New Deftones Possibly Out This Year, Band Working in 'Not Really Organized Fashion'

"The band is prolific and everyone does a lot," says bassist Sergio Vega.

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We might be looking at a new Deftones album sometime this year, as bassist Sergio Vega recently confirmed the guys are constantly working on fresh material, although not in "really organized fashion."

Asked by Faster Louder magazine on whether the album writing has begun, Sergio replied: "Not in a really organized fashion, everyone [in the band] is prolific and everyone does a lot, and most of us do something with people outside of the band as well, so there's always something.

"We're sharing each other's things, it's happening all the time," the bassist continued. "It's our business and it's our hobby, and it's another reason I like playing with these guys - because when they're not making music they're still making music [laughs]. We share it with each other directly or we check out each other's stuff online, and we'll message each other on rare occasions being like 'Here's a riff,' or whatever. But when we get all together we wind up setting up some way to record things, and things happen kind of quickly, we document all that and the band has a really good work flow."

Directly asked if the album might happen in 2014, Vega added: "Yeah possibly, not for any kind of thing that we've talked about, but if there’s time and we're around each other, and we get together, there's no reason not to."

As the latest Deftones studio effort, "Koi No Yokan" saw its release in November 2012 via Reprise Records.

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    If it's anywhere as close to as good as Koi No Yokan, then I'm very interested.
    It's not often you see a band release two of their best works at this point of their career.
    Yeah, I really think Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan are the two best things they've done as a band.
    Koi No Yokan, yes. Diamond Eyes... not so much, in my opinion. It wasn't a bad album by any means, but it didn't feel outstanding. Koi No Yokan did for sure though.
    Exactly. Most of the 90s bands I used to listen to as a kid are still making new music, but it all pales in comparison to the music they made back in the day. But not Deftones. No, these guys are actually getting better and better with each album. Diamond Eyes was such a blast of fresh air, and with Koi No Yokan they took it to even another level. It was the best album of 2012, and I still haven't gotten over just how good it really was. I have such high expectations for the next album they're putting out. And yes, as someone pointed out, in the meantime it would indeed be very intriguing to hear Eros.
    As long it's heavy as f u c k then im interested. But even if they follow that dreamy shoe gaze path this time around, I will still be just as happy. They can do anything.
    I'm sure it will. They always deliver excellent music, and they seem to be getting more and more inventive with each new record.
    Would be nice to have Eros to listen to in the meantime
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    tbh Koi no yokan and diamond eyes both are as good, if not BETTER than White Pony.
    Every Deftones album is brilliant in my opinion. Everything they release is always so fresh and unique. They're great!
    Koi No Yokan was one of my favorite albums of last year and of the Deftones catalogue.
    You know it's a good band if you have all these people each saying a different album is their best work. At least we can agree, all their albums are pretty great.
    the ENTIRE catalog is great listening one of the few bands that get it right evolving and still making their fans happy!
    I hope that with every album Deftones puts out they continue to weed out the fanbase who can't appreciate what they're doing without the rosey glasses of nostalgia. I love White Pony for more than just the music, as it was an important album for me in my childhood. But it's definitely not the benchmark for Deftones albums, or at least it shouldn't be. Bands should look forward, and I only appreciate Deftones for doing so.
    For the ongoing discussion, you have to remember how groundbreaking White Pony was when it first came out. Alternative metal had already began to take roots, but there was nothing like White Pony. It changed the alternative metal scene like nothing had done previously. So yes, it was in fact a benchmark, and a very important one at that.
    There will never be another White Pony (and even then, it wasn't spectacular). Good luck tho.
    Wha? White Pony isn't even close to being their best record.
    Despite White Pony being their most successful and probably the most popular, my favorite is the 2003 release,Deftones production, clean and precise, very well-mixed. I really miss Terry Date-produced Deftones albums. This may not be their "best," but it sure does the trick for me.
    Agreed, while it does have some excellent songs, I can in no way agree it's their best, it's a quite inconsistent album. Koi No Yokan is by far the most consistent they've made and is incredibly strong throughout, while Saturday Night Wrist is my favourite in terms of atmosphere and has at least two songs (Cherry Waves and Riviere) which are just incredible.
    SNW is their most experimental and diverse, while KNY is their most consistent and cohesive. And Diamond Eyes is just ****ing beautiful.
    Agreed. White Pony, imho, in not their best record. I like Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan better.
    Yes it is, my friend. Yes it is
    Compared to SNW, Diamond Eyes, and Koi No Yokan? Fat chance. I will admit that WP has some of their best songs on it (Digital Bath, Change, Passenger, Knife Party), but the quality is not as uniform as their last 3 albums.
    "Quality" as in track order/cohesiveness? or sound? Because, to me, the mix is what kills me most on the last three records. Everything just jumbles together and sounds very "modern,"....which taints the mood the Deftones were so famous for evoking with previous releases. I'm a sucker for Terry Date, I guess. Love the songwriting on these past releases, don't get me wrong...just wish the mix was a little clearer. Abe's drum tracks get lost in the guitar (which sounds a little too electronic/metallic for me), and the mix even begins to clip at high volumes, whereas, the previous albums--well, not as much.. Okay, I'll stop... Just my opinions.
    I don't know where you're getting that all from, to be honest. I'm primarily a drummer myself, so I'm very attuned to noticing when the drums are mixed too far back, but I don't feel that way at all on those albums. You may well be right about the clipping, though. That said, I was in fact referring to the quality of the songs and the writing as opposed to the quality of the mix, as that is ultimately what makes me prefer certain albums over others (unless the mix is REALLY bad).
    you know what they call the guy who hangs with musicians? The drummer... Back to school
    You are so high on your own comments on this website that you think your opinion is godly. White Pony isn't their best but it has some of their best songs on it. WTF are you babbling about. They have yet to top White Pony. They've strayed from they writing style that they had at that time but it was by far their most original and very, very raw! Each Deftones album captures its own aura. White Pony was when they took their music and brought a aura and a dramatic feel to it. They captured a time in their lives with White Pony that was true and pure.
    So let me get this straight... You call me out on acting like my opinion is supreme and then you state yours as fact? I smell hypocrite... IN MY OPINION, Koi No Yokan is more consistent. White Pony may have been the turning point where they started to branch out, and it may have been ground 0 for everything after, but that doesn't make it the best. I could name weaker songs on Pony. Can't say the same for Koi.
    White Pony is by FAR! their best album! Its unique and original and symbolizes a huge change in their music.
    I always thought they were just another shitty nu metal band because of that record. Everything from their self-titled on reminded me otherwise.
    a drummer
    White Pony was and still is the SHIT. (hence my avatar lol) Super excited for this, Diamond Eyes and Koi were both great albums. i have high hopes for this. And for Eros, while i would love to hear it. They will release it when they are ready, as it's probably a very personal collection of music. I don't see them just releasing it just to hold fans over.
    There doesn't need to be another White Pony, because those are your standards, not theirs.