Muse Is Back in the Studio!

Band once again working with Rich Costey, who produced their breakthrough album "Absolution."

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Muse Is Back in the Studio!

Muse have announced a return to the studio with a string of photos through their social channels.

As you can see, the gang has once again joined forces with producer Rich Costey, with whom they've worked on their 2003 breakthrough album "Absolution" and 2006's "Black Holes and Revelations." He was also in charge of mixing duties on 2015's "Drones."

Muse's latest musical release was a one-off single "Dig Down," which dropped this May.

You can check all the stuff out below.

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Back in the studio with Rich Costey.

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Here we go #regram @mattbellamy

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Great day in the studio. Listening back and looking forward to cracking on tomorrow.

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Good sounds coming together.

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    Dig Down was terrible.... fight me
    Great to read, that Dig Down was just an one off Single. I really hope, they can amaze me again. Drones was awful :/
    Drones is legit the only Muse album I like. Which is probably why fans don't like it - It's not all that Muse. But I think that's great. XD
    Agree about Drones, that album is just bland, Muse by numbers if you will. Dead Inside was the only song I liked from it, purely for its outro section.
    Their live setlist suck realllllyyyyy hard
    Out of curiosity, other than the lack of deep cuts what don't you like about it?  Saw them last month and thought the setlist was great.  They even played Butterflies and Hurricanes.
    Muse was one of my favorite bands, the first 4 albums are fantastic. They became sold out after Black Holes. The big problem with Muse is that they only play 1h30 so they always play the same songs. This is the same setlist show after show for years. They always play the same old songs (cant stand Time is running out anymore). They seem bored to play them. Roger waters and Radiohead are performing over 2h30 live. Why Muse can not do it?!? It would allow them to play lesser-known songs and change their show a little. They have become a big repetitive machine satisfying causual fans. Honestly, who finds that Madness is a good song ??? They did a show in which the real fans chosed the songs. Check out the setlist: Now look at the generic setlist they usually play: What the fuck man !!!!!
    Totally understand that man, and I agree about the 1h30 set being really frustrating.   FWIW I've been a fan since Absolution and I think Madness is one of their better songs of the past decade.  But I would kill to see that Shepherd's Bush setlist
    Many people really hated drones.  However, the more I listen to it, the more I love it.  Like any Muse album, the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it.  Every Muse album is amazing and I think this one will be as well.  
    Agreed, hated Psycho on first listen and ignored the album.  2 years later, I think its a solid album.  Reapers is excellent