Napalm Death Delay New Album

Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury revealed that his band's new album is since been pushed back to February 2012.

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In an exclusive interview with scribe Aaron Small, Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury revealed that although his band's new album was originally scheduled for release this October, it's since been pushed back to February 2012. Shane says: "The October release isn't going to happen. We've finished the album. We're still negotiating with the record label, Century Media, which is pretty much done, but I think it's safe to say that the album will probably come out in February of next year unfortunately. It's a bit of a shame, unless something miraculous turns around, but pretty much everything is good to go. It's just a case of waiting for the label to decide how they want to push it and in what particular way, because obviously the label does their campaign and promotion. We're getting to that period of the year now, time just goes so fast. We're already in the middle of August and before you know it, it's going to be the end of the year, so February might be a better time slot for it." "It's very tricky for me to explain it all because I constantly write songs. Even when we finish an album, I have ideas left over, so it's always a continuous thing from my part. There's one song on the new album that I started writing a couple of the riffs like fucking 20 years ago; I've only just finished the song, it's weird. It's got everything you would like from Napalm. There's crazy chord changes, some really catchy heavy mid-paced stuff, Barney (Greenway, vocalist) is trying some different stuff vocally. Mitch (Harris, guitarist) is actually singing the verses on a couple of the songs and Barney's backing up on the choruses, so that's going to be a little bit different. Mitch has this very old school Bill Crooks - Cryptic Slaughter kind of voice, so you hear his tone coming in for a little bit. I think the album's pretty varied. Sometimes you're so close to it, it's hard to define to anyone else. If you like the band, then you won't be disappointed." "Fans can expect 16 tracks on the main album. We actually recorded 21 songs - a couple which we're going to save for a split with Melvins." "We've got a title but I've been told that I can't tell anybody. We have song titles like "Quarantine", "Think Tank Files", "Analysis Paralysis" - quite abstract titles as per usual with Mr. Greenway. It's a pretty manic record. I tried to push the noise element a little bit, there's stop-start time structures. Mitch has pushed the Celtic Frost vibe. It carries on from the last record (2009's "Time Waits For No Slave")". "We've been talking about doing an exclusive free download of a track, just to get a taste of what's going on. It would be nice to put something out this year, get a little video going, perhaps a YouTube special. Hopefully we can get that together in the next month or so."

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    Why do many people always ignore Napalm Death's articles on UG? I thought this band had a cult following a long time ago.
    SuicidalFreak wrote: Why do many people always ignore Napalm Death's articles on UG? I thought this band had a cult following a long time ago.
    People are ashamed I personally like Napalm Death.. I just don't feel th need to comment on the articles.