My Chemical Romance Promise 'Punk Rock' Album

My Chemical Romance are set to start work on a punk rock new album this year.

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My Chemical Romance are set to start work on a punk rock new album this year.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Gerard Way explained why he wanted to pare the band's sound down for their next record, the follow-up to 2006's 'The Black Parade'.

Speaking about a new song the band began playing live in November, Way said: We haven't told anybody the title yet because I noticed that if you change the title later, kids get pissed off. So it's just called 'New Song' right now. It's one of those songs that just spills out of you, and you're very inspired. It's nice because it's a return to punk rock music. It feels like a rock song.

Way explained that, having done away with their theatrical stage show on their most recent dates, album number four would most likely follow suit. I think (the next album) will definitely be stripped down. I think the band misses being a rock band, he declared.

That doesn't mean we won't explore really crazy ideas on the next albums, or do something even crazier. It doesn't necessarily mean we'll start to take steps backwards creatively.

But it felt in a live sense, this is what we do great live. And we're better musicians for having written and played 'The Black Parade', so you're dealing with (the fact that) everybody's better as musicians and singers. So to have that to play with in a live sense is really thrilling. We can cut loose more.

"The new song, with a chorus line that goes Someone out there loves you, is markedly more optimistic than most of the band's output thus far.

It's letting somebody know something and its knowing that yourself and it's a great thing to know, said Way. And it's a completely different direction thematically than what we're used to.

We have stuff with a lot of hope in it but not like that. It's written from a different kind of place. It's not written from a place of scepticism at all."

