New AC/DC Album Took Only 10 Days to Record, Says Phil Rudd

Drummer also calls the new record better than "Black Ice."

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Recently asked about AC/DC's upcoming 15th studio effort, the first one not to feature founding guitarist Malcolm Young, drummer Phil Rudd had one word to describe the process - "stellar."

Chatting with Triple M, the skinsman also noted that the work was completed in record time, dubbing the outcome better than 2008's "Black Ice."

"It was done in 10 days and I've never played better. I hope it's as good as I remember when I came away from the studio. It's pretty damn good," he said.

Explaining how mastering was also scratched off to-do list, Rudd complained about the production pace, saying, "Usually you master something and wait a couple of weeks and you go and have a listen to it. They do things a certain way - I think they're taking too long."

As reported, Malcolm's health issues have prevented the axeman not only from performing, but playing guitar altogether, sparking a series of rumors predicting the end of AC/DC. However, the group recuperated with Young's nephew Stevie and is still chugging along. Also, sharks like AC/DC, more here.

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    Rudd: I've never played better This album will be an education to drummers on how to make a 4/4 more 4/4-ish than a 4/4
    I know when I listen to AC/DC I'm thinking, "You know what this is missing? Fuckin' Terry Bozzio."
    If a band play something diferent they suck for not playing what they used to, if a band play the same thing they suck for keep playing the same thing over and over... wtf?
    It might be hard to believe, but you're talking about two different opinions from two different people, aka life.
    Hoping it's good. AC/DC is notoriously pretty, uh, consistent. This was my favorite childhood band so I'll always have a soft spot for them.
    Any album that isn't written in the studio shouldn't really take any longer. At least not basic rock band stuff like AC/DC.
    Back in Black II
    Fleur de Lys
    Nah, it would be Back In Black X by now. I love AC/DC by the way.
    Insert joke about how this is no big deal since they've been making the same record since 1976 [here]. I love Acca Dacca though, so let's see how this is.
    All this shit talk about them never changing.... Take the era between back in black and ballbreaker, their sound totally changed and people hated it... ballbreaker was successful because they were sounding like their old selves again..... I reckon the people complaining have never heard more than 3 or 4 of their songs
    That's just too easy joke people.. If you actually listen to their all albums you can hear alot different riffs and ideas. They have ac/dc sound but none of them sounds absolutely same.
    I'm not a massive AC/DC. I pick and choose albums out of the discography like Motorhead. But it's not hard to tell the difference between an album like Razor's Edge or the Bon Scott stuff. When Brian joined the band they got a sheen to their sound that was different. Who Made Who doesn't feel like TNT at all. Black Ice was typical AC/DC, but they messed around with some cool stuff here and there. I'm pretty sure Angus played some slide.
    I like ACDC and everything but I really hope its not the same 3 riffs all over again
    it really shouldn't take more than 10 hours to write and record an ac/dc album. just switch around some chord progressions from 12 other ac/dc songs and slightly change the lyrics (but let's not kid anyone, don't change them too much) and you have another example of what they've been doing for about 35 years.
    They've played the same thing for the last 40 years and you know what? I'm very happy about that. When something is awesome, you normally want more of it. Keep it coming fellas.
    Is 10 days in the studio pretty typical for AC/DC? Is that a good or bad thing? Does it even matter? I personally don't know
    I'm surprised it took 10 days. They've been playing the same 3 chords and drum beats for 40 years. They could have wrapped up the album in an afternoon. But despite my dumb comment, I hope it's a classic!
    Black Ice was good, but didn't really have that staying power. I guess ever since Back In Black, everyone has been waiting for part II. It'll be good.
    Whys everyone hating on the same 3 chord songs or the same sounding album? Were lucky to even hear a band like this that has stayed true to its sound throughout all these years. Yet we rip apart bands for taking chances or selling out. I cant wait for this album.
    ballbreaker was a kick ass album especially for coming out in 95 and still sounding like fresh acdc
    Agreed. Stiff Upper Lip was a nice bluesy change of pace but I didn't like Black Ice. Hopefully this one will be a return to Ballbreaker's kind of rawness.
    Razors Edge was good.. flick of the switch was interesting but For Those About To Rock is my fav.. next to BIB of course.
    No offense to phil rudd, but for playing an albums worth of songs with the same 4/4 beat, 10 days is a long time..
    Took 10 days for him, for the drums parts, not the whole process. Bad journalism. They did not read the original interview.