, seem to be so scarce on their later releases but personally i think this is due to their downright adventurous approach to music, anything and everything goes. All three are accomplished musicians and have pretty much free reign now over what they decide to put out and do so in a way that i think is pretty cool. DONT GIVE UP! they've proven what they can do to you by making you like them originally with whatever. I think there is ALOT more to come from these guys and just because they've shifted their groove slightly I don't think their altogether over it. Now, You wanna beer?
    The 2nd Law got two more listens from me than the Resistance managed to, so I guess that's that.
    The 2nd Law is a grower. I hated it at first. The only song I could get into is Panic Station. But now, I thoroughly enjoy it. The only song I really find myself skipping is Follow Me. But even it is alright for certain moods. Whatever they put out, I'm sure it'll have a place in my iPod. BTW, if you have the opportunity, go see them in concert. It's bombastic and completely over-the-top, but it's ****ing awesome.
    I think their problem is that the 2 previous albums were "uninspired" in a way, they sound like "rushed" and took a lot of influences that made lost to their "own style/identity".
    I think the issue with the criticism is they claimed to have dub step on the album, it was more just like pentatonic RATM riffs which they have been playing live for a while with a bit of shift in rhythm. Also no mater how big the production is some of the songs still sound like a watered down Queen.
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    They were specifically talking about the song "Unsustainable." That one was genuine dubstep. That's what they were talking about.
    Lol, it sounded far too organic to be called "genuine dubstep" if you ask me. You could hear it all being done through a guitar which is what made it sound epic. Sounded nothing like the talent-less kind of shit Skrillex puts out and and all that.
    Dubstep isn't defined by how organic it is, it's defined by the rhythm and the bass (it's more specific than that but I forget the wording really). A lot of people seem to be under the misconception that dubstep=Skrillex. I'd even say Muse made the same mistake because the breakdown of Unsustainable sounds just like most brostep, but on a guitar. Had the song been more like the middle section where they combine it with more Musey stuff I think it would've been much better.
    true man, but don't try explaining it on UG. This place is choking with fanboys. Anyone with a real ear for music should notice how the last two albums don't even come close to the previous work they've released. My last hope was 2nd Law, but now they just killed themselves.
    I dont care what people say, All muses LPs are great, obviously some better than others, but i honestly cant see why people thing The Resistance was a bad album? Its far from boring, T2L has more boring moments. Not that any of you care but my list of muse goes as thus OoS, BHR, Absol, Hullabaloo, Resistance, T2L, Showbiz.
    Personally, I find The Resistance to be my favourite Muse record. There isn't a bad track on it. In fact, to be honest, I don't even like their old stuff. I know, I'm a heathen. But I can honestly only name two songs from Origin of Symmetry that I liked, same with Absolution. Black Holes And Revelations is half-awesome, half-boring. If I didn't like OoS or Absolution, it would stand to reason that I probably won't like Showbiz or Hullabaloo. The 2nd Law is a great album marred by a couple of mediocre songs, but otherwise some of Muse's best material.
    Hope part of the strategy is to go back to making albums that don't suck. Here's some hints: - Avoid orchestras - Avoid sounding like Queen - Avoid sounding like George Michaels Sadly, the dub step was the best part of 2nd Law. But most of us would probably agree we don't need any more.
    Just wondering how many of the downvotes are due to: - Disliking the dubstep - Liking the orchestral stuff - Liking the campy Queen/George Michaels sound - Fanbois that can't stand any suggestion that Muse is anything short of absolute perfection BTW, I own all their CDs except 2nd Law, several of their DVDs, and took the whole family on a trip accross the state to see the Resistance tour (and bought merch) it's not like I'm a Muse hater.
    ..Why is everybody hating on The 2nd Law?! Am i the only one who thought it was amazing? Such a different sounding album - tbh, its that "one" album i've been waiting for years lol
    If it weren't for "Madness" and "Unsustainable", The 2nd Law would be my favourite Muse record. And it has nothing to do with them being "electronic", because I happen to like some electronic music. They're just not that great of songs. Here's hoping for something a little less... pop. Not that I dislike pop either, but Muse... it just ain't them.
    i have a great plan for you dudes what do you guys think about ceasing to make shit music? also, crawling into the nearest hole with all your alien shit teories and dying?
    Maybe this next album will be a Muse record and not just Mathew Bellamy singing over dub step
    There's only one Dubstep track on the whole record, which Matt only does a massive howl in. It's as if you saw the trailer and started crying. Even the dubstep influenced tracks are more on the rock or alt. electronica side of music. The 2nd Law was one of the best albums of 2012, and only one track on it annoys me.
    I feel bad for creative bands like Muse who's fans try to chain them down to one style. There are only a few who have been lucky to get freedom of experimenting while staying successful (rhcp, neil young, to name a few). I will be seeing you this April in Quebec City, Muse. And yes, I will be drunk as hell dancing like a goof.
    No one has said they can't experiment. They just said that this electronic direction doesn't have enough rock to suit most.