My Chemical Romance to Release Greatest Hits Album Next Year

Gerard Way confirms that he's designing artwork.

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Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has confirmed that a greatest hits album from the band will be released in the new year, Gigwise reports. Slated for a January release, Way sent out a tweet confirming the existence of the record. However it's not quite what fans might have been expecting - following a rumour that original material was on the horizon. Addressing the rumours of a reformation and the band's involvement in the project, he stated that the "release is a Greatest Hits Warner Bros is putting out." He also said that he would be designing the artwork for the release which is scheduled for January 21, 2014. My Chemical Romance broke up earlier this year after Way issued an extensive letter detailing why the splity had happened. It closed with the line: "My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band - it is an idea."

@gerardway: The release is a Greatest Hits Warner Bros is putting out. I am designing the packaging.

— Gerard Way (@gerardway) October 29, 2013

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    To be honest this is kinda just a way for Warner Bros to get more money
    I hate when people troll on this band for no reason, regardless of the whole "emo" classification, these guys made great music.. All you have to do Is listen. Just listen
    Black Parade was a great album, it's their annoying teenage emo girl fanbase that sucks.
    This. The Black Parade was an amazing album mostly by the fact that it showed everyone just how good of a guitar player Ray Toro is.
    "My Chemical Romance broke up earlier this year after Way issued an extensive letter detailing why the SPLITY had happened"im not a grammar nazi.. but i laughed pretty hard at this
    I think the funniest part was that the letter didn't really explain shit. It was just "I felt happy because I had something to do this morning."
    I just want another Black Parade What a ****ing awesome album that was. I only like Bulletproof Heart and Sing on their latest, but man... I'm bummed they quit. Gerald had a great voice.
    Would be fun if they remastered the older tracks or they addded some pre-prod versions on an extra disc or something. Too bad it's probably just going to be a simple compilation.
    I thought you needed some great hits to release a "greatest hits" CD?
    Well, I'm Not Okay, Famous Last Words, and Sing all charted at #4 or higher on the Modern Rock Charts, Welcome to the Black Parade was #1 and cracked the top 10 in normal Billboard Pop Charts, and Helena, The Ghost of You, Teenagers, and Na Na Na all reached higher than 15 on the Modern Rock Charts, so... That's more "hits" than most metal bands. I'm just saying, they have enough popularity to warrant a Greatest Hits album.
    Only issue is that those "hits" are just bad music, and that that popularity is unwarranted and should be focussed on a better quality of band. I'm not saying all emo music is bad, just MCR.
    link no1
    I bought their greatest hits but all that was in it was a blank CD... I don't hate the band, I just like saying that about greatest hits albums. I actually liked Three Cheers and the Black Parade albums.
    Somehow this reminds me of Dream Theater's "Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)"
    I wish they would have went out on a higher note than their last album. I totally didn't dig it at all. I loved The Black Parade album. Plus, I hate greatest hit compilations.
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