New Deftones Album This Summer

artist: Deftones date: 04/02/2012 category: new releases
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New Deftones Album This Summer
Deftones have finished writing their "futuristic" new album, and it could be released as soon as this summer. "I know everybody says this, but I believe this is the best record we've made," frontman Chino Moreno told La Tercera. "I'm very enthusiastic, because it sounds futuristic in comparison to our last one, so it feels like a step forward." Chino went on to hint that it sounded similar to their Grammy-winning masterpiece "White Pony", an album that moved the band from nu-metal cult favorites to genre-smashing titans upon its release in 2000. "The songs are very different from each other, not heavier or slower, but more dynamic, going towards several directions; it's heavy, but beautiful." Meanwhile, their bassist Chi Cheng is still recovering from a serious car crash in 2008. Despite previous reports which suggested he had woken from his coma, Chino says there is still a long road before Cheng can make a full recovery: "Every day is different, and he keeps on fighting. It's been three years already, and he's making small advancements, daily, but he can't speak or communicate. Sometimes he can follow small instructions, like lifting a leg or a hand, so we wish for the best and maintain hope. But no doctor can predict when he's going to wake up."
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