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    hmm, this is quite an interesting developement, does this mean they're trying to do away with the whole emo image? Anyways, not really a fan of the most recent MCR stuff but I thought bullets and revenge were great until pop culture ripped them to pieces and I do like abit of pun k rock so this is quite interesting to me.
    Who the hell said they were pop? Ok just listen to them, it's none of that happy rainbow stuff seriously come on.
    tands wrote: not really, bands have to come out with statements like this to generate buzz its a PR tactic, ex. mcr next album is going to be punk everyone goes omg, metallica goes next album album is going to be more like ride the lightning and not st.anger and everyone goes omg, radiohead said in rainbows is like ok computer but its more terrifying and everyone went omg honestly people you guys dont see these trends yet?
    yeah all the promises that won't be fulfilled like i'm sure metallica's new album WON'T be like ride the lightning... in rainbows wasn't like ok computer, it was good though.
    Cameronrobson wrote: Most Greenday songs are EXACTLY the same style of music as the Ramones. How can " punks " can be so close-minded and hypocritical I'll never know.
    yeah but the thing about the ramones is that they were so revolutionary in a time full of who could create the most pretentious piece of music (tales of topographic oceans, anyone?). now see i'm not ripping on prog rock (it's my favorite genre of music), but the ramones returned to the whole 50s aesthetic of danceable rock music, but with more energy and more of a DIY outlook on the matter. green day are boring because they not only relied on a style of music that's been flogged to death since about 1984 (except a few punk bands that have managed to be interesting in the following years), but green day STREAMLINED this style of music to make it POPPIER and more COMMERCIAL for REVENUE. rancid is tolerable though. on topic of mcr though, the singer guy has been saying that they aren't emo for a year or so because he's trying to ride the trends because people hate emo now just as much as people love it... unfortunately, if people knew what emo really was (fugazi, sunny day real estate, etc) they probably wouldn't hate it... they hate whiny pop. anyone else down for renaming the genre "hair emo"? or maybe "XFASHIONXCOREX" hah
    i can almost guarantee that 95% of the people who post negative comments here have never even taken the time to really listen to MCR. they've simply heard one or two songs from them or seen a few pictures of them and instantly stereotyped them as "emo". And as for people who compare MCR to fall out boy or panic at the disco, MCR are in a totally different league than these other emo-pop bands! i quite enjoy MCR's music, and i hate emos and scene kids just as much as the next guy. my favorite bands are van halen and aerosmith, and my favorite guitarists are EVH and Clapton, and i still listen to my chemical romance. at least give them a chance before you flame them. its only fair
    i have every current album of mcr and used to like them alot saw them live and w/e. i didnt like the black parade. totally blew it for me. and i think blew it for the band. because im not getting there next album. "going back to punk-rock"? they definatly werent punk rock before, so its going to be poppy shit. bullets was by far the best.
    I'd love to see them TRY to make a punk album. i bet its gonna suck and be some emo garbage.
    ^having bleach blonde hair and wearing mascara doesn't make you emo or gay. Not that I do, but I'm just saying. Anyway I doubt MCR's new album will be punk rock and throwing away theatrics on your live show is retarded.
    hahaha. mcr punk rock? hahaha. Why do people listen to this shit? Listen to WIRE and DEVO.
    Isn' the whole point of punk not to dress up like Mcr. Yeah but they are just another pop rock band that little 12 year olds listen to and think they are hard core. By the way you think Devo is better. Whip it good
    ClassicDisaster wrote: they need to quit before they ruin rock music forever
    They've all ready had...
    ahaha MCR will never be punk rock, or anywhere in a punk genre, but i wanna see their attempt at it, and i'll s**t myself if its decent :haha
    A new album eh? Well, no matter if it's going to be "punk" or not, I'm interested.
    I think I've figured out why so many people give so many bands so much shit. They try to take terms with subjective meanings and make them objective - according their own personal definition. "Punk rock" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, I think we could agree on that pretty easily. It's just a term. If MCR would say what they're making now feels more "punk rock", obviously what he means is it's going to be a little harder, more raw, a little stripped down. And he obviously has his own ideas as what it means to be "punk". So if he feels that's what punk rock is, why is YOUR definition of "punk rock" more correct? Even if all your friends happen to agree with you, that doesn't make you right. Then people get pissed, because, "They aren't punk rock!" Maybe they aren't according to YOUR definition, but what about theirs? Regardless of what you feel about it, you should realize that you're both talking about different things and just using the same term. So you're getting pissed at someone for falsely claiming to be something they aren't claiming to be at all. You just look like a jackass. Why does there have to be in-fighting between genres? Can't we all just be happy that we're all enjoying and making music? If someone says they're feeling the punk rock and they think they're next record is going to be awesome, everyone should be giving them thumbs up and patting them on the back and telling them to rock on, who CARES if you don't think they're punk rock? Everyone's got their own style and taste, why can't we just accept that and rock out together? What ever happened to peace, love and understanding?
    Amuro Jay
    Kaotics666 wrote: Alright you emo ass fags who thinks this is gonna be a good album... This is complete bullshit... due to the fact that they are not only trying to be something that they aren't, a punk rock band, but they are jsut trying to make 100 thousand MORE mainstream bullshit pussies to listen to their shit and buy their albums. Just through the process of the record companies saying, "your gonna quit this emo, slit your wrist shit, and try to bring back the psychopathic ways of an anarchist" I remember a time when gerard said he wanted nothing to do with mainstream music, now he is one of the major sellouts. Fuck That
    i think gerard doesnt know what hes talking about when he says 'punk', but i heard the new song on youtube and its pretty kickass. also, i have to disregard your entire rant simply for the fact that 666 is in your screen name. i lol at you. now excuse me, im going to get on with my life. i suggest anyone who is sitting here bashing bands they dont like to do the same.
    they actually can't be punk at all. even if they did something that would be punk as **** if someone like henry rollins did it they still wouldn't be punk because they are my chemical romance, they don't know what punk is. gg allin should kick their arses.
    ok, first off. "it's just called The New Song" please, for the love of God, don't steal stuff like that from MetallicA. second, return to punk? when the hell were they ever punk? the only reason i came to this was because i saw punk and wanted to see what they had to say. i didn't come here to bash this band, but they were asking for it.
    Did they put the razor blades away and stop being emo? How can they return to punk when punk died before they were born?
    stop bashing these guys seriously, im am sooooo sick of people whining about genres!!! and all you metal heads who are like "EMO WHINERS SUCK BALLS" whine more than emos ever have. emos rarley bash metal. anyways im excited for this album i like there old stuff a lot, call it whatever genre you want it was awesome while there new one was lacking. (:
    Amuro Jay
    its funny that nobody criticized this band when their most 'emo' (first) album was out. second album came out, a little less 'emo', they get famous. everybody flames them. third album comes out, which i cant find a shred of 'emo'ness, and suddenley theyre the most 'emo' thing ever. i dont understand people, and i never will. nor do i want to. their 'new song' does sound musically a bit like their oldest stuff, which makes me glad. lyrically, however, its more like three cheers. which is still good.
    I hope this album sounds like there bsides from the Black Parade singles, they kicked ass. Kill All Your Friends and My Way Home Through You are good anyway, not so much Heaven Help Us. I hate how they get so much criticism, I couldn't stand a couple of songs off The Black Parade, Dead and I Don't Love You, but it's still a good album, and some of there lesser known stuff such as the bsides I mentioned before and Thankyou For The Venom is really good.
    Btw just to add onto that comment, don't mean to double post. I listen to stuff like Slayer, Lamb Of God, a bit of Nile, Opeth and Pantera, so don't call me a fag "emo". I listen to "emo" music but I listen to heaps of other stuff too.
    koolfoolinapool wrote: lilboisX3 wrote: punk rock is dead. punk is not though. The Ramones. That was true punk rock. Not Greenday or Rancid.
    Most Greenday songs are EXACTLY the same style of music as the Ramones. How can " punks " can be so close-minded and hypocritical I'll never know.
    And time to 3rd post because I just read some of the comments above, I can't believe I'm making a 3rd post, they know what punk is, they listen to stuff such as Black Flag and The Misfits.
    trendkill- wrote: this article is a flammers paradice
    lol yeh, there is just too much to laugh at other peoples comments, I feel like everything is being said! I cant see this being anything other than a lame mix of pop/emo/punk. maybe rock. I hope they are not taking this change in style as a response to the negativity they got from half the world thinking that they define 21st century emo. But instead this change should be a natural and mature progression.
    i used to like them when i was a twelve yrs old girl...Now that i'm a 15yrs old girl, i listen to metal and my life has improved alot
    olliemo wrote: break-me-in wrote: Oops, meant to comment on that quote: It is the song (fan know as) "Stay". I thought it was great live. Much better than most of the stuff off bullets (exception being Honey, This Mirror...). If you're judging it off the poorly recorded youtube vids, then that's hardly fair really. bullets was way better than the BP, but the new song is good too, but more than honey was better than it, like headfirst for halos, drowning lessons and vampires...
    I don't think any of those songs are that good. They're fairly generic and poorly executed. Potential that hasn't been realised if you like. Whereas on Three Cheers they started to work out what they were doing and on The Black Parade they sound extremely accomplished. Plus, Bullets is the only album without that hookiness.
    Personally, i loved Revenge and TBP. Bullets didn't do much for me. Regardless of what they do next, the critics will never agree. If they do something like the black parade, they will be classed as emo. If they try to do a rock album, they will be classed as try hards. And if they made a really great punk album, it will be "....punk is dead anyways!" I'm really looking forward to what they do next =)
    Meh, I'm a fan of MCR's older stuff. I just hope this new album won't suck as much as TBP
    Scourge441 wrote: SilentGhost wrote: Shread_6009 wrote: TOMMYB22 : it seems as if the emo genre is dying out because all of the main bands that people rip on, Fall Out Boy, MCR and panic at the disco are all maturing in their music. im actually looking forward to the next albums by all those bands is it just me, but out of all those bands you listed, can anyone find a difference in any of there songs? The sooner emo dies, the sooner music can return to normal. The real problem is that none of those bands ARE emo. They're 'rock' I call it "pop emo." Pop emo (Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance) is to real emo (Fugazi, Rites of Spring) as pop punk is to real punk. Speaking of which, this new MCR album won't be punk rock in the slightest.
    Yeah at best they may try to pull off an album that rips off American Idiot.
    yay! im so happy, they are def talking about "Stay Awake". youtube it its pretty intresting
    WOOOOOT. haha. After being so disapponted by The Black Parade, it's good to hear this. Granted, I don't think it' going to be straight up 'punk', beause they've never been actual punk...but that aside, it sounds like they're going back to a slightly more aggressive approah, which is what made me fall in love with this band's material in the first place. Not that Black Parade was a bad album, but it personally disappointed me, because it felt like they were trying to do what Gren Day did with American Idiot. Not that anything is wrong with what GD did, it just didn't work as well for MyChem. And plus, I liked My Chemical Romance...not My-Chemical-Romance-trying-to-be-Green-Day. Also, if you compare their earlier concert footage with the Black Parade stuff, alot of the energy was missing recently, and it seemed like they were trying too hard to be elaborate. I'm really looking forward to see what they do next. And **** this whole thing about 'emo'. The word is pretty much inacurate used with today's bands...and I could rant about that shit for hours, but I'll pass. And one last thing:
    "Its letting somebody know something and it's knowing that yourself and its a great thing to know."
    XDDDDD Holy repetition, Gerard.
    bleh. I never liked the word emo. it's been overused so much if ever there was a meaning in it it was lost a long time ago. the word itself is so vague too. "oh you're talking about how you feel and shit. EMO!" but anyway I actually ended up liking TBP despite what bashers have said. These guys, as far as I know, aren't selling themselves out like FOB or Panic. I think they deserve some respect. O and if we're talking 80's punk, I'd rather not. I'm sorry but that sounds like a bunch of trash cans rolling down a hill.
    WOT?? My last post is deleted? I only said that the band isn't punk, and that they suck.. It's a fact.. how can u remove that?? Wow.. dictator style. Let's ban all people who doesn't like this crappy band..
    Their not gonna get much respect for it, they just completly ruined their image with every song they have ever written! They won't make the punk cut if they don't clean up that image and quit WHINING!
    Kelicon wrote: is emo finally dead?!?!? THANK YOU FUCKING GOD! i really don't like punk either, but at least it is respectable.
    LOL. I personally have never heard anyone call punk repectable.