Nekromantix On New Album

artist: Nekromantix date: 10/31/2006 category: new releases
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Nekromantix have posted an update on the progress towards their next full length and first since 2004's Dead Girls Don't Cry. "Things are going smooth. Troy just finished all guitar work and we are all very exited by the results so far. It's still to early to post sample's. We saw rumours that Niedermeier (HorrorPops drummer) is the engineer on this album...Yes that is correct. It's not the first time Niedermeier is helping out since he was engineering the mixing of "Return of the Loving Dead". "We have received endless questions about what to expect from this album. Nekromantix has never been a band that makes the same album over and over again and we are always trying out new ways and directions. So far we have recorded 15 songs (whether or not all of them end up on the album will be revealed later) and as previous Nekromantix there is a little bit of everything from psycho-ballads to to high speed metal-billy."
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