MxPx's Frontman To Produce Transition

Transition have just confirmed that MXPX's frontman, Mike Herrera, will be producing their debut album for the Floodgate Records.

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Transition, the latest signing to the Floodgate Records growing roster, has just confirmed that MXPX's frontman, Mike Herrera, will be producing their debut album for the label. The project is yet untitled, and the Pittsburgh based band will start recording on December 26th at the Clubhouse in Bremerton, WA.

I saw Transition play a set at The Warped Tour and I was really impressed, explains Herrera. I knew immediately that I wanted to do the record, and I am glad that it's going to happen.

Dan Smyers, vocalist for Transition, continues. We grew up on MXPX so it's an honor to get to work with Mike. They are legends to us! We all look up to him and are amazed that he likes our band. We are really excited to get to work together on this project.

Transition just completed a run of shows with Reel Big Fish, followed by a show with The Matches. Currently, the band is spending a week dedicated to more writing before leaving on the Boys of the Atlantic Tour with Chasing Victory, Far Less and Sullivan.

Thanks for the info to The Transition tour dates are as follows:

12/01 - Charlotte, NC 12/02 - Raleigh, NC 12/03 - Jacksonville, FL 12/04 - Orlando, FL 12/05 - Tampa, FL 12/06 - Augusta, GA 12/08 - Nashville, TN 12/09 - Little Rock, AR 12/10 - Fayetteville, AR 12/11 - Dallas, TX 12/12 - Tulsa, OK 12/13 - St Louis, MO 12/14 - Chicago, IL 12/15 - Detroit, MI 12/16 - Cleveland, OH 12/17 - Shamokin, PA 12/18 - Sicklerville, NJ

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    First thing as always: MxPx are the best! However, I don't think I've ever heard of The Transition before or recognize any of their songs.
    lmao my mates band were called Transition before!! then they found out these guy existed, now they're Trik 33. ahh the vicious circle of the music industry
    you guys are all losers. Transition is AH-MAZING and it's really exciting for Mike to be producing their album. And of course you haven't heard of them, they are NEW!!!! DUH!!!! And you know what, Pop-Punk is awesome! Get over it!
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