Muse Looking to 'Strip Away Electronics and Orchestral Elements' on New Album

Band also expresses uncertainty about future UK festival performances.

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After confirming that their new album will mark the return to raw rock sound, UK rockers Muse now discussed the new material in more detail, revealing plans to fully strip their sound of electronica elements. Frontman Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone that he already has a "pretty good picture" of what the new album should sound like, stressing he will likely contradict himself in months to come. Noting that each of the band members had gone through major concert personality changes since their career kicked off, Matt added: "I have this strong feeling that the next album should be something that really does strip away the additional things that we've experimented with on the last two albums, which is electronics, symphonics and orchestral work and all that kind of stuff. I kind of feel like it will be nice to reconnect and remind ourselves of just the basics of who we are." After noting he has no intention to release solo albums yet, Bellamy focused on the new Muse effort. "I mean, it's early because we haven't made the album yet," he explained. "I have to put a disclaimer here and say that whatever I say now is likely to be contradicted when I go into the studio. But if I was to predict now, as I said, we definitely want to get more expressive and a bit more about the musicianship of the band and the instruments that we play and who we are and make sure that is the prominent sound of the next album. "In other words, again, I want to strip away the electronics and the orchestral elements and so on," the frontman added. "And I think you're right in terms of how we tour. I think it's possible we would probably mix things up a little more. We might play theaters at times. Other times, we would probably do a much higher concept arena show." During a separate Gigwise chat, bassist Chris Wolstenholme revealed that the band has no intention of performing at UK festivals prior to new albums release. Seeing that the record is tentatively due in 2015, British festival crowd might have to be patient to check out the Muse guys live. "I don't think we will do any UK festivals until the next album is out," the bassist briefly said. The latest Muse studio record, "The 2nd Law," saw its release in early October 2012 through Helium 3 Records.

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    Glad to hear. Although I enjoyed some of their orchestral themed songs, nothing can beat classic muse.
    As much as I defended their more recent albums and convinced myself I liked them, this is something that I'm pretty damn glad to hear.
    Finally. Stoked for this.
    The 2nd Law was really good, but I'd love to hear some stripped down Muse like their first albums.
    I'm not getting too excited, because they always seem to say "this album will go back to our roots" or "this album will be quite stripped back" in the early stages and then they do the complete opposite. Let's just wait and see.
    Personally, I'm really into that bombastic, orchestral and theatrical rock they did with their last few albums... A pity they're taking a step backwards from there.
    I just want more stuff like Plug In Baby, Hyper Music, Knights of Cydonia, New Born, and Hysteria. If they can write kick-ass rock-and-roll like that while keeping the orchestral-elements, I would be happier than anything!
    This is excellent news to me, I felt the last few albums suffered from trying to shoehorn too much stuff in.
    I also like the electronic things...much larger universe of sound to fiddle around opposed to...fuzz and radio vocals. Just do both on the same CD.
    About to go and see Muse in about 2 hours, hoping they play lots of their old stuff. New stuff is good but nothing beats Origin of Symmetry
    about ****in time!!! use old school stuff from 70's and build a classic album. do it all on 8 track. be fun to hear. would love if they went all jack white on it
    Oh good, maybe we can get the guy to not sound like an opera singer either.
    matt please stop not playing guitar onstage godamn i mean like wtf is with the new madness and starlight?