Muse Reportedly Enter Studio, New Album Out By Next Summer

Latest tweet traces the group to Air Studios in Hampstead.

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After announcing they'll be kicking off the work on new album this May, Muse weren't too vocal about their recording activities.

But that seems to have changed now, as the group has reportedly entered the Air Studios in Hampstead.

As Gigwise reports, Twitter user John Aiggins shared a photo of the band's emblazoned equipment along with a message, "Not a bad way to spend a evening working @AIRStudios @muse."

According to previous reports, Muse are aiming to return to a "more raw" rock vibe and ditch the electronica aspect as much as possible.

In frontman Matt Bellamy's words, the new material is "going to get heavy" and "should be out by next summer," so stay tuned for updates.

Not a bad way to spend a evening working@AIRStudios@muse

- John (@JAiggins) September 2, 2014

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    I really hope they keep those extended-range guitars in the mix. Survival and Supremecy had some pretty amazing low-tuned guitar work, similar in caliber to songs like Citizen Erased. I'd hate to see them ditch that.
    The fact that they are "ditching" the electronic part of their sound inspires a little bit of hope. They guys are leading the way right now, glad their going for a straightforward rock album.
    We'll see. The electronic part of their sound was never the problem. The mediocre songwriting was. I'd take an "electronic" song like Take A Bow over songs like Liquid State or Supremacy anyday.
    Take A Bow and Map of the Problematique are perfect rock/electronic blends. They really had something going there. The 2nd Law is pretty straightforward too. Supremacy, Panic Station, Survival, Animals, Explorers, Save Me, Liquid State, and Big Freeze. Not what I would call electronic songs. Unsustainable was pretty rock-ish too just with a bunch of whammy automation.
    muse going back to their earlier style they said earlier! maybe I'll learn to love Muse again! their most recent album was a huge turn off, don't do something stupid like that again!
    I hope they don't do what Linkin Park did on their last album... Have it heavy/ back to their older stuff for the first couple songs and then go back to all the electronic rock stuff for the rest of the album!!
    I'm disappointed in their more recent work, but I am hopeful that they still have some great stuff to come up with, especially if they're "going to get heavy."
    My big fear for Muse is that they have been so succesful that they will be put in handcuffs by their record company and effectively told to "make it sound like the last one because that sells". You see it a lot with great, progressive bands. They get big.....and get comfortable. Its hard to criticise them for that - after all who doesn't want to be playing Wembley, Madison Square Gardens, The Budokan, drive a Ferrari and live in the Hills - but it can cause staleness and laziness on the creative side - look at U2, Dream Theater,Linkin Park to name a few. The last album was ok-ish but a lot of obvious Muse-type filler rather than killer, new Muse stuff. I'll have my fingers crossed for a good one...
    I think this is the last album in their record contract, and if that has any effect at all, I'm not sure whether it will be a good or a bad thing
    If they are entering the studio now, why will it be next summer before the new album drops? Honest question here, what takes sooo long?
    Well they might be writing in the studio - they are big enough to sink money into doing that. Waste of time/money if you ask me but the big bands can afford it. Then recording takes a month or so, then mixing is a big thing that can get passed around different studios and take FOREVER. Then marketing - they will do at least a few months of churning the hype machine. Then theres the fact that by the time that's all done, say early spring, you may as well wait until Summer which is a more profitable part of the year for music sales, and also happily coincides with festivals. That's my take on it anyway...
    He says himself that it isn't for the new album - "not a new album just some rehearsals sadly"
    Yay, very excited. I liked the electronic elements of their music. But I think it's becoming something of the norm now. Every band seems to be doing it. I liked 'The 2nd Law' more then 'The Resistance'. But I'm excited that they are going back to a more heavy sound. Hopefully they'll do some more songs in the same vein as 'Yes Please' and 'New Born'.
    Tbh, I thought is was the electronic aspect that defined them, but I'm willing to sacrifice its presence for some heaviness.