Muse Plan 'Heavy' New Album for Next Summer

Band also archiving 15 years of footage as well as working on LP No.7.

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Muse have spoken out about progress and sound on their new album, revealing that it's "going to get heavy" and "should be out by next summer."

AsĀ Gigwise notes, the Devonshire space-rockers, who are currently in the studio working on their seventh studio album, have previously spoken about how the record will be "rockier," "more raw" and much more back to basics than the synth and classical-inspired sounds on their more recent albums.

Now, frontman Matt Bellamy has taken to Twitter to answer questions from fans, where he admitted that the band's LP7 is going to be heavy one.

Not only that, but Bellamy went on to say that he and the band's friend and filmmaker Tom Kirk were going through over 15 years of footage to release online - potentially to tie in with the band's anticipated 20th anniversary.

The played a number of shows in the US and South America this year, but bassist Chris Wolstenholme told Gigwise that they had no plans to play any European festivals in 2014. Fans await news of the 20th anniversary tour they teased at last year, but the band have been quiet about any potential plans to mark the occasion.

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    Muse have never let me down! They have always done something uniquely different every album and I can see greatness on the next!
    'The 2nd Law' and 'Resistance' included!
    It might not have been up to par with their previous releases, but I'll be damned if The 2nd Law wasn't incredibly inventive and worthy of praise.
    I really liked the 2nd Law but it'll be good seeing them hit up their roots again. I love Muse for the fact that they really follow the direction they want to go
    Could not be more excited for this. Heavy Muse is the best Muse.
    Massively excited for this. I'm hoping for more Bellamy riff's. Quality band, quality music.
    I'd love to see more songs with a 7 string!
    Why is this being downvoted? The songs where Matt uses the seven-string are awesome and I'd love to hear more of that.
    As far as I know, the only song he used the 7-string for was Citizen Erased.
    Just to put my two cents out there, I thoughght 2nd Law was a great album when listened to in full. That's an album that just sounds weird if you're skipping songs and cherry picking. As for a new "heavy album".....bring it on!!!!
    Muse is amazing , every album , every song , stockholm syndrome to exogenesis , heavy or not , Muse will always be in our hearts !
    let's hope it's morel like absolution and black holes than those recent two jokes for albums they put out.
    Resistance was pretty good, especially the Exogenesis Symphony.
    Each had their moments but failed as overall albums in my opinion. All their previous albums before that were consistently strong throughout, whereas those two had definite weak spots.
    Well partly I agree with you, the problem is that they wanted to please everybody (casual/new + old fans) that's why those 2 albums where "felt" so inconsistent.
    I disagree with all of you, their last two albums are admittedly nothing on Black Holes or Absolution, but they are a totally different sound, and in my mind they just serve to show how immensely talented all of Muse are. The fact that they can play tracks like Stockholm Syndrome and Plug In Baby alongside tracks like Madness and Uprising, or even The 2nd Law: Unsustainable, shows just how versatile and talented they are in my opinion. Either way, there's nothing bad about a new, rawer, heavier Muse album! Bring it on!
    I fully believe it is not about pleasing old vs. new fans in the case of this band. In other words, I genuinely think they write music for themselves, first and foremost.
    yeah exactly, 2nd law is absolutely bad and resistance had it's boring parts. Their other four albums were consistent throughout. Black Holes IMO is one of the best albums of the 2000's
    I think Chris's two songs on 2nd Law are the only tracks from either of those albums that are any less than gold.
    Thrice Capades
    I won't let my hopes get too high. I absolutely adored Muse before their last few albums. But their newer stuff is so godawful bad that I can't really trust this one won't suck too. Please, please, please prove me wrong Muse.
    Most things Bellamy says don't end up being serious. Or when they are serious you don't expect it to be.
    As long as they keep being themselves, their music will rock the world!
    "Heavy"....definition for 70's & 80's....- hard driving/rock...."Heavy" definition for post 2010.....-POP!!
    Muse? Heavy? They are a great band but they have too much weird effects on their music
    Yes, please Stockholm syndrom Ashamed Hyper Music Micro Cuts Citizen Erased Dead Star In your world New Born are heavy as F*** !
    New Born and Supermassive Black Hole are very heavy in the RATM sense of the word. I.e. killer riffs.
    Lol, because heavy music can't have weird effects, right?
    Yes. Muse. Heavy. Try listening to something besides the radio singles before jumping to conclusions.
    Replace 'heavy' with 'energetic' or 'intense' with a livid style, it isn't heavy like Meshuggah, but for a Muse song, it's definitely on the heavier side.