Mushroomhead Set To Release New Album On September 28

Mushroomhead has finished work on its new video for the first single "Come On".

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Explosive Cleveland, OH art-metal collective Mushroomhead has finished work on its new video for the first single "Come On." The high energy clip taken from the band's forthcoming release Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children - was directed by "House" of Precinct 13 and features "fight club" type scenes and bloody combat shot with stylish cinematography. House previously directed the band's 2007 video for "1200", which netted the band MTV Headbangers Ball "Video of the Year."

"Conceptually, it's about having the opportunity to vent your rage," says Mushroomhead's Skinny. "The song 'Come On' is a sucker punch and it's a metaphor for everything that's gone wrong. It's a modern day anthem for everyone who is fed up with everything, just like us." A teaser clip for the "Come On" video is available for viewing at this location.

Mushroomhead recently premiered "Come On" - via Guitar World. Check out the song now at this location. Additionally, :30 preview clips of each song from Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children can be heard now here.

As one of the leaders of the alterna-metal movement since its inception in 1993, Mushroomhead is one of the more unique and adventurous hard rock bands on the planet today. It's also one of the most DIY units. The septet has written, produced and recorded its own music, conceived and designed all of its album artwork and photography, stage shows, props and merchandise and also produces, directs, films and edits all of its music videos and DVDs. The band's extreme performance style has garnered it an enormously devoted cult following and its cornucopian sound -- a forceful yet melodic, underground yet accessible merging of hard rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, industrial and soundtrack-worthy ambience has seen it move upwards of 900,000 records worldwide.

Mushroomhead (or MRH) has headlined arenas the world over and shared the stage with metal magnates such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Deftones, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, Meshuggah and Down. The band has had multiple Top 50 Billboard debuts with 2006's Savior Sorrow landing at #50 and 2003's XIII rocketing to #40 in its first week of release.

The full track listing for Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children is as follows:

01. Come On 02. Inspiration 03. Slaughterhouse Road 04. I'll Be Here 05. Burn the Bridge 06. Holes in the Void 07. Harvest the Garden 08. The Harm You Do 09. Your Demise 10. The Feel 11. Darker Days 12. Do I Know You?

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    I can't f@#king wait for this to come out tomorrow! Gonna sneak into their show day after tomorrow actually. Gonna be awesome. I love when they come to Maine.
    hmm, never actually listened to them, but what I hear on youtube sounds fkn awesome. Definately gonna check this out.
    It's a modern day anthem for everyone who is fed up with everything, just like us.
    Yeah - lots to be fed up with, like being able to do what you love every day and get paid to play your music for hundreds of thousands of people... That aside, maybe it'll be better than Savior Sorrow.
    I will definitely be picking this up tomorrow. From what I've heard, it's going to be a great album.