Mushroomhead Announce New Album 'The Righteous & the Butterfly,' Confirm May Release

artist: Mushroomhead date: 02/17/2014 category: new releases

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Mushroomhead Announce New Album 'The Righteous & the Butterfly,' Confirm May Release
Industrial metallers Mushroomhead have officially announced "The Righteous & the Butterfly" as the title of their new studio record scheduled for a May 13 release via Megaforce Records.

Produced by Bill Korecky, the album features 14 tracks, including a rendition of Adele's "Rumor Has It." The effort is dedicated to band's late guitarist J.J. Righteous and drummer Steve "Skinny" Felton's late wife Vanessa Solowiow. It also marks the return of singer J Mann and the debut of new guitarist Church and bassist Dr. F.

"J.J. was a key member of our band," said Felton. "He played on the first three records and Vanessa was our photographer and the mother of my children. They were both huge pieces of Mushroomhead and this record is dedicated to them. This is the 20th year of Mushroomhead and this album is us getting back to our roots."

The band is expected to support the new album with extensive touring. Check out the full track listing and front cover below.

"The Righteous & The Butterfly" track listing:

01. Our Apologies
02. How Many Times
03. Devils Be Damned
04. Qwerty
05. Portraits of the Poor
06. Childlike
07. This Cold Reign
08. We Are the Truth
09. Son of 7
10. For Your Pleasure
11. Worlds Collide
12. Graveyard Du Jour
13. Out of My Mind
14. Rumor Has It

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