My Bloody Valentine: New Album Is Ready

Shoegaze veterans have finished mastering their long-awaited follow-up to 1991 classic "Loveless".

Ultimate Guitar

My Bloody Valentine have announced that they have finished mastering their long-awaited new album.

At 11:38 p.m. on Dec. 23, the seminal shoegaze band posted a message to their fans on Facebook informing them that the album had finally been mastered, although no release date was given.

The message read:

"On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!"

Back in November, frontman Kevin Shields ambitiously told NME that the album - the band's follow-up to 1991's "Loveless" - will be released before the end of the year (2012).

My Bloody Valentine also recently announced that they will tour their new record around the world next year (2013). The band will kick off the UK leg of the tour at Glasgow's Barrowlands on March 9 before moving on to play Manchester's Apollo (10) and two nights at London's Hammersmith Apollo (12, 13).

The UK shows come after a series of six gigs in Japan and four dates in Australia, all taking place in February. They are also confirmed to headline the 60,000 capacity Tokyo Rocks festival in May 2013.

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    Awesome! And it's so great to see My Blood Valentine news on UG. It's a breath of fresh air from the norm. Looking forward to the new album!
    "On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!" I knew the mayans were shoegazers at core! Seriously though, this is great news. MBV stands to me as one of the very few bands that never released a bad album or EP, so I'm very excited for this.
    This is ****ing awesome! Been a long time waiting... Maybe this will respark other bands like Lush, Slowdive, and Catherine Wheel to come back. This album... Tool.... And Black Sabbath I am looking forward too.
    wow - a band that doesn't completely suck made the UG headlines. That's different.
    This is gonna rule, MBV have never put out a bad or even mediocre LP or EP. Now all we need is a release date! Shoegaze really does need to make a return and maybe this will be the catalyst.
    People already gave thumbs down to a band that literally never makes the news here?.. Come on, both of you enlighten me for your asshated reasons for hating on this. Seriously, I want to know exactly why...
    Here's the logic: - You don't know a band? Dislike the article and downvote every comment because you don't know the band. - You know the band? Rush into the comments section in a desperate attempt at trying to outsmart people on facts about the band.
    One of them was me accidentally, went to 'like'/upvote it and hit the downvote button by accident, shiiiiit. Sorry all! It won't let me change it either. I am a big MBV fan though, so just imagine one of the dislikes is actually a like. Hooray :]
    there were some messages posted on /mu/ last night, all very cryptic. after decoding, they implied that the album would be out on the 31st of December and that they have a few shows in NY, SF and AU next year, they gave dates but i cant remember them... or it was an elaborate troll idk
    I still don't believe him.
    i am going to murder you
    This is awesome (despite the fact that this news is a few days old). I love Loveless, so I'm pretty excited for this.
    Oh my God. I misread the title of the article as "Bullet For My Valentine" (who I give zero f*ck about) and just realized that it's "My Bloody Valentine" who I love! I've been a little obsessed with Loveless for too many years and I can't wait for this!
    I think this will come out soon. The remasters took a ridiculous amount of time, but now they have finally been released, this should come out pretty soon. If it has been mastered then all is ready to go, I would be worried if he said it is about to be mixed or it is about to be mastered, as then it could come out in 10 years time like the loveless remaster.
    almost 22 years? its gonna suck, because no matter how good it really is, it will never live up to the expectations that 22 years would bring.
    I'm in Australia for their UK dates but luckily i'm in Japan for Tokyo Rocks. Lets do this!!