Muse Unveil Tracklisting For New Album

Muse have revealed the full album tracklisting for "The 2nd Law", due for release in September.

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Muse have revealed the full album tracklisting for "The 2nd Law", due for release in September.

The album, Muse's sixth studio record, is packed full of songs with one-word titles including the Olympic single "Survival".

Other track names on the album include, "Animals", "Madness", "Supremacy" and "Explorers".

The full "The 2nd Law" tracklisting is as follows:

01. Supremacy 02. Madness 03. Panic Station 04. Prelude 05. Survival 06. Follow Me 07. Animals 08. Explorers 09. Big Freeze 10. Save Me 11. Liquid State 12. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 13. The 2nd Law: Isolated System

"The 2nd Law" is released on September 17th. Muse will also embark on a European tour in October. Dates for the UK leg can be seen below:

10/24 - SECC, Glasgow, UK 10/26 - O2 Arena, London, UK 10/27 - O2 Arena, London, UK 10/30 - LG Arena, Birmingham, UK 11/01 - Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK

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    Other track names on the album include, "Animals", "Madness", "Supremacy" and "Explorers".
    Thank you for telling us some of the track titles just before letting us know the entire tracklisting. It was a very informative sentence.
    Survival, although impressive, didn't really grab me. I've probably only listened to it 3 or 4 times, but I'm still confident this record, at the least, will be interesting!
    Survival is always going to boil down to the fact that it was a song written for the Olympics and chosen by a committee. While the music is good, the lyrics are uninspiring, but were designed to be easily understood to non-English speakers and fit the theme of the competition (and ultimately win over whatever panel of overpaid event organisers were entrusted with the task to choose a theme for the games). Job done. Unless they are intending to revamp the lyrics for an album version, I don't feel it should have a place on the album, but it is their album and not mine, after all, so they can do as they please. It doesn't dissuade me from checking the rest of the album out.
    Song title content and length has nothing to do with music. Only music has to do with music. Don't base your judgements on the "covers." Muse never disappoint, and neither will this next album. I only hope the rest of the album isn't as repetitive in lyric content like in Survival.
    I don't know why but I tend to not like albums with all 1 word songs as pearl jam's Ten, I know it's good album but it makes it hard for me to distinguish the separate songs from each other
    Muse lost me on the last album. They were a stunning band when I saw them live five years ago, but now I have no interest in their music. It's a shame really.