New Blink-182 EP '100 Times Better Than 'Neighborhoods''

Travis Barker promises exciting things from new, 'folky' Blink.

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Blink-182 announced earlier this week that their new EP will be out in time for Christmas. Now, talking to Rolling Stone, drummer Travis Barker has revealed some new details about the project, promising that it will be better than 2011's comeback album Neighborhoods because the band are all working in the studio together:

"To me already, this EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods because we're all in a room together."

Neighborhoods was, for the most part recorded remotely, with the band sending tracks to each other via e-mail. And while this approach produced some material that Barker liked, he didn't feel the project gelled:

"There's some songs on there that I love, but for the most part it was disconnected. It was like, 'You do this part in your studio, and then you're gonna play on it and send it back to me.' When we're not in the studio together, you don't have the opportunity to gel off each other."

Barker has also stated that one of the songs from the new EP, which is the first record that the band will release independently of a record label will have a 'folky' edge:

"It's way out. We all had some ideas. I went in the studio and I was just playing around. I had my electronic kit and I just played a straight drum pattern over it, and it sounded crazy. It changed the entire shape of the song."

The promise of 'folk' Blink comes after bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus expressed his admiration for recent pop-folk success story Mumford And Sons, with Hoppus noting that the band had made their TV debut on his television show.

Like the sound of 'folk' Blink? Or worried that the band are getting away from their punk-rock roots? Let us know in the comments.

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    People need to stop hating on Travis Barker. Jesus Christ
    link no1
    I don't see people hating on him, I see people saying he is the best drummer around getting proven wrong. Big difference.
    Yeah, they are not hating. Also it's pointless to talk about "the best drummer", because everyone has his own.
    Tbh I see taking on a 'folk' approach just because a popular act is doing it to be no different than Linkin Park abandoning their nu-metal sound just because the genre faded from popularity. Just because something's out of style doesn't mean people don't want to hear it
    I think by "folky" they mean acoustic. Live the band has been doing many short acoustic sets that feature their oldest songs, it might have stemmed from that.
    As I understand, they will have one song which sounds kinda "folky", so I don't think they are going in the steps of Mumford and Sons. But we'll see.
    Darth Wader
    I thought Neighborhoods was an amazing album and showed Travis Barker is the best drummer out there. Even though Neighborhoods was very different from past Blink material, I loved the maturity of it. A folky Blink doesn't sound too appealing (and I love Mumford & Sons) but I will not judge until I hear it.
    I have to agree with SocksAndTrees. Travis Barker's a good drummer, but there's no way he's the best out there. There's people who can do what he does in their sleep, and more, all without breaking a sweat. Liam
    If there's one song with acoustic guitar on it, that'll be more than neighborhoods, therefore more "folksy"
    tom hinted that their new album is gonna have boxcar influences (i dont know if that means the new ep too), but i would imagine that means a bit more acoustic to be included
    i think they should make whatever genre of music they want to make, i don't believe that any band should be limited to a certain genre, if they happen to make a good folk sounding song and it sounds good but then dont put it on the record just because its not in their genre of music, that just seems silly to me.
    Mark Hoppus is a very, very good songwriter. I'm confident that whatever they end up releasing will be good, folksy or not.