New Down Album Set for Early 2014 Release

Phil Anselmo says the new Down riffs are "f--king awesome," and the record will be released by February 2014.

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Phil Anselmo has revealed that Down will release a brand new album at the start of 2014.

They've already dived into songwriting, despite Anselmo being busy with a tour to promote his debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only," according to an interview with the frontman which you can see below.

"We are already putting together riffs, and they're f--king awesome actually," Anselmo told Metal Hammer. "For Down, we're making some speedy headway. I would say it'll be no later than the first couple of months of 2014."

In the same interview, Phil describes how his Housecore Horror Film Festival came about after an author visited his house and was blown away by his horror collection.

"The guy that I'm writing my book with came over to my house for the first time, looked around and was like 'Motherf--ker! Look at all these horror posters!' Then I showed him my collection and he just about fainted.

"He mentioned 'Do you wanna do a horror fest?' At the time I was like 'Everyone sit around and watch movies? Let's do it.' Next thing you know, there's bands, word got out, and there was people just coming out of the woodwork. That's how it developed, and it's a beast."

Watch Phil reveal news of a new Down album in early 2014 here:

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    This would be awesome, The Purple EP was a return to their roots, so this album could be NOLA'ish
    Down sucks on putting a confident release date. So don't get any high hopes, I would say December of 2014. But still, Down is by far one of the best bands out there and its worth the wait.
    but they put on one of the best shows I've ever seen, metal's best supergroup without a doubt
    i can't remember correctly since it has been too long, but that's what they've been saying since 2009 or 2010... i do remember that they had planned to release 4 eps in 2 years, though and that timespan has also expired... don't get me wrong, definitely looking forward to new stuff but i don't know if those words could be trusted in any way...
    "I would say it'll be no later than the first couple of months of 2014." Translation: The new Down album will be out possibly early 2016 All joking aside, they're one of my favorite bands and always release good quality stuff. I don't mind waiting for a new Down album.
    ''...despite Anselmo being busy with a tour to promote his debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only"...'' - what the ****? Down are touring Europe right now.
    For some reason I misread the title as 'New System of a Down album set for early 2014 release' and just got really exited, but now I'm kinda dissapointed..
    That's a fast turnaround for Down, the new Sabbath album has only been out for a week! Pepper and co. must be hard at work mining riffs.