New Dethklok Album and Special Announced

The animated metal band will collaborate with a huge orchestra in a one-hour special to air later this month, with an album to follow.

Ultimate Guitar

Adult Swim will air a one-hour special called "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem a Klok Opera" on October 27, with a brand new special album to follow.

But unlike your usual episodes of the animated metal fantasy, it will feature a 50-piece orchestra alongside Dethklok for something really special. Check out the trailer below for a sample of the orchestral-inspired episode.

"This is not like anything we've ever done," says creator Brendon Small. "This is a full blown musical- metal combined with symphonic passages, classic musical theatre, high stakes drama, emotional moments, and yes totally ridiculous comedy. I drew from all of my influences to make this the most unique project I could dream of. This is easily the best thing we’ve ever done with the show and the music. I can't wait for you to hear it."

Voice talent in the episode will include Jack Black, "Star Wars" star Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, and even Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, according to Metal Insider.

Check out a preview of the animated special right here:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of the potential for an orchestral mashup with Dethklok? Let us know if you like it below.

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    Fuck yes! Also, I hope Toki is okay. :/
    Me too, man. I hate Adult Swim and their lack of quickly following up with new seasons of their best shows. If they'd focus on their great programming instead of that retarded NTSF:SD:SUV or Children's Hospital, they'd be a much better network. Even when we DO get a new season of something like Metalocalypse or The Boondocks, it's usually like a 'half-season' or something.
    TOOOOOKKIIIII! I'm actually really sad about what happened to Toki. Fuck you Magnus!
    Dis is goings to bes dildos. Seriously though, I can't wait. I was really afraid that there wasn't going to be a new Dethklok album once the show ended, but it looks like I don't have to worry anymore.
    thank **** some good t.v!!!! you can stick your braking bad and ****in bones and shit up your hole!!!!!
    I hardly think you can compare an animated show about a metal band to Breaking Bad.
    Right. Either you like Metalocalypse, or you like Breaking Bad. You're forbidden to like both. Got it.
    I'm a huge Dethklok fan, through and through, and I love the show, been watching it ever since it came out. but There definitely is no comparison between Breaking Bad and Metalocalypse. Breaking Bad is definitely the better show, anyhow.
    Hell yeah! Looking forward to the next season too
    There is no next season. This is it!
    there is a next season. It just isn't happening at the moment. sort of like the ~2 yr gap between season 3 and 4.
    Really? I thought they were cutting it because Brendon Small couldn't keep up with his tour/studio and show schedule? Well hopefully there are more seasons. I know he'll keep doing the music regardless.
    I had heard that he still wants to finish the story but he has other priorities so it may not be for a long time
    really? i have to be first to mention this??? S&M with metallica was sooo damn bad ass... take same concept and throw it onto deathmetal and BAMMM!!awesomeness
    This ams good but aments as goods as a new seasons, announce a new skeasons you FUCKINS DILDOS
    Yes i have been waiting for so long at least it seemed like it took forever