Nazareth Set To Release New Album

artist: Nazareth date: 03/21/2011 category: new releases
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Eagle Rock Entertainment has announced the release of "Big Dogz", the new studio album from legendary Scottish rockers Nazareth. The CD hits stores May 10. Produced by guitar player Jimmy Murrison and sound wizard Yann Rouiller, the album's production avoids the trappings of traditional polish in an effort to capture the challenging edge of classic rock'n'roll. Obviously, this is one band that has stuck to its guns not giving an inch for trends and fashion. Like Motrhead, AC/DC or the Ramones, their personal vision supercedes any inclination whatsoever to follow the pack. The result of this hard-headed singularity? Sixty million albums sold in a glorious 41-year career. Nazareth has invested their time in finding the original sound and spirit of the '70s, when rock bands expressed values and ideas only through their instruments, an amp and a mic. To this end, they've completed an album with nearly no overdubs or multiple takes, no vocal lines or solos adjusted through a computer. The new Nazareth album is what the band really is: four men who live rock music, recording together in the same room at the same time, showing what they really are, and what they really want. One of the purest diamonds of rock music, "Big Dogz" will surely join their previous albums "No Mean City" and "Hair Of The Dog" in the most representative episodes of a glorious history. Founder member Pete Agnew says: "They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but having recorded the new Nazareth album 'Big Dogz', I don't agree. We've got some tasty bones here! Our friends at earMusic offered us the opportunity to mark some new territory and the 'Nazhounds' are delighted to be back among their pack. We're straining at the leash to tour this puppy. We reckon it's bitchin'! So get ready, because in 2011 the 'Big Dogz' gonna howl!!" "Big Dogz" track listing: 01. Big Dog's Gonna Howl 02. Claimed 03. When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again 04. Radio 05. No Mean Monster 06. Time And Tide 07. Lifeboat 08. The Toast 09. Watch Your Back 10. Butterfly 11. Sleeptalker Thanks for the report to
